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  1. What is the temperature and weather like in NZ like now that will answer your question why the cars are their.
  2. Thank you for the information just what I was after
  3. Hi Does any one have the wiring off the analogue clock fitting instructions that goes on the dash like the giha one if you place in your self their is no harness in the car I have been searching I no you need a sound card wire plug which I have it has 4 pins I need to now witch ones go were on the clock for power and lighting and were you hooked it up on the car if you have photos it would help. Thank you
  4. No NO NO the bumper stays on the holes are already their just lift the jumper up and a line the holes and tap 6mm and use 6mm bolts to tight them 5 min job if your not sure call me
  5. Easy fixed, all you have to do is remove the licence plate and you will see 2 plastic holes, in thoughs 2 plastic holes you will see 2 smaller holes inside, lift the bumper up and aline all the holes and tap a 6mm thread and run bolts through it and that will hold the bumper up. It's not the grills that doing it, it 's just that the series 1 BF they did not put the bolts in to hold the bumper up. and now they are doing it because the bumpers are dropping.
  6. that's the new modeo you can see it on u tube and other sites
  7. Where is the best place to connect in the fuse box to draw about 4amps to run some lighting in my ba xr I am already using the input in the tissue box for other things I do not wont to go straight from the battery is their a place in the fuse box inside the car that you can use that is easy to place wires to draw power from and placing a fuse to just in case you blow things up .
  8. I use one on my turbo and one on my territory and I change the oil every 10.000km And I have found sludge like metal and fine splinters off metal on the magnet when I take it out And clean it on a white rage .
  9. Has any one notice in their BFII that they only have one thermal fan now the BA and MKI and II and XR8 HAVE 2 not the early BFII but the ones now and have you noticed any different in cooling
  10. Hi can some one help me on the XR5 when you turn the engine off the thermal fans stay on for a short time if the engine runs hot like a turbo timer can you do the same thing on the ba XR turbo for cooling after the engine is turned off if so how do you do it ?
  11. It is throttle error mine does the same and I have cleaned the throttle body out it is in the edit I have been having a lot of problems lately with my edit time to go back and see what is going on and last week I dynode the car on a different place and lost 44KW was to read 280KW some thing going on here and I do not thrash the car it is more show then anything.
  12. How do I go about making my Warning lights making them pulse flash it is legal on truck trailer now. I have seen them same as emergency and police cars but only the Yellow light indicators and were to buy the modal.
  13. Yes I have seen this car about 4months ago it may be the same one it came in for some grills on the front I did see under the bonnet and it had a lot off work on the engine and more was to be dune it was the best BF I have seen and I do not like the BF I am a BA man the inside had a lot off custom gauges and holders made 2 boost gauges big taco nice big chrome wheels it was one with the lot very impressed my wife seed they looked like drug dealers they had a lot off coin on them. I believe they have that power in that car buy what I have seen.
  14. Were can I get or how is making and selling custom made pipes that come from the turbo to the crossover and the one from the inter cooler to the crossover replacing the plastic ones I am after ones that are metal or polished
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