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  1. Haven't updated in a while because not much good has happened. So I got back from Europe in November to notice my car wasn't quite what I remembered. I replaced all the basic things like plugs, fuel filter etc but still wasn't right. Did some datalogging to notice boost was down to about 12.5psi from 17psi. Ended up playing around with a spare gate that a mate had and found issues with the gate, so got around on my mates gate on gate pressure for a while whilst I sent my gate away for warranty work. Once the gate was sorted and back on the car I decided to throw in a set of v
  2. Car hit the rollers today (after a lot of other issues) and tuner is putting in the same amount of duty cycle as last tune (with the original faulty gate) but now we have even more problems, with 100% duty cycle it won't hold boost, its dropping back off to 14psi. So now I'm going to have to pay the tuner to take the gate off and test it and then if its the problem, figure out what to do. Haven't had the car running properly since June and starting to get over it now
  3. Update. Gate went back on friday night with the new springs in it. Datalogging shows it holds approximately 15psi (running gate pressure). Should be 14psi but being new springs it could be that they need a heatcycle to settle, but either way will be commanding 17psi so not an issue. Car goes in for retune next weekend and will get it back a couple weeks later. WIll see how much duty cycle was in it before and how much will be in the new tune. Either way hope the problem is solved now
  4. 600rwkw zf is about $6k, tailshaft $1400 and converter $1500 so $9k or so. Around about $10kish drive in and out for glide/th400
  5. I think you'll find Bluepowers dyno is slightly on the happy side anyway. Doesn't mean the guys don't know how to tune though. I would say fuel pump and that dump you sourced would go a long way to making another 15rwkw or so. But honestly don't waste your time going 20kw, and 20 there. I would go fuel pump, full exhaust and port and flapper mod with e85 and see 340ish. That's about the limits of the catback, turbo and cooler. To get to 400 will be a decent jump $$ wise
  6. Yea hmmm was my thoughts aswell.. Will get it back early next week, put it on that weekend then following weekend it goes away for a retune. Will know soon as it goes on the car if its still stuffed, if it works all good then won't know if anything goes wrong until its retuned.
  7. So just an update. Will be getting new springs and that's it, not a new gate.. Apparently turbosmart think there's nothing wrong with the gate, just the springs. Guessing I'll just have to give this a go and see what happens.. Won't get it back until the new year though. Hopefully this fixes the problem because already have to fork out for a new tune and don't want to have to do the same again in a few months time
  8. That's true, might do a quick check on a few of them to see how they've held up. I figure sitting for a while wouldn't really be an issue but always good to check with those who know
  9. Hey guys, Got a mate that blew his motor up about a year ago and has no plans to rebuild it any time soon so offered to give me the valve springs to put in my car, my only concern is could there be any problems with them having sat in the head without moving for the last year? I would imagine being loaded up the whole times isn't an issue as they would be normally, just not sure if the lack of movement would affect them at all? They only did about 3,000kms. Going to be making about 20psi with them (or at least that's the plan). Yes I know buying new would be safest but I have to get a retune b
  10. Yea brand new, couldn't tell if it has been pulled apart or not. I think that the diaphragm never properly sealed from the start which would explain why there is too much duty cycle in the tune. Either that or its a fake gate as you said. Will be making a call at lunch tomorrow to follow it up. Realistically though I can't see me getting a replacement gate before the new year
  11. Turbosmart 45mm hypergate. Gate is getting posted back to the supplier tomorrow, expecting a new gate in return as it appears to be a faulty or fake gate
  12. Thanks for the help so far guys. Tried a new solenoid today to no avail. However, put a brand new gate on it and things changed dramatically. Running the new gate bypassing the solenoid made it run perfectly on 14psi gate pressure (I forgot to try the previous wastegate with bypassing the solenoid to see). Then hooked it up properly to the solenoid and it was making over 20psi and so pulled out, this is at about 40% throttle. My mate was thinking that the original gate might not have a 14psi spring so my tuner used the duty cycle to try get 16.5psi out of it. Pulled apart the gate and found t
  13. Won't bypassing the solenoid just make it run gate pressure? Nope never did so I cant compare what the previous tune looked like on my data logger. The only reason I data logged at the moment is cause I raced a car I can mormally keep up with and got chopped big time, plus it barely spins first now and use to be able to roll on in 2nd and just bake tyres
  14. I've noticed the last couple of weeks my car won't make the full 16.5psi its tuned to but only makes 13.5 when data logging it. It's a constant boost level right through the rev range, like its only making gate pressure (14psi external gate). I recently went over everything, service, plugs, fuel filter, fresh tank of fuel with injector cleaner run through, new vacuum line to the gate. I think its probably a wastegate or boost solenoid issue but without replacing them im not sure. Anyone have any ideas? My tuner is in Sydney and Im in Canberra so just trying to check everything before I go up a
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