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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, Firstly thanks for having me here. There's some great info going around on this site that is always a brilliant help. I have a BA Wagon. The diff is making hellish noises. Instead of repair I'm looking to replace and upgrade from the M78 (3.23) to a M86 LSD (3.45, Maybe even a 3.9 in time). I know from a turbo manual wagon build on https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/94126-ba-xt-mk2-turbo-wagon-conversion/ (great piece of writing that is!) that I can replace my prop/tail shaft from the one piece to the two piece (ute) by cutting threads in the holes for the centre bearing. And then measure and cut the end piece to shorten and fit. Is there any reason why a sedan prop/tail shaft wouldn't fit? Thus not having to cut it shorter. What am I missing? UJ's not flexible enough due to it being a cradle diff? TIA, George
  2. Diff on my FG turbo ute is on the way out and local mechanic recommended that if I want the diff built up to try some out of town mobs rather than the local transmission place. Want to go with a TrueTrac centre, weld the diff tubes and stronger axles might even be a good idea while I'm at it? Ive got 300rwkw, tramp rods and carry an extra half ton load every day. So who are some diff/driveline companies I could contact for a quote that would do an exchange? Send me a built rear end, I'd swap it locally and send my old one back to them. I'm in rural nsw, about 6hrs from Sydney & 5hrs from Melbourne.
  3. My diff is a little sad and I'm looking for another one. Do any other models (au, ba etc.) Fit in the fg xr6? Thanks
  4. Hi all, I currently have an 03 Ba XR6 5sp manual sedan and have plans on doing a turbo motor swap once I am halfway through my green P's (about 2 years a long time I know), I know the troubles of this but I would like to do something unique and as a project for me and my friends. In the meantime I would like to do 'supporting' mods over time. I am planning on getting a cat back exhaust done sometime next week only because she's a bit too quite right now . I have been looking at various other mods such as installing an LSD, sway bars, coilovers, fatter tires etc. Since I have never done anything like this before I didn't want to risk making any mistakes in the purchase of parts hence why I am posting here. LSD: I would like to know if I can fit an lsd unit from a BA XR6T? (obviously manual or will an auto fit as well?)... Suspension mods: For the suspension mods I wanted to push the coilovers a bit as I do not want to splurge out 2 grand for them at this moment. In terms of swaybars I have found some from whiteline: http://www.whiteline.com.au/product_detail4.php?part_number=BFK001&sq=4188 Supercheap auto also sells these however this kit seems to have everything I need (I'm not too sure what half of it is). I have also been told that doing the control arms (front and rear) would also help with handling of the car but no clue what I should get. Stores: I have no problem driving a bit to get the right parts. There are some wreckers around me if I need to go and find a wrecked car. Also if you know of any suspension workshops or stores that would do a good install of the parts I listed above for a reasonable price please let me know. As for online shopping I have no problem as long as the site doesn't look sketchy.
  5. Hi, Does anybody know if I can put a xr6t lsd centre in my g6et? I'm tired of 1 wheelin but can't afford a true trac. and figured I would be able to get a centre from the wreckers. would prefer not to have to buy the whole IRS cradle, but have seen them advertised I also heard that I can shim the g6et diff centre so that it will spin 2 wheels, but I'm concerned this will turn it into a locker (and I don't know how to do it, just heard rumors) any help would be appreciated. I think they are both 30 spline axles, but can anyone confirm this? is the same lsd in xr6t, xr8 and gt? thanks
  6. hello all I know this is xr6 forums and I do own a xr6t but.... this problem lies with my work ute/ other hoon car its a Expensive Daewoo vy v6 manual ute that ive owned for about 5 years now its got the suspension, brakes done, racing clutch light flywheel lsd diff center with 3.9 gears (I think its really low anyway) cam and zorst and...... list go on and on anyways it went from nice doubles (185 55 15 tyres on the rears) to single leggers with in about a month, is there any cheap way to fix this problem can it be adjusted or fixed and if so were a good shop that can fix it up in townsville I can put up with the poor performance of the shiv house Expensive Daewoo motor as long as everything else works good and it drift nicely, now its just unbearable extra gay and embarrassing need help quick , want it fixed before the wet seasons over
  7. Hey, I just bought a 2005 bf xr6 turbo ute, and no matter where I look on the net, I cant find any specs stating that my ute came with a lsd fitted. Ive put it up on the ramps and my diff has a lsd sticker on the diff stamp plate, yet when I turn the tyres its telling me its a single bagger. I just seen a post from a guy asking will he need to put in a lsd on his xr6t to make 310kw. As far as im aware it came stock with a lsd, but can anyone please clear this up for me. If so, what are my option in reguards to replacing it if its shagged, cause atm the 336kw its ridiculous on a single bagger. Any help or info would be much appreciated. Cheers for your time,.
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