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Found 19 results

  1. Hey lads, Im about to give my ute some love, wanting to do a suspension upgrade. Currently have Stock shock and springs up front, and some Monroe GTs in the rear. All stock height. Questions I have are: - Shocks, leaning towards KYBs all round, hear good things about them, but is the jump to a bilstein / koni / shockworks truely worth the xtra $$$ for a daily? pretty steep for them all round 🤕 - Springs, thinking SSL but im super worried about scraping as my dump is farken low (4 inch xforce) maybe SL? not really mad about the stock front height just dont want it to look dumb lowered at the rear and look like im doing a wheelie. Gunna just reset the rears I reckon Also worth doing the bushes on the rear? its got 200k clicks now, no noises or anything just preventative. Any feedback would be sweet, cheers
  2. kiaora ford folk! this week I've recycled one of the work utes into a different work ute - recovery ute for picking up large ride-on lawn mowers, working @ Stihl Shop - original delivery truck is AU cab/chassis XL trim, with oversize flat deck. cab&chassis are now extensively rusty so its been retired from use - black ute is BF2 XR6 styleside - black ute now has the flat cargo deck from the AU swapped over to it, job done 4 days ago. - both utes are fully factory trim, even wheels and tyres - I dream big, but my boss's budget is not as big, sadly. the problem I need help with, is related to rear wheel clearance/vertical travel. it needs to carry up to 650kg, but theres only about 2'' travel before it would hit the deck timber thanks to the factory lowering kit on the XR models. it also has some side-side travel when spirited cornering, the tyre sidewalls have been leaving rubber on the framework of the flatdeck. (utes done 180k km) im guessing this would be caused by the bushes being worn but idk, im just a chainsaw mechanic lol so considering a solution from these options: -load assist airbags @ $750 nzd + roadworthy certification $$$???? (the boss wont wanna spend this kinda money though lol) -wheel tubs for deck (not ideal would get in the way of work duty with the pickup+delivery of large commercial lawn mowers (Jim's mowing grade of commercial, 60'' max mowing deck size) -swap over the standard height AU ute's suspension, front and rear -combine the AU's 5 leaf setup over into the BF's 4 leaf setup, have them reset by local leaf-professionals so yeah, any advice would be greatly appreciated, trying my hardest to just work with what I got available and not have to source parts etc p.s its a family business, the boss is my dad haha. -I cant figure out how to attach photos, but they're on my instagram.com/niki6dt
  3. Hi everyone, I just brought my car to a local specialist for a steering and suspension check and I was advised that my front upper control arms bushes are broken ( yea I can slightly feel my steering is a bit soft). Now I’m thinking to get the Superpro upgrades kit online by myself but I’m not sure which ones I should get? The whole brand new Superpro upper control arm assembly kits ($395/pair) or just the Superpro bushes ($190/pair)? The local mechanic would charge me $350 for the labour if I bring my own brand new control arms. Otherwise it would be more than $900 if they supply me the parts (Superpro-Control Arm Lower Assembly Kit and Superpro Control Arm Upper Assembly Kit - Polyelast Bushes) + $550 labour. I prefer high quality products that can last very long. What do you guys think? Cheers.
  4. Just chasing a bit of advice I've currently got a '14 xr6 turbo with SSL's all around with standard shocks, currently reaching the point where the standard shocks have had it are needing to be replaced, plus the rides pretty sh*thouse I've done a little bit of research on some lowered shocks and I'm just wanting to know what the best to go with is I've heard mixed reviews with the Munroes, some say they're great and others say they're as hard as, which won't be ideal for me as I drive 30 minutes to work on country roads Trying to look for something that's also not going to be too hard on the wallet, but I'm not wanting to cheap out on China crap Any input would be great Cheers!
