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pls help!!! flat-deck conversion on BF-2 XR6 done, but not enough wheel clearance!!

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kiaora ford folk!


this week I've recycled one of the work utes into a different work ute

- recovery ute for picking up large ride-on lawn mowers, working @ Stihl Shop 

- original delivery truck is AU cab/chassis XL trim, with oversize flat deck. cab&chassis are now extensively rusty so its been retired from use

- black ute is BF2 XR6 styleside

- black ute now has the flat cargo deck from the AU swapped over to it, job done 4 days ago.

- both utes are fully factory trim, even wheels and tyres

- I dream big, but my boss's budget is not as big, sadly.


the problem I need help with, is related to rear wheel clearance/vertical travel. it needs to carry up to 650kg, but theres only about 2'' travel before it would hit the deck timber thanks to the factory lowering kit on the XR models.  it also has some side-side travel when spirited cornering, the tyre sidewalls have been leaving rubber on the framework of the flatdeck. (utes done 180k km) im guessing this would be caused by the bushes being worn but idk, im just a chainsaw mechanic lol


so considering a solution from these options:

-load assist airbags @ $750 nzd + roadworthy certification $$$???? (the boss wont wanna spend this kinda money though lol)

-wheel tubs for deck (not ideal would get in the way of work duty with the pickup+delivery of large commercial lawn mowers (Jim's mowing grade of commercial, 60'' max mowing deck size)

-swap over the standard height AU ute's suspension, front and rear

-combine the AU's 5 leaf setup over into the BF's 4 leaf setup, have them reset by local leaf-professionals


so yeah, any advice would be greatly appreciated, trying my hardest to just work with what I got available and not have to source parts etc



p.s its a family business, the boss is my dad haha.


-I cant figure out how to attach photos, but they're on my instagram.com/niki6dt

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ahh cheers dude!! -how do I know if the donor vehicle was fitted with the one-tonne option?


start of the day, pre swap-


and in the afternoon- 



this white one is the donor vehicle-





The cargo deck, was removed from white ute the day before black ute conversion-



And this is the clearance issues, as fitted to black ute-




album link: https://imgur.com/a/wkf86rM

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awww I'm pretty sure the White AU cab/chassis came with one-tonne leafs as a standard feature, as found in source: https://www.goauto.com.au/new-models/ford/falcon-ute/ute/versatile-au-falcon-ute-ready-for-action/1999-06-30/18284.html


also: cross refenced the part numbers for aftermarket heavy duty leafs for each ute and catalogue showed the same part numbers for both utes. I guess I'll just swap the BF leafs out for the white AU ute's leafs, as a starting point at least...

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