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Found 12 results

  1. After heavy rain I noticed a lot of water soaked in the rear leftside passenger footwell. I pulled the rear interior out and got my partner to hose it down while I sat inside and checked for leaks, couldnt find one. I left the interior out and monitored it after a drive, water was there again, pooled on the body where the seat would sit and had ran down to the carpet yet again. Turns out the water is getting into the body and pooling up, coming out a hole in the side next to the rear door (I'll add a picture link). I had a rag in there, on taking it out a stream of water came out. Has anyone had this problem? Im guessing there is meant to be a drain hole in that compartment to let the water out, which has now blocked. What do others think? I hope this helps anyone having a similar issue and cant figure out where it is coming from.
  2. Looking for some advice on what could be causing this much oil on the front of my turbo compressor housing. Running stock piping and recently compression tested the motor with good results. Any tips on where to check appreciated. Have yet to take the turbo off the engine but will if I have to.
  3. Hi It appears that the spoiler pillar seals are no longer working as I am getting water running out of the inside bottom channel when opening the boot lid. I say this after getting the clear coat (full respray) repaired last year. They seperated the spoiler from the boot lid to do the respray. I have been googling trying to find where I can get new seals but with no luck. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could order some from. I'm trying to avoid silastic if possible. If I must use silastic what do people recommend? Thanks
  4. Hey guys, I've discovered a coolant leak that's coming out of a hose that connects to the thermostat and into the engine block I believe, it goes inbetween the hard pipe that goes under the thermostat and into the block. I'll include some of pictures, can anyone let me know what its called or if theres any replacements online anywhere? cheers!
  5. Turbs6

    Boost leak?

    Hey guy, I have a 07 bf xr6t auto stock apart from hotside piping, cooler and tune from previous owner. I recently replaced the rubber joiner on throttle body with silicone hose that stopped boost leak and revs issue. I now however have what seems like an intermittent boost leak from turbo side. Still holds boost but seems to lag heaps down low and I can hear air gushing out. It will only last about 5-10 minutes after start up and then comes good and drives fine. Turn the car off for 10 minutes then start back up I get same issue again which then goes away within a few minutes. Ive checked all piping, vac lines, clamps and anything that could be loose, everything seems to be sweet. Any help appreciated. Cheers!
  6. Pretty much as above. Wonder if anyone else has had similar issues. The tap was done up pretty tight so I used a ring spanner and an extension through the ring to open it. I'm hoping its not the rad tank Any idea where the best place to get a replacement is? And if they're generic or specialist?
  7. Hey guy, I've been putting this off for a while now but it's time to fix my to fix all my leaks. My engine had a mishap when the PCV one way valve started to fail and pressurize the crank case. Since fixing the PCV, I've have acumulated a few annoying leaks and my head gasket has started to leak coolant The list: *head gasket *rocker cover *timing cover *sump *rear main *engine mounts *valve springs
  8. Hi guys. Got a BFII turbo ZF 6spd with 140xxx km, running 60lb dekas and an 11 psi tune. All else it stock. Got a dyno run to see how it is all going, and it came back on the low side. 227 at the rears. The readout showed the boost hitting 11psi and instantly dropping in linear fashion until redline where it reads roughly 7psi or thereabouts. For further testing a mate and I hooked up a boost gauge, which affirmed what the dyno run told us. 11psi down to 7psi over the rev range. What we found out furthermore, is on gearshift the boost returns to 11psi and drops again at higher rpm. So if you ran through the gears on the dyno the boost graph would look like a mountain range. I called the dyno operator up, and he seemed to think either the stock dump and cat are too small (tried to sell me his 4 inch dump and high flow cat for a grand), or the stock actuator is worn out and opening under the pressure. Does this sound about right to you learned scholars? From what I have read thus far from others experiences on here, I am thinking actuator. Lastly- is 11-12 psi too much for the stock flapper to control? Thanks for your time
  9. Hey everyone, I just picked up an xr6t ute last night and was giving it a fair bit since I haven't owned a 300kw+ car before, at some point of the night I found out how to take traction control off and got on the brakes, once I clicked 2nd for a while I heard a pop but thought it was from the exhaust end, as of that stage I had lost most of my power, I was still able to cruise the car home doesn't idle bad or anything but its very gutless needless to say I've gone over all my cooler pipe clamps and made sure their secure, it does have 90% stock intercooler pipes, turbosmart bov and an aftermarket actuator, is there anything else one would recommend me going over before taking it to a garage ? - David
  10. Hi I had my car up on the hoist today having a bit of an inspection and noticed oil leaking from in-between the block and the head (see attached photo) just wondering should this be a concern as car only has 23,000km and is a 2012 model also would it be warrantable through ford
  11. Guest

    Turbo Leaking Oil

    Hey Guys, First post, pity it has to be about a problem with my XR6T. Just purchased a 2010 XR6T with 47000km on the clock. Bought off a guy in Melb who had purchased the car brand new. Car was picked for split diff bushes at RWC which I was assured (by both the seller and Ford) was a common problem. Car was still under warranty and as such was returned to Knox Ford in Rowville to have the parts replaced and was thoroughly checked. Seller provided invoice from Knox which made comment about an oil leak around turbo - "Check for Oil Leak around turbo - Oil leaking out of turbo intake tube, oil in tube is from normal blow-by coming through inlet tube from PVC pipe. No fault with vehicle, removed and cleaned intake tubes and refitted making sure hose clamps tightened correctly". As part of the check the timing case oil leak was also detected and shorter bolts installed and idler pulley assembly was replaced. This check was completed on 02/11/12 and I collected the vehicle on 09/11. Today I took the car to my local Ford dealer for 45k service and when I went to collect the car I have been told by the service advisor that the Turbo needs to be replaced???? On top of this even though the car is still under warranty they have advised that it may not be covered under warranty because the "turbo has been tampered with" and it doesn't have the standard air filter installed. This will result in me being out of pocket $8k for a new turbo :o There was also a comment made in relation to blow back into the engine and hoping that this hadn't caused any damage??? I have spoken with the seller (who didn't have to talk to me given it was a private sale) who has advised that he has not modified the turbo in anyway and I have opened the air box and the air filter is just a K&N aftermarket part which (in my far from experienced opinion) is a ridiculous reason to knock back a warranty claim? I have no doubt that the guy I bought the car from gave the car a squirt (who buys an XR6T and doesn't) but I highly doubt he sat there in a $50k car with his foot on the brake bouncing off the rev limiter doing a 200m skid! How easy is it to blow up a Turbo in one of these? From reading other forums I can see a number of people have had the oil leak issue from the pipe at the top of the turbo. After driving around in my trusty (and yes I know a little boring) BA MkII XR6 this is turning into a nightmare after only 5 days!!! I have attached photos of the Turbo this afternoon after collecting from Ford and you can see the oil as well as a comparison between the filter in my BA (white - which has a full service history with Ford) and the one in the Turbo. Appreciate any experiences and thoughts on the Dealers Comments! Cheers, Pip
  12. Had be driving for about 50 mins today when noticed steam coming from under car, let sit for 10 mins and dropped very large puddle of red transmission oil, moved about 500m to park indoors for weekend and was just reving going about 20kms, After moving it I had a look underneath an it looked to be leaking from around where tranny bolts to motor can anybody please help? Car done 156000km
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