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  1. Hey lads I’m planning on building my first Barra in the near future and wanted to get a rough idea what work has to be done to the motor. I know I need to change all my rods, pistons, bearings, block and head machined ect... 1. I have read that people are running 1200+hp on a fg turbo crank that's been heat-treat and got me thinking if a fg crank would go straight into a ba-bf? Probably a stupid question but I have read there’s a couple differences between the ba-bf and fg. Only reason I ask is cause I can get a hold of a good fg F6 crank and I’m just planning on buying a cheap n/a ba-bf motor to build. 2. I’m looking to get around 7-800 on 98 for the street and around the 1000-1200hp on E85 so would I have to get the head ported and if so would it be cheaper and better to just exchange the head for a ported one? 3. I have been looking at the spool rebuild kit with custom CP forged pistons and spool drag pro I beam rods and going to run 14mm head studs. I’m a bit confused with all the different options like the all the oversized bearings. is it better to have all the bigger bearings? cause I’ve never built a high hp engine like this, I’ve only ever rebuilt diesels (trucks) and a couple old v8s with my old man when I was a kid. And with all the piston options I got taught by my old man the higher comp ratio in a N/A the more power and lower comp in boosted applications the more power but with technology nowadays it’s completely different from what I got taught. I know all these questions I’ve asked are simple and stupid questions but as I said I’ve never rebuilt a motor to give it more power. If yous could help me out with this stuff it would be great, I know I’m more than capable on putting it back together and for it to run like brand new, it’s just all this other sh*t just got me a bit stumped 😂😂 cheers boys 👍🏽
  2. Hey guys I’m sorta new to the Barra scene and I have bought a mk2 BA xr6 with a BF green top (gas) motor converted to straight petrol and was wondering if anyone on here has turboed one. The bloke I bought it off had blown the original motor up which was just a standard BA xr6 motor with a turbo bolted on it tuned to 270kw. I did a bit of research bout the BF-FG gas motors and a few sites had told me they had a 10.3:1 compression ratio and had very similar conrods to the Bf-FG turbo motors but have a press fit gudgen and the BF-FG turbo motors has a 8.7:1 compression ratio and have a full floating gudgen. I have been told you can get 450-500kw safe tune on a gas motor if you do head studs, value springs and exhaust but I thought I would do a bit more research and ask a forums page cause all you guys are here to help before I go spending money on more parts trying to get it to my 350-400kw goal. I was going to get value springs, plazmaman head gasket and head studs, 800hp plazmaman intercooler and piping, crow 639 or 640 cam, haltech ecu (if needed), 4” dump pipe with stainless 3.5” x force exhaust plazmaman, single feed fuel rail (not sure if I should go 6AN or 8AN with the fitting size) with ID1000cc injectors and try out a aeroflow 6662 1.06 T3 turbo with a screamer pipe later on down the track. And also wanted to know if you have to change the wiring loom when to go from a T5 gearbox to a T56. If yous could help me out I would really appreciate it. Cheers guys!
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