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  1. ooo so beautiful... and of course I mean the turbo
  2. well it's on the weekend of 23rd November. let us know whether you can or not.
  3. ohhhhh well done. coming on the snowies cruise?
  4. morning all, happy Wednesday
  5. press the main button in for about 10sec and it'll change the setting to be "always on" instead of "turn off after a few seconds".
  6. just upgrading the shaft for the sake of it? or managed to break yours?
  7. you'll get slim quickly doing that every day
  8. I think that can be said for any nut/bolt/fitting/fastener/etc...
  9. nice work you'll soon be wearing lycra and posting on a bicycle forum I always find it amazing how expensive some bicycles are...
  10. morning all, happy Tuesday
  11. just don't spend any time watching motorbike racing, unfortunately... so can't accurately compare.
  12. yeah, motor racing is excellent especially Bathurst
  13. re-watching Bathurst; because I can

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