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Found 23 results

  1. Hi Guys & Gals, So regarding the diff upgrade from single spinner to LSD for our 'Bad Grandpa' rolling rigs... I've put a link in for one I wanted feedback on. true-Trac is a mixed bag in terms of driving feel but I can't find much about this iteration? https://www.maceengineering.com.au/MACE-M86-TORQUE-LOCK-LSD-DIFF-TO-SUIT-FORD-FALCON-BA-BF-FG 🚦
  2. Hey all, just need a bit of help as I cant seem to find any info on servicing the fg diff. I have a 2010 fg, its developed a little bit of a leak from the rear diff, it's also about time to change the diff oil. I'm just wanting a bit of information about how difficult of a task this is? Does the entire cradle have to be removed? Doesnt seem to be a lot of room. Cheers for any help, really appreciate it.
  3. I'm looking for people here that have reinforced their diff cradles before and chasing some advice. What did you do? Any challenges? Can you do it with the cradle in the car? I know the IMS solution exists but I'm not paying an arm and a leg for the parts and install on a daily driven rig, if I was chasing big power I'd go this direction My brother is a boily so he'll be doing most of the work #freelabour 🤣🤣 Here's a thread on the issue for reference.
  4. G'day all, after basking in the glory of many-a-single-pegger, I've finally had enough and decided to throw an LSD into the wags. I'm looking at changing the diff to a limited slip M86 out of a turbo ute and was wondering if the current driveshaft would fit. It's a 2005 BA MK2 Futura wagon with the standard 4 speed BTR. I'd be looking at ripping a diff out of a 4spd ute, if that makes a difference.
  5. Hi everyone, Firstly thanks for having me here. There's some great info going around on this site that is always a brilliant help. I have a BA Wagon. The diff is making hellish noises. Instead of repair I'm looking to replace and upgrade from the M78 (3.23) to a M86 LSD (3.45, Maybe even a 3.9 in time). I know from a turbo manual wagon build on https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/94126-ba-xt-mk2-turbo-wagon-conversion/ (great piece of writing that is!) that I can replace my prop/tail shaft from the one piece to the two piece (ute) by cutting threads in the holes for the centre bearing. And then measure and cut the end piece to shorten and fit. Is there any reason why a sedan prop/tail shaft wouldn't fit? Thus not having to cut it shorter. What am I missing? UJ's not flexible enough due to it being a cradle diff? TIA, George
  6. I'm considering buying the 1400hp half shafts from the driveshaft shop. My Fg makes 814hp and I don't want to have to do the diff or half shafts again. I'm in a wheelchair and I need to be able to get in my car and have no issues. Has anybody used these or the 700hp versions, any and all recommendations would be really apreciated! Apologies if this topic has been covered but I couldn't find anything when I used the search.
  7. Have been having issues with my Ba xr6t mkii manual , for a while a whirring sound would come and go slightly between 60-80 km/h (I put it down to just about time for a centre bearing change over. then after about 3-4 weeks of driving to and from work I gave it a little throttle from a standing start and it made a very bad vibration through the car , pedals and gearstick. after that , any hard acceleration of more than 1/2 throttle would make bad vibration and the whirring sound had now become a Humming sound heard and felt above 50km/h. and an all around feeling of "something isn't right" was lingering ....a couple of days after this (about 60-80 kms later) I was driving with barely any acceleration at 60km/h and the whole car broke into vibration with a metal on metal sound present, the car also seemed to now have some resistance under acceleration as if the handbrake had been left on.... Babied the car home about 30km away and every time I would hit an incline and had to give anything more than a touch of acceleration the car would vibrate/drone and hum violently . on the very last hill to my house I honestly didn't think I was going to make it. the last 2kms. when I got home I took it apart and on this video is what I found...... If anyone can point me in the direction of what it might be? and the costs involved / possibly even someone in the northern perth area that can fix it, with quality workmanship? Until I get it fixed im leaving it parked up . im hoping it'll get me to the repair shop without the cost of a tow, though I've been told too much vibration being sent back through the gearbox etc could be very bad? car runs 500+rwhp on 15psi
  8. Diff on my FG turbo ute is on the way out and local mechanic recommended that if I want the diff built up to try some out of town mobs rather than the local transmission place. Want to go with a TrueTrac centre, weld the diff tubes and stronger axles might even be a good idea while I'm at it? Ive got 300rwkw, tramp rods and carry an extra half ton load every day. So who are some diff/driveline companies I could contact for a quote that would do an exchange? Send me a built rear end, I'd swap it locally and send my old one back to them. I'm in rural nsw, about 6hrs from Sydney & 5hrs from Melbourne.
