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  1. and the mushies? Good stuff
  2. Kayhan. Surprised it took you this long to post. PM @Rab for details on being able to actually advertise on this site
  3. quotes were a lot more than that to move as far as I just did... spent that much just hiring a truck... haha yep, leg day is a bit of a wh*re.
  4. looks like a pretty nice hunk of meat pics when done.
  5. with the missus to nearer to where her new job is (2 hour drive to the location, from 110km one side of Melbourne to 30km the other side haha). The move went quite well, other than the usual niggles.
  6. good job, Dan! after moving house, I didn't really need to go the gym in the last few days, so I'm happy to be going this arvo.
  7. helium got super expensive because it's actually a known finite resource... it's light enough to escape out of the atmosphere and into space... 😞
  8. fixed your post... it says "Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner." it ain't on YT, it's on the channel who put the settings on the video
  9. Here's the original one in lower quality on Atomic's YT:
  10. https://www.bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=2011051
  11. have never bought Oxygen-Free-Copper cables; so I wouldn't be able to help, specifically... but if you're not going to be running a ridiculous amount of amps for a long period of time (e.g. the heat factor etc in the wiring), I don't think it's worth purchasing it at all, over conventional amp power wires. I think 2 gauge is more than enough and hard enough to install, let alone 0 gauge which I've installed a couple of times, too... my sound system is already too loud in my car for reasonably long periods of listening (more than 6min) and it's only on 4 gauge power wiring
  12. typical "safety" getting in the way of fun 😞
  13. morning all, happy Thursday
  14. the pictures here show where it is on a stock FG MkII XR6T ute: https://www.redbook.com.au/cars/details/2012-ford-falcon-ute-xr6-turbo-fg-mkii-auto-super-cab/SPOT-ITM-324219/ if you need millimetre specifics, you'll need to get a member who has one to measure it.
  15. because it's club fg... no other explanation haha. It's fine to use as it's just a part made by somebody else, not pingtune.
  16. k31th

    Bf Mk2 brakes

    Yeah, that's correct. The rears are only solid so to put in vented ones in the same width would be too small for a vented rotor, so you'll need to replace the rear calipers/pads to do it.
  17. the FG has the dual VCT, the B-series doesn't. The B-series head is fine to use if you're going to be porting it anyway and fitting quality parts
  18. N/A exhaust valves are just regular steel (or whatever material they are made of; can't remember tbh and cbf looking it up right now) and the turbo ones are an inconel blend which takes more heat. FG head is a completely different entity, basically... different cams, different valve springs, different valve sizes, a second VCT to have both intake/exhaust controlled on FG's.
  19. oh man... old people and technology haha of course it's possible to upgrade. if you install the "aux booster" connection, then it will work with an "aux" cable, but you said you don't want that, so you want bluetooth. install a headunit that's bluetooth compatible to get the stock speakers with whatever music source you want. if you want to upgrade the entire system, there's full replacement ICC's like mentioned here -> https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/94218-fg-mk-1-2-fgx-babf-and-territory-replacement-icc/
  20. morning all, happy Tuesday sounds like you've got a fun day in store, puffster.
  21. go for OEM coils, as both weaponx and sniper have been known to have plenty of issues.
  22. you can call ford spare parts (or show up) and they'll show the part/position on their screen for you, which helps to identify it, but part numbers are not so easy to look up, that I know of... but in this case, when it comes to springs/shocks, just the matching model will do the job and the wrecking yard should be fine to match them up for you.

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