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  1. Hi guys not sure if this is the right place to post this but I've been trying to get help but can't find any on Google or YouTube. I've purchased a 2005 ba xr6 off my mate,when he owned it he dropped the cradle and diff out to install a spool,once he fitted the cradle back into the car he tried to test drive it and for some reason it's stuck in first gear🤦 He had a scan tool put onto it and no codes came up he even swapped out the btr thinking it was the issue and still the same problem. Just asking if anyone has experienced this problem in here and found a solution to fix it any help would be much appreciated thankyou🤘
  2. Hi guys need some help I have a 03 ba xr6 turbo I've just put another turbo onto it cause old one sh*t itself started it ran fine and then started misfiring replaced new plugs and coils idles fine sometimes when I give it a bootfull starts to missfire can anyone lead me in the right direction of what could be causing it car has aftermarket fmic and piping 4 inch dump pipe 100cell cat twin 2 n half exhaust built auto stage 4 stally plazmaman hduty valve spring and tuned 12psi


    I got defected the weekend before the one that just went, cleared defect got pulled up weekend just gone defected again, half hour later same night defected again for tyres they saying it's a type 2 illegal modification?! Im in Queensland, I'm just wanting to kno if it's illegal to run that size other than what the plac says on the door Muffin Man!!I've got all new tyres don't want to spend more cash on wheels as the first defect was for running 20inch wheels.


    Hi I am a newbie, I got defected on the wkend for running 215/60/16 on my 2003 ba xr6 turbo am I allowed to run them or does it have to be 235/60/16 thanks any help would be gratefull
  5. Hi sorry I've got a fg gas 2010 motor can I just bolt my ba xr6 turbo gear onto it and will it be fine?or is there more to it then just bolting hot side/sump,its going into my 2003 ba xr6 turbo thanks
  6. I'll replace tomorrow and see how it goes thanks heaps.
  7. Thanks guys I've already checked the hoses they are tight,could it be a faulty boost solenoid?I've changed knock sensor doesn't ping as much as it used to,I'm running 98oct and would those 2 codes contribute to making it ping?thanks,plus sorry I've found a vaccume hose that runs off the rear of injector rail/fuel reg it runs towards the ecu but is blocked off with a bolt does anyone kno where it is supposed to connect to?
  8. Hi guys I'm a new be and just purchased a 2003 ba xr6 turbo, it has a pinging issue under boost,I had it scanned and came up with 2 codes being U1900 and P1507,could this be the reason for the pinging?its pretting much stock apart from stage 2 cooler?any help be appreciated thanks
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