  9. Hi everyone Sorry to start another thread. Just thought I'd write up my own as a search doesn't seem to reveal any similar topics to what I'm experiencing at the moment. My 07 BF XR6 AUTO, driven as my daily on highways constantly. It has a very cruisy life and is always babied (although with the $ it's currently stealing from me, it doesn't deserve it 😂). When travelling around and between 30-35K (and often 50-55K also, although not as violent), its almost as if it loses all drive momentarily and then suddenly engages very roughly, creating a heavy jerk throughout the car and then a grinding noise can be heard coming from the rear. Also when accelerating out of a corner, the grinding at the rear noise occurs again. The Diff Bushes; both L&R front/upper ball joints, L&R Sway Bars, both front wheel bearings and diff oil were replaced less than 5k ago and in the past couple of days, I had the transmission serviced and the driveshaft repaired and balanced. This seems to have somewhat very slightly (barely at all) helped the issue but it's still extremely noticable and uncomfortable while driving. TIA
  10. My diff is a little sad and I'm looking for another one. Do any other models (au, ba etc.) Fit in the fg xr6? Thanks
  11. Anyone had diff mount bolts fail? Not the centre bolt but the side? Would it be easier to drop the cradle or the fuel tank to replace?
  12. Hey guys I've converted my BA XR6 turbo form a 4 speed to a 6 speed manual and it goes great mid range 3,500rpm to high making 300rwkw. It feels VERY sluggish down low before boost hits not because of a mechanical problem or anything like that it just seams not as responsive or jumpy off the line and I'm thinking this could be dew to the STOCK BA 4 speed turbo diff gears being a 3.45 and the 6 speed being a 3.73. It wheel spins like a boss off the line or bogs down can not find an in-between (may be dew to my driving but still feels like the car is asleep down low in normal driving) Thoughts on diff gears to waken the thing up a bit or any other ideas? I've read the other threads but nothing really specific to my situation.
  13. Hey Guys, I have a Ba Falcon Ute and whenever I take off from lights or turn slowly I hear two dull creaks about half a second apart, I believe its coming from under the vehicle or from the rear... feels like the ute is getting pulled apart?? Any ideas what It might be? Thanks
  14. I just got the Ba 2004 xr6 t auto second hand , with a noise in the diff , , I need to know if I can get a kit to fix it , or do I have to get full center ,, where and about how much will this cost me , Also any tips on on service , as this is my first turbo car and have always serviced and repaired my own cars ,
  15. G'day, I've been getting the occasional clunk or thump from the back end of the car when I let off the accelerator. It's most noticeable in stop start traffic or when you let up from giving it a boot full. From what I've read on this excellent forum I came to suspect it was something to do with a split diff bushing so I had a peak under the car and sure enough it looks like a split bushing (attached photo). Any ideas how much that might cost to fix and is it worth staying with the OEM bushing given that I don't really drive it too hard most of the time and it's a stock auto or should I look at something aftermarket? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Joe
  16. I was googling diff hat upgrades and came across this. Has anyone given it a go? http://www.independentmotorsports.com.au/ford-tuning-2/ba-bf-fg-diff-hat-upgrade-kit/
  17. hello all I know this is xr6 forums and I do own a xr6t but.... this problem lies with my work ute/ other hoon car its a Expensive Daewoo vy v6 manual ute that ive owned for about 5 years now its got the suspension, brakes done, racing clutch light flywheel lsd diff center with 3.9 gears (I think its really low anyway) cam and zorst and...... list go on and on anyways it went from nice doubles (185 55 15 tyres on the rears) to single leggers with in about a month, is there any cheap way to fix this problem can it be adjusted or fixed and if so were a good shop that can fix it up in townsville I can put up with the poor performance of the shiv house Expensive Daewoo motor as long as everything else works good and it drift nicely, now its just unbearable extra gay and embarrassing need help quick , want it fixed before the wet seasons over
