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  1. At least I know what I'm doing now, which means if I can scrape the $$ together I might be able to lower her sometime over the next year!
  2. So got this done today after a lot of swearing... passenger side was a bitch but got it done, driver side I was completely stuck and losing light. Ended up calling out a mobile mechanic called Jarryd (his company is ASAP Mob Mobile Mechanics) and he got me sorted in no time. Even paying him I still got the job done for less the price quoted for one shock originally, and I got two shocks and a few new tools out of it too boot.
  3. Yeah I was expecting OEM would be more but still waiting on a callback. Looks like sparesbox have them for $116 right now so two of those should do the job nicely. Next up just need to find somewhere to hire coil compressors and I'm set.
  4. Yeah, if I get an OEM one (if I ever get a price) I was going to just do the one, but otherwise I'll do both corners for sure. I'll checkout KYB!
  5. Had a bit of clunking recently and following a service have been told that the front right shock is gone, showed me a picture and there's oil on everything around it. Still waiting on a price for an OEM one from Ford, but does anyone have thoughts on whether it's better to just fit two aftermarket ones instead? Repco do Monroe ones for $195 a corner... any good? Don't exactly have a heap of $$ to spend right now so full on upgrades are out :(
  6. Thanks for all the advice guys, time to start shopping around I guess! Any ideas if the T3's will fit inside Territory 17" steelies? I use those in the winter so I can put snowchains on the car!
  7. No video, meant to get an old phone setup and riding in the windscreen but as a first timer I was being super wary about them saying they didn't want any lap timing etc, next time I'll have video and hopefully overlayed info from my bluetooth ODBII dongle
  8. Hey man, was that on Sunday? I was the guy with the black XR6T... mine seemed to go ok but I did get an engine temp warning during the last session, right before I also got the 80km range warning.
  9. So had my FG on the track for the first time on Sunday, and holy hell... even after 3 years of driving it on the road I wasn't really prepared for just how hard it could go. The brakes definitely took a beating and now need replacing, but it was totally worth it. Had my winter wheels on with cheap tyres so corners weren't as good as they could be, plenty of squealing and sliding going on, but it was seriously good fun. Had a Toyota 86 behind me for a few laps, he'd be right on my butt out of the corners but then would all but vanish in the mirror on the straights. Was topping out around 205kmh on the main straight, passed a Boxter going up it at one point which made me smile. Average fuel economy for the day was 31l/100km... was quite surprised to see quarter of a tank disappear in 20 minutes. Now I definitely want to go again but feel that some improved brakes and something to help with the body roll wouldn't go amiss.
  10. So I had my 2009 FG serviced last week (105k capped price) and they said the brakes were good for at least another 15,000 km. THEN I took to the car to Sandown for the day on Sunday, and I'm pretty sure I used up 90% of that in 100km.... hard braking from 200kmh to 100kmh repeatedly definitely took it's toll! I've not had the wheels off yet to check the damage (running my winter Territory steel wheels so can't see anything) but given it's up to 104k km I'm assuming it's going to need rotors and pads on the front. I'm not too concerned about the back as it's definitely the front that would have done the work on the track with the amount of weight transfer going on. So I've seen a few people say these are good: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DBA4504S-T3-4000-Series-Front-Slotted-Rotors-x-2-to-Ford-Falcon-BA-BF-FG-298mm-/321009726797?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4abdabb54d What pads are suitable for regular spirited driving and potentially another track day? Also, how easy are these things to fit? I've done pads way in the past on a different but it was so long ago I barely remember doing it. I'm guessing rotors are a few bolts ?
  11. Yeah I only saw those after buying my wheels, oh well I didn't need the chains this weekend, but I did see a couple of other XR6s and a super shiny 50th up there — makes me wonder if those guys were just banking on not needing chains or just don't know that the crappy hire chains are likely to do some crazy damage. I was looking at the chains people were hiring and they're not elegant, definitely wouldn't want to be putting them on my alloys!
  12. Hey Guys, A while back I was looking around for information on whether to put snow chains on my FG XRT6, and it was suggested that I pick up some territory wheels. I did that, had 235/45/17 tyres put on them (did all four so I can have some track fun when the weather warms up) and then got hold of some Konig K7 chains which are 7mm and designed for cars without much clearance. I've just tested them out, and used my phone to see what was going on behind. I'm comfortable with the gaps and a slow roll down the driveway with all windows down didn't result in any untoward noises. Going to head to the snow tomorrow, and hopefully won't need them, but if I do I'll be sure to report back. Either way, here's some of the footage I recorded which shows the clearance this chain & wheel combo does have, hopefully it'll help some others out.
  13. Well, here she is sporting some sexy new shoes... Going to get hold of some of the Konig 7mm snow chains and then I should be gold Oh, and need to get some wheel nuts that don't stick out quite so far...
  14. Yeah it did suddenly occur to me that the AU rims I'd spotted were 15" and would probably have a little trouble fitting around the brakes Hopefully 17" territory rims will provide enough clearance to get chains on without fouling on anything. Chances are I won't ever need to put them on, but I don't want to find out the hard way and scuff my wheels up!
  15. Cool, thanks for the advice! Will see what I can find.
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