  5. Hi there, I have a 2011 FG XR6 and was told I needed to replace the rear upper control arm bushes either side. After doing a bit of research and pricing I found it was al lot cheaper and easier to replace the complete control arms with new bushes all round. I got stuck in and started replacing them I fitted the left side first and it was a breeze only took about 40minutes. But I’ve run into an issue with repacing right as I can’t seem to remove inner bush bolt, it’s like it’s been fitted the wrong way around or done so before shell of car was attached to chassis. Has anybody run into this problem before? Does this mean I am going have to unbolt and drop the whole back end to remove the bolt? I Can upload pictures in the morning. Cheers Garry
  6. Specifically for my FG Turbo turbo ute if someone would be kind enough to measure for me! But if people have specs for other models this post can serve as a repository. Wheel center to guard measurements plus maybe bump-stop to axle measurements for us tray back utes. Been playing with my new Shockworks coilovers (loving them btw!) but my new worksite involves 6 speed humps that I'm scraping bumper & about 1m of sides on, so I've gotta jack the ute back up & I'm wondering what standard ride height actually is since I've always been overweight.
  7. Hey Lads, New to this site, looks awesome Just over 12 months ago I traded in my 2011 FG2 XR6 N/A in on a VF2 SS. Very bad decision and long story short I'm now back to a 2013 FG2 XR6 N/A. My old XR6 was an ex Highway Patrol in WA, which meant it was a tad lower than stock. I want my new XR6 to be the same as it was a good height for it to look good and just a bit different however it wasn't too low. I do a lot of country driving for work and one of the highways is terrible I think I'll bottom out if I get it too low. I have a feeling my old falcon was only lowered in the back however I remember I always had to go sideways down kerbs because the front would always scrape so I'm not too sure. I know it had king springs on it but I don't know if it had upgraded shocks too or not. My old one looked mean from the back and you could tell the difference between mine and a stock one quite easily. A setup I have been thinking about is the King springs Lowered EHD Coils KFRL-68SSLHD? without shocks just in the rear and leave the front? I think they're meant to be 30mm lower than stock? What you guys think? I would like to avoid the shocks if possible just because I'm not looking to spend heaps. Just chasing some advice on what the setup may have been and whether I do need to get shocks as well or not. Cheers Guys
  8. Had a bit of clunking recently and following a service have been told that the front right shock is gone, showed me a picture and there's oil on everything around it. Still waiting on a price for an OEM one from Ford, but does anyone have thoughts on whether it's better to just fit two aftermarket ones instead? Repco do Monroe ones for $195 a corner... any good? Don't exactly have a heap of $$ to spend right now so full on upgrades are out :(
  9. Anyone know why my bf xr6t is making a clunking/clicking/tapping noise, its coming from the front left I think!? I took the wheel off and I think I checked all the bushes and they seemed fine but im nomechanic, only one I was abit worried about was the ball joint bush, it wasnt split just looked like wornish? I also attempted to check the ball joint and no noises by shaking the wheel.. I didnt jack up both sides though if that effects it? It was really dry though when I unbolted the upper control arm. And its also worse when theres passengers in the car and when turning left, I was thinking power steering because if im turning the wheel left to right while idling you can hear a click but no leaks or no fluid loss. Any help would be much appreciated before I take it to a mechanics and get absolutely raunted.
  10. Hi all, I currently have an 03 Ba XR6 5sp manual sedan and have plans on doing a turbo motor swap once I am halfway through my green P's (about 2 years a long time I know), I know the troubles of this but I would like to do something unique and as a project for me and my friends. In the meantime I would like to do 'supporting' mods over time. I am planning on getting a cat back exhaust done sometime next week only because she's a bit too quite right now . I have been looking at various other mods such as installing an LSD, sway bars, coilovers, fatter tires etc. Since I have never done anything like this before I didn't want to risk making any mistakes in the purchase of parts hence why I am posting here. LSD: I would like to know if I can fit an lsd unit from a BA XR6T? (obviously manual or will an auto fit as well?)... Suspension mods: For the suspension mods I wanted to push the coilovers a bit as I do not want to splurge out 2 grand for them at this moment. In terms of swaybars I have found some from whiteline: http://www.whiteline.com.au/product_detail4.php?part_number=BFK001&sq=4188 Supercheap auto also sells these however this kit seems to have everything I need (I'm not too sure what half of it is). I have also been told that doing the control arms (front and rear) would also help with handling of the car but no clue what I should get. Stores: I have no problem driving a bit to get the right parts. There are some wreckers around me if I need to go and find a wrecked car. Also if you know of any suspension workshops or stores that would do a good install of the parts I listed above for a reasonable price please let me know. As for online shopping I have no problem as long as the site doesn't look sketchy.
  11. Hey guys I recently picked up my 2014 fg xr6 mk2 ute and was thinking of lowering it but wasn't sure about what the best option would be as I don't know much about suspension I don't want to slam the ute but want it to sit at a decent height I was also worried about how low to go as I have heard that fg Utes have problems when lowered. I'm an apprentice at the moment and want to still be able to make good use of the ute for work purposes aswell Sorry for the long post but Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  12. Hey Guys, I have a Ba Falcon Ute and whenever I take off from lights or turn slowly I hear two dull creaks about half a second apart, I believe its coming from under the vehicle or from the rear... feels like the ute is getting pulled apart?? Any ideas what It might be? Thanks
  13. So iv had my FG XR6T ute for awhile and with my steel tray, tools and gear I reckon iv dropped an extra 400kg on it that I'm hauling every day. Its dropped 50mm from stock and is only 40mm off the bump stops. Because I want headroom to carry more weight I want some Heavier rated springs, then maybe quality airbags for the REALLY heavy stuff and to have fun bouncing up and down. (ill decide on that later) Airbags alone would be fine for daily use but wont cut it by them selves for anything extra. Don't quite want a 1tonn package but something beefier then the current sports pack. While I would love my Ute to be as low as possible I need the extra static weight capacity. Suspension currently feels really doughy, headlights are pointing up and mudflaps scrape going out my driveway What leaves do people here have or had experience with? Do I have to replace shocks & stuff as well? Iv got tomorrow off work so ill try calling some manufacturers. Everyone in town know how to lower a ute, but not how to predictably raise one for increased GVM. lol
  14. Hi, needing to get bushes done on my BA MKII XR6 Turbo. Been told so many things, what's best for comfort, best for handling etc. Needing opinions on what you have, why you went those particular bushes and your thoughts now. Any advice would be great
  15. Hi all, For some reason the back end of my 03 BA ute has recently dropped very low and I can feel that it has sagged - is there any reason/explanation for this? What would be my options? Note - Previous owner had the springs reset I believe; however, the rear leaf springs just dont look like they used to?
  16. Im Shopping for an fg xr6 turbo and ill need to up the suspension because it'll have a steel tray and a few hundred Kg of tools on it all the time. Also be occasionally hauling heavy scaffolding or cement whenever I need to for work. I don't know much about suspension set ups so treat me like a Dummy who wants to learn. Does the XR6 turbo come with leaf suspension or something else. I don't want to be raising it above regular height, just want extra stiffness when the loads get heavy with comfortable everyday driving.
  17. hey guys just found out that ineed new front shocks so I thought I might look at my fg xr6t instead and sort of don't really know where to start. I've forund this package on fleabay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Falcon-FG-KING-SPRING-MONROE-SHOCK-Lowered-Suspension-Package-/300776120075?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4607a75f0b but not sure if I need to buy anything else to go with it or if its any good, any decent feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  18. Hi all, New to this forum, just registered today. Ive owned a 2008 F6 for 18 months now, and now that the warranty is up I will me making a couple of mods, namely: Suspension Cooler Boost Remap ECU I was almost going to purchase the Pedders http://www.pedders.com.au/products/52/140 but then I came across a similar setup made by XYZ Racing. Take a look at the ebay item: 260885825996 Does anyone know of this brand, does it compare to Pedders, is Pedders any good anyway? Several questions I know but I would like general feedback on lowering my car... Legal ride height doesn't bother me too much, but handling is important as I would like to do a few track days. Cheers Josh
  19. Just wondering, how much a suspension set up on my BA ute would set me back approx, with springs, shockies and all, and best types of brands etc
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