  18. Hi, Looks like a lot of people having the problems was having until now after just going back and back until they here'd what I was hearing and feeling. If anyone has some info. I might need please feel free to as I'm get a little confused with it all. I dropped my FG XR6T 2012 30k km of at ford service to have them look into some clunk creeks and vibration I've notice, they have had it for 3 days and Im picking it up today. So far they have told me that they have done a wheel alignment, check and tighten the handbrake and machined the disk but I'll have to go back in 1.5 to 2 weeks as they have ordered in from Melbourne and new tailsharft and diff bushes. All under warranty as I paid for the hand break and alignment last time I dropped the car of. So what do I need to know when I pick up the car today. And is there something I sould get them to check or do when I take it back to get the tailsharft and bushes done? Also so can someone tell me how many diff bushes there are? Thanks
  19. Hey guys. I have a ba xr6 turbo. I have recently installed a new LSD diff woith 411 diff gears. At the same time I installed nolathane diff bushes. They have last around 3 months. I am wondering if I should change back to genuine diff bushes but even then they dont last long. Does anyone know any better diff bushes and what do people run. Cheers
  20. so I heard this "wuring" sound when the when makes a full revolution at walking pace, thought warranty is almost up best get it looked at. the guys at ford thought it might be a bearing that has collapsed. I get a phone call saying the axel is bent...... I ask how as the heaviest thing ive put in there is my cricket gear. I asked if it would of caused any damage to the diff, and to my delight they have ordered a whole new diff and rear end for my ute. so boys if you hear something strange, get it looked at!!!!!! XR6 Turbo 2010
  21. hey guys just wondering if I wanna change my diff in my g6e turbo to lsd wat would have to be done to put it in from a fg xr6 turbo into a g6e turbo ? and would it fit if its a fg xr6 turbo ute? thanks
  22. Howdy Guys! I have been living with one hell of a shuddering problem that comes from the ass end of my T5 packing 2003 BA XR6T when I am releasing the clutch. I changed the diff bush and had no real improvement. I have been driving with it for a few years now but I am finally in the place to spend a bit of money on her and fix her up. I am pretty sure it is a clutch issue, and I have a sneaking suspision that the previous owner installed a new clutch (possibly some sort of a button clutch) that rather than feather, has the old on/off approach. So the shuddering would be coming from the buttons skipping across the fly wheel partially engaging. The shudder is only there when I am taking off but yeah, it can be quite violent if I dont time the release right. I know the old BA's have a bit of a problem with diff shudder but I am hoping to change the clutch and perhaps the fly wheel to alleviate this bastard of a problem. Does this sound like a valid theory? Anyone know of any good clutches for city driving that doesnt make my drive train suffer so badly? Anywhere decent in Perth that actually knows how to work on a car? Thanks for any input!
  23. Hey all, I need some help please??? Im going to get my car on the dyno and tuned and ive heard that after its done my original gear box will eventually die :( Because of how much more power the car will get. So do u guys think ill need new gearbox or can I keep my original one? its a 2004 ba and I want the zf gear box from the bf.. Any suggestions would be greatful . Also one more thing I need to get my diff bush fixed has anyone else had the same problem? I went to ford and thet want $650 supply and fitted or $65 for the part.. All im paying for is labour so if anyone knows someone who does it cheaper please tell me .. Im in the campbelltown area. Thanks heaps Brendon
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