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  1. The Off Topic Thread.

    haha yeah... I wouldn't expect any coolant to last for 7 years unless the car sits around doing not much most of that time and even then, I'd flush it before doing anything fancy with the vehicle.
  2. The Off Topic Thread.

    yep; that would explain it
  3. This is the thread to discuss your PC and/or Gaming rigs and PICS are compulsory! enjoy.
  4. since I don't have a welder, that's a no for me, but still I know exactly what you mean ahah
  5. yep, it's very similar to when you're working on a car and you're like "flamin' nut won't bloody undo, I'm applying enough force" and bam, it strips and you utter a few choice words or phrases haha
  6. yeah; there's some protocols you follow as an IT hardware troubleshooter and you basically did some of it - it begins by basically plugging in nothing then plugging in one thing per reboot until you either find the faulty piece of hardware or the action of resetting the plugs is enough to solve the problem.
  7. well done on getting it sorted, either way, as issues like that are a little frustrating.
  8. The Off Topic Thread.

    morning all, happy Tuesday

    fantastic choice, I reckon. You think it won't "pop" haha, I reckon it will
  10. Skid Factory - Barra Bedford Episode 14. Woody with the expertise to smash out the brake line positioning with the welding wire as a mapping tool. solid. nice brake-line specific tool use to get the flexi line setup well. lol @ bunnings wheel barrows being the structural items required to make the new engine cover haha haha the story about losing weight in the US also the one straight after about lending a mower - Al's response haha Woody building a skid pad at home? legit? under the Mango tree? Happy with this little idea to have the uni-joint on the steering instead of the stocker rag-joint. lol'd at it having the right diameter to clear the alternator location, though. Al was not happy about the 1/4" nut on a 1/4" UNF steering linkage being broken and expensive... not even the right nut on the end wtf haha Quality bit of information about the steering wheel position when putting in "sorta permanent" fixtures. Bugger that the belt measuring effort mentioned in a previous episode didn't work. The steering lock does look impressive, but I guess you'd expect that for "getting the van into tight spaces" or "drifting" and clearly nothing else haha Al letting Woody struggle through the brake line process only to then show him how it's done with the next one haha. Definitely some good information with regard to how to set it all up from Al there. The lemon squash gags just don't get old, for some reason we all know it's four-ex, but still, doesn't mean it's not good bants :D lol @ topping up the spa so Al can get his Barry White on haha nice custom brackets (not included in the kit) to mount the brake lines haha it's amazing how much good work you can do with a welder and some steel (and of course the skills and experience to use them to your advantage) ahh, finally cutting off the rear shock mounts to turn them back around the right way haha looks like those shock mounts being re-welded has lined up everything much better for ideal operations lol @ not being able to lock down the vee-logs and profits... maybe needing a selfie stick
  11. Now that they've done 8 episodes on a bedford van with a barra in it, surely there's some guys here who'd like to discuss what they're doing with this show on mcmtv2 on YouTube, whether that be for specific episodes, build series or anything else they post. I'm a huge fan of it and absolutely enjoy every minute of every episode. You can subscribe to mcmtv2 (https://www.youtube.com/user/mcmtv2) to keep up with the episodes. Myself or others will comment on each episode as it comes out (hopefully) Discuss away!
  12. probably a tad... my guess is you're just too tired to properly troubleshoot the problem?
  13. DMP Motor

    that is a beauty of a motor
  14. Custom build

    For the most part, you're going to need at least one spanner (I forgot the specific size, from memory it's a 17 or 19mm) to hold the part of the oil pressure sensor/sender into the block while you attack it from the other side with a socket. The rest is just basic spanner work to undo the ends and get it out
  15. The Off Topic Thread.

    internut lyfe #dagssays
  16. The Off Topic Thread.

    this guy beat you to it about a month ago haha https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/86974-ford-racing-mustang-rims-why-not/?do=findComment&comment=1664612
  17. that's a pretty solid free rant, and I 100% think that you're in the right with the way you're teaching your son about cars. It's a pet peeve of mine when people stop in the middle of the road to let pedestrians cross in front of them which holds up traffic and causes questionable scenario's like the one you outlined and more. Can't be that hard for everyone to assume the bigger heavier and more life-threatening object will take right-of-way by default in every scenario that the law allows them to (no pedestrian crossing, being the main one) plus more where the law probably doesn't allow them to, so caution is the best approach, imho.
  18. ZF Shifting issues

    Yeah, you can tell your gearbox tuner to put the fart back in, if you want it... but like he said, the firmer shifts can prolong the box's life at high power levels... 280rwkw is fine to have the torque reduction remain in the tune. no worries, happy to help
  19. ZF Shifting issues

    could be a tailshaft centre bearing or rear bushes issue, too, as the lash in the driveline (and associated mounts) can cause issues like this.
  20. Knocking Noise

    yes, it's easy enough to look at and diagnose a trailing arm bush issue.
  21. of course... the extra un-trained human is the problem haha
  22. Knocking Noise

    sounds like a rear trailing arm bush failure, based on how you've described it... but could realistically be anything in the rear suspension as we do tend to delicately drive over speed bums instead of the hard hits a pothole or bump will cause
  23. ZF Shifting issues

    well, the "shift fart" you reference, is the torque reduction in the gearbox tune, which could definitely cause the symptoms of "momentum loss" you describe.

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