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  1. Cheers hjtrbo, just done the upper control arms and sway bar links... was the cause of low speed rattling was driving me stoopid, Am worried about the zorst being low, im convinced in SL's for front. many say it doesn't change the height at all, will ask a suspension shop. And right just sack up get the good sh*t, do it once do it right. Konis or the billies. will check flea bay.
  2. Hey lads, Im about to give my ute some love, wanting to do a suspension upgrade. Currently have Stock shock and springs up front, and some Monroe GTs in the rear. All stock height. Questions I have are: - Shocks, leaning towards KYBs all round, hear good things about them, but is the jump to a bilstein / koni / shockworks truely worth the xtra $$$ for a daily? pretty steep for them all round 🤕 - Springs, thinking SSL but im super worried about scraping as my dump is farken low (4 inch xforce) maybe SL? not really mad about the stock front height just dont want it to look dumb lowered at the rear and look like im doing a wheelie. Gunna just reset the rears I reckon Also worth doing the bushes on the rear? its got 200k clicks now, no noises or anything just preventative. Any feedback would be sweet, cheers
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