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  1. @bjc, it ain't my money you spend what your budget allows haha
  2. yeah, sounds more realistic... just flush & bleed the power steering. Probably repair the relevant leak, too.
  3. hmm... just get whatever fluid and flush the entire power steering system, I think... you might have a different problem in the system as power steering fluid shouldn't boil as it has a fairly high boiling point (normally 600+degC)
  4. Sounds like you had a lot of fun... power steering cooler has to be mounted in the airflow at the front to prevent boiling like you had, but it shouldn't have boiled too easily based on your current setup of high-bioling-point fluid; might be another issue there Advice is to get nordloc washers for your turbo-to-manifold and exhaust-manifold-to-head studs/nuts/bolts so you don't have leaks. Even the dump-pipe-to-turbo can use 'em if you're getting heavy vibrations through it.
  5. That'll get you way over 300 if you want it. You can get there with an FG XR6T with just a catalytic converter, injectors, fuel pump and a E85 tune even 98 will push close to 300 with those mods
  6. cured the hangover with the classic hair of?
  7. haha poor puff... on two counts
  8. auto-elecs have the ability/equipment to do a battery and charging system test.
  9. well, it sounds like the charging system is working, but to be sure I'd get it tested. The voltage is a good indicator, but not perfect.
  10. that's pretty good. what does it drop to when you turn the engine off?
  11. fair enough. morning all, happy Saturday
  12. are you doing a Bathurst thing this year, Rab?
  13. so nearly a disaster... good
  14. haha good to hear your legs have recovered... poor SA with 4 whole new cases.
  15. you poor thing... I decided not to upgrade until most of the "growing pains" are out of the way.
  16. good result should turn a tyre on wet grass now
  17. hmm, get the charging system diagnosed to see if your second-hand alternator is actually working properly... as it might not be and it may have cooked your battery.
  18. that's a tricky one... battery being new and still causing it is definitely a weird behaviour... hopefully somebody else can help you more than I just did
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