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  1. Ftg auto salvage is no more. I speak to chris on the odd occassion as he is very experienced in the ford department as you guys know and when my barra patrol had broke down in the high country he was the guy that fixed it for me. Long story short, the business partners had to split for reasons I wish not to mention on here. Chris can be found if you need ford info or a guru to fix something... alot of car shops rely on him and his experience these days to problem solve issues that they cant...
  2. Hi guys Been digging deep and ypu better believe it I have pretty much read this entire thread. We are installing the aquamist water to meth system for my rig, including procharge 67mm turbo and tune. We are hoping for close to 550-600rwkw in my Nissan Patrol... I have been dealing with orlando from cool runnings engineering for the aquamist and am heading to independent motorsports in morwell for the tune... For anyone that's installed the aquamist (norrs etc) does you fail safe work a treat and have there been any long term affects? Cheers
  3. Barra GU

    Next Vic Cruise

    Hi everybody Does anybody know if we have anything like roll racing or powercruise type stuff here in vic ? If so when? I see qld and nsw have all that fun
  4. Hey bloke thanks for the reply man, nah all of done is checked fuel filter (it was clean), and tested to see if injectors were pulsing. The injectors would pulse at the start but then would stop pulsing. How would I check fuel pressue? Shpuld I disconnect hose that goes at the end of the fuel rail after regulator and see if it comes out of there whilst cranking? Any advise will help, I am now assuming I need to check fuel pressure reg too?
  5. Hi I know this was a while ago but does anyone have any update what it ended up being? My car wont start either , and we are trying crank angle sensor next
  6. Hi Mate , yes this me , I didnt think I would jump on another forum and have someone recognise my build or vehicle so feeling quite suprised actually. Yes the rig has its on full documented build thread for anyone that wants to look at it in more depth on 4x4earth link here. https://4x4earth.com/forum/index.php?threads/400rwkw-xr6-turbo-engine-conversion-gu-patrol-georgies-twin-locked-gu-patrol.40244/ Thanking you for the reply. At the moment I have oil in my 2nd and 3rd coil packs and the car wont start as I had to get it towed out of the bush the other week due to it being turned off then not starting again for an unknown reason. You can check the full recovery ig that kinda stuff interests you here I also have its own instagram page and do follow a lot of great powerful xr6 turbos too check out @barra_gu
  7. Hi All, First time forum user and first time poster. Just thought I would share with you my pride and joy l. Her name is Pretty Penny and she is a 98 series 1 Nissan GU Patrol with a fully rebuilt 10/06 bf mk2 xr6 turbo engine. I do not really know much about these engines and had never even been in an xr6turbo before I was purchasing the engine. It wasnt till the guy I bought the engine off took me for a drive in his stock vehicle so I can see that the motor was ok before purchasing... Anyway looking forward to learning alot more about these engines as I am attempting to push the boundaries with what I can do with this beast of a rig. So far I have toured through the victorian high country on numerous occasions and have even jumped on the spirit of tassie and tackled the wild west coast of tasmania in easter whilst avoiding the bitumen for the entirety of the trip. I had a lot of 4wd people tell me diesel is the way to go for a 4wd but for those ignarnt enough to think this I beg the to jump in a barra powered patrol and tell me whether they still think that. The problem I have though is this. Given I dont know much about them I am hoping to hear from you lot on what you think my engine should safely produce to the wheels (stock 31s) with the mods I have done. Forged carillo pistons Argo rod Billet oil pump gears Valve springs Atomic chain kit 1000cc injectors Crow cams Standard bf turbo (not sure what hp they are rated too) Turbo flapper mod Standard new wastegate with upgraded spring (no idea what it is) Front mount intercooler Airbox Tune (remap) 460 in tank walbro There may be a few more mods I have mised but its also paired up to a fully rebuilt fully manualised RE4 Auto rated to 1000hp which is paired up to a bm stealth pro ratchet shifter.... Can anyone advise to me what power they think I am capable of pulling to the wheels in (rwkw) on 98 pump fuel and what they think I can pull on e85 if I went flex fuel... Also not looking at upgrading turbo so what power to the wheels should my turbo be able to produce and will my engine and 98 pump fuel cope/acheive it ? Thanks in advance

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