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  1. 103mm it says ->https://www.spoolimports.com/blog/post/big-block-barra-results (I edited my post to say that above because I only remembered the 103mm rather than 103.9 like you calculated). also on the link to the "4.2 stroker kit" it says 103mm all over it -> https://www.spoolimports.com/ford-barra-stroker-kit-4-2
  2. it says it raises it to 103.9 on the link in the screenshot... and the stock stroke is easly to look up.
  3. I'm sure they thought it was sufficient for the stock output methodology...
  4. yeah, I understand completely what you mean by ruining your own perception of a ridiculously well setup sound system... anything less is considerably a step down and it's surprising how much you can enjoy being in a well setup car. I've transferred this sound system between a few cars now as I go from one to another and I can only see myself dropping down in quality of sound output when I lose my hearing haha
  5. you'd think that'd be putting extra stresses on the valvetrain and crankshaft+assembly bits.
  6. apparently this one is far more legit than the last one... e.g. they already have enough committed entrants.
  7. umm, don't these guys know de-stroking is the way to go? wonder why they'd want to make the bore-to-stroke ratio even worse...
  8. well if they have the plastic that's pictured, then they just screw into place behind the front bar.
  9. yeah, the mechanic probably removed your filter when the turbo failed as that's a common failure point for the turbo's.
  10. k31th

    Pakenham Circuit

    yeah, it would be nice if it goes ahead... I just can't help but feel it'll go the way of sandown if it does even go ahead (in terms of people moving in and then complaining about the amount of noise etc).
  11. morning all, happy Tuesday
  12. ahh nice; yes I know cobalt blue as my father had a car painted that colour and it's a beautiful dark blue and your pictures represent it well why the switch from FG coils to R35 coils?
  13. ahh, I understand the old car situation with regard to paint did you repaint it the same as the original colour? what's the name of the colour, if you know it?
  14. that's pretty cool. I guess going completely standalone like that has it's advantages is it still the factory paint or has it been repainted at some point?
  15. fair enough did you have any troubles getting it tuned with the 750 ECU?
  16. that's a seriously cool setup any dyno figures or track times?
  17. any details you're willing to share will be welcomed
  18. It'll be a T5 gearbox that was originally in the car, if it was originally a manual.
  19. probably just means "manual" and depending on the year/model it'll only be 1 manual gearbox offered.

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