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  1. yep... if you're constantly at the drag strip with extra grip and plenty of power, it's worth taking a pair of driveshafts with you every time haha and of course getting good at replacing them.
  2. nah, that gasket doesn't require sealant.
  3. yeah, the soot you can see outside the head and behind the gasket as you photographed it indicates that you've had a gasket leak and it'd then rebound some of that back into the chamber.
  4. that's just a leak around your gasket there... not too uncommon. get a new gasket and seal it up nicely.
  5. yeah, I don't think it is with yours, either... but still, just get your tuner to investigate it as it might be tune related.
  6. 1. It'll be the HIM realigning the vents etc. Mine does it every time I've got the A/C on after turning off the car. 2. I've only had that happen from the T/C struggling with the extra power of a modded/tuned car and it'll often crack the shits and keep the light on (T/C off permanently, irrelevant of switch modulation) as you make too much power and go spin city
  7. definitely enough cubes... haha
  8. the only problem with your suggestion is tuners don't like to book dyno time without the car being basically completely ready for it... so as long as you set expectations I guess that's a reasonable pathway
  9. about 5psi is stock for a BA equivalent TT (can't remember the equivalent models), probably about 7spi for BF equivalent etc.
  10. unlikely to overboost with leaking exhaust you test the actuator by applying pressure to it on the rated level and the actuator should move to fully open at it's rated pressure.
  11. haha all good. appreciate the thought... might go and get a steak now haha
  12. ohhh yeah... send us a steak? haha
  13. haha who doesn't love a late night workout?
  14. oh gee... somebody's been doing some dodgy oh, and morning all, happy Sunday
  15. it's 1:30 in the morning and you are searching for boost cow... I like your style.
  16. hey, look... I was high at the time... or something
  17. if the forum is showing the wrong times, it's detecting it from your device, just FYI
  18. ah, I see what you mean... all good.
  19. so alignment shims are necessary for stock height cars? doubt it... that's interesting... maybe there was a 2nd owner in between...
  20. never seen anything like it, so I'd have to say it's aftermarket. Previous owner probably had either a lot of camber or a lot of low or both.
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