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  1. well, I wouldn't imagine Ford were happy about the initial breaking of their code... But it's a bit hard to sue everybody who does it.
  2. I know they're not vastly different, but an analogy fits... we humans are 99.5+ % matching DNA with chimpanzees; it's that small percentage difference that matters the most.
  3. The tuner will have a copy of every tune they put out and can easily back their own evidence in the event that you try to blame them for something after changing it... but the intellectual property you are right about.
  4. a cat-back 2.5" for an N/A is quite cheap and sounds pretty good depending on the mufflers in the system.
  5. you can do your own mix easily enough if you're willing to go to both an E85 and 98 pumps to make a 98 with 10% ethanol blend which is what the P100 generally is/was.
  6. Even more reason haha I don't expect you to follow my advice, but I've been there and converted an N/A and it was totally not worth it. N/A falcons are heaps of fun and significantly less risky than a turbo variant on your restricted license/permit so you can go with aesthetic mods and enjoy the car as it is and learn to drive in a car that's less likely to get in you into significant trouble
  7. get a cheap car and save your money to buy a turbo when it's legal to drive one
  8. he's posted in the N/A section you blind campaigner hahah
  9. I'm not a ford snob either, but I know the VN was an amazingly oversold heap of junk in many mechanical respects... so if someone is going to spend thousands restoring one, they'll have to be a massive fan to the contrary to their original quality, at a minimum, and I see no harm in pointing that out. You can also enjoy threads without reading what others post in response, you know
  10. all I can say is "good luck"
  11. ahh, of course... well you're stuck between a rock and a hard place unless she manages to provide some quality socks haha
  12. use what specifically? a sewing machine? or knitting needles? haha yes to both
  13. I only wear socks when I absolutely have to; feet get too bloody hot all the time... so that ain't going to happen haha... in all seriousness I was just saying that properly warm footy socks take a fair bit of fucking around knitting/sewing-wise to get them to be actually be properly warming and are so easy/cheap to purchase due to their prevalence.
  14. you don't think they'll end up something like this? https://liliacraftparty.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/DSC00515a.jpg
  15. oh gee.. hope she's good with the knitting... wouldn't want air holes in your "keep warm" socks haha
  16. and footy socks have the advantage of being long so you can keep the rest of your leg warm if necessary ahhaa or if your foot is extra cold you can wrap the rest of the sock back over the foot
  17. you'll lose all your data if you reset... who can be bothered with that... repair is always possible, but if you need to refresh the operating system make sure to take a backup of your current one first so you don't lose anything.
  18. I'm fine with it... if anything more comedic style swear filters would be a welcome thing
  19. yeah, it could be the tailshaft centre bearing too, but that doesn't really feel like it's at the rear more the centre, but sounds like you're onto it.
  20. rear trailing arms or wheel balance
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