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  1. it's a lot easier to get it done with the turbo off but can be done with it on if you have small enough fingers/hands and picks etc to get the force into the right bits for the c-clips etc.
  2. Morning all, happy Saturday🧑‍🦱
  3. everybody needs intestines
  4. it always ends up in piles
  5. never know with those cryptic females
  6. only if that line involves the swilling of personally acceptable beverages
  7. bloody oath I'm always "fixing" stuff around here
  8. I was looking at W&B "screen" range (P/N 334451) as a reasonable cost upgrade at around $185-$200 (ebay->wbtools), but it didn't have angle features and 40Nm as a minimum and 200Nm as a maximum would probably suit 90% of anything I'd ever work on but not super-ideal... Then I looked at a deflecting beam model from W&B (332600) with 30Nm to 300Nm, ~$350)... I'd probably have to buy a second torque wrench just to get the full range... Then I saw the cost of a "high quality" one (snap-on, facom, Norbar etc) that's similar in quality to the 334451 from W&B which was around the cost of this one ($570 without discount from ebay, $510 with discount 😮 ) I decided to go with the extra features of angle/digital and pay a bit more for basically a range of Nm I'll probably never under or over cook and will allow me to use it to do engine work etc in the future. E.g. a tool that's high quality and easy to use in all situations I'd ever want to use a torque wrench for and didn't cost an arm and a leg in comparison to equivalent digital ones from those same expensive companies (only $160 more than a deflecting beam model, seemed like a win to me for the extra features and range)... and W&B seem to have a stellar reputation here so trusted them to get the job done
  9. I agree. Beer doesn't even taste that good... why take the "fun" (for some people) part out of it when that's all that's consistently good about it... just to "look" like you're one of the "beer drinkers"... weird concept to me. I'd just prefer not to drink, by a large margin anyway, morning all, happy Friday 👩‍🦱
  10. Reviving this thread had a read through and decided I wanted a pretty decent range as well as ease of use and this one came up at a good price brand-new so I decided to pay a little extra than I expected for a good Torque Wrench and ended up on this one. Warren & Brown 1/2" Digital Torque & Angle Wrench 12.5-250ft 17-340Nm P/N: 378300
  11. bought myself a birthday present replacing my shitty old micrometer cheap-arse "first torque wrench" jobbie that did the job, but not well... now that it's not ratcheting anymore it's time to upgrade Warren & Brown 1/2" Digital Torque & Angle Wrench 12.5-250ft 17-340Nm P/N: 378300
  12. non-alcoholic beer is a serious detriment to my zero income from this site
  13. how do you even managed to struggle with uploading photos? there's a link... somewhere...
  14. Excellent outllook you have there smashing goals for sure.
  15. ah, I see... personally I'd just keep going until it was all the way out and if it breaks something just glue it back in ... it's clearly a part of the dash structure anyway, so it probably clips in.
  16. I think you need to rephrase the problem as I can't be sure what you're asking?
  17. sounds like a fun time morning all, happy Thursday 👩‍🦰
  18. well, buy it, once it gets there try it out and if it doesn't fit, try try again
  19. yep, some days go well, some don't.
  20. yeah, flat out but getting bugger all done
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