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Found 5 results

  1. hello all so my now that ive had my xr tuned up, affected my warranty, now the problems start to flood in!! 2 years stock,3 months with 300kw now its gotta desont list of problems turbo manifold bolt broken 858.00 timing cover oil leak 1381.12 replace rear dif mounts/ bushes, diff reseal and replace left hand rear diff out put seal 1605.31 turbo leaking oil 82.50 front brake pads 236.04 total $4162.97 my plan is to go em for warranty I haven't touched the turbo or the manifold or the timing cover , I have increased power so I might leave out the diff and the bushes wont be covered anyway and ill do the brakes my self .ill get Aitkenvale auