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  1. GTX3584RS

    go bigger housing, it should still be responsive being a 35 frame turbo, I've got a gtx4202 with 1.28 rear housing,through a zf, now that's laggy !! went bigger housing to future proof
  2. Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    I have everything turned off, locations, auto sync , etc. Note 8 was draining battery life 2% per hour overnight while idle, I factory reset the phone, now it only goes through 0.5% per hour while idle
  3. Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    Been using Note 8 for a week now, love it, I also told Apple to kiss my ass after being with iphones for the past 4 years. After 3 days, still have 45% battery left
  4. Clutch disengagement issues

    I had/have the same problem in my e92 m3 . I've replaced clutch, flywheel , slave and master and was still having clutch engagement point issues and gear crunches . a month ago I decided to randomly install solid engine mounts and the clutch engagement point seems to be fine now and gear crunches have reduced by 80% , maybe it is alignment issue if engine moves too much , I think my front suspension is also shot would brake master cylinder be causing issues with clutch? Isn't the whole hydraulic system connected ?
  5. Clutch disengagement issues

    could you further explaing what you mean by alignment of MC?
  6. Fg F6 547Rwkw

    fuel pump setup on the car?
  7. Peppy's Build Thread

    Pep take us for a spin one day, pretty sure you live close to me , I'm on greenway drive. Must be a blast being able to break traction at will, hopefully one day my car will be there , awesome build bud
  8. I only have one 044 at the plazmaman surge tank , and the car has gone 470rwkw on E70, 10.52@ 135.76mph
  9. Centre Bearing Replacement

    do all ford dealers balance?
  10. Rate Your Modifications

    best modification is to sell these cars, such a pain in the backside once you start modifying them. Stress central
  11. Fg Mk11 Xr6 T,cms Tuned-In The Club

    yeah I want to take it out soon to take advantage of the cooler weather. At the moment it's got an exhaust leak and I have the wrong type of drag tyres so I cant use them without front runners. As soon as I sell them and buy the usual et street radials, I'll go out
  12. Fg Mk11 Xr6 T,cms Tuned-In The Club

    Good job, what rpm did you launch at? Start saving for a built box, saying from experience. My gtx3582 and ZF had a punch on and the stock ZF lost. CMS stage 2 box is holding up good so far
  13. Cruise Ideas New South Wales

    any 10 second nuggets at the event?

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