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  1. that sounds like an easier solution than getting a custom plug made up
  2. maybe ask the place where you found the picture if they can send you the plug?
  3. weird that it's pictured with the product you ordered but it didn't come with it... is there a disclaimer somewhere on the advertisement that says it doesn't come with the plug? if not, I'd be contacting them and getting them to send you one.
  4. I hid your VIN in that post of yours. if you want to place images in your post, the instructions to do so are here -> https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/92470-how-to-put-images-in-your-post/
  5. that's right. stroke is pointless if it moves the bore/stroke ratio further away from 1:1. the more stable it is and the least amount of transmissive forces allow it to run up to higher rpm which allows it to then make the power you're referencing #winning.
  6. interestingly there's no 4.2L cranks there... let's see if they show up due to the popularity requirements of the stroker kit... my guess is it won't end up there.
  7. the stock ones or the 3.7L ones?
  8. as far as I'm concerned raising the stroke on a Barra motor is pointless whichever way they want to market it
  9. yeah, of course 103 isn't 103.9, but who knows what their marketing is saying as they don't list the bore size... with 103mm stroke length, the bore size would need to be around 93mm to have 4.2L displacement. with 103.9mm stroke length, the bore size would need to be around 92.6mm to have 4.2L displacement. with the stock bore size of 92.26mm, the stroke length would need to be around 104.7mm
  10. 103mm it says ->https://www.spoolimports.com/blog/post/big-block-barra-results (I edited my post to say that above because I only remembered the 103mm rather than 103.9 like you calculated). also on the link to the "4.2 stroker kit" it says 103mm all over it -> https://www.spoolimports.com/ford-barra-stroker-kit-4-2
  11. it says it raises it to 103.9 on the link in the screenshot... and the stock stroke is easly to look up.
  12. I'm sure they thought it was sufficient for the stock output methodology...
  13. yeah, I understand completely what you mean by ruining your own perception of a ridiculously well setup sound system... anything less is considerably a step down and it's surprising how much you can enjoy being in a well setup car. I've transferred this sound system between a few cars now as I go from one to another and I can only see myself dropping down in quality of sound output when I lose my hearing haha
  14. you'd think that'd be putting extra stresses on the valvetrain and crankshaft+assembly bits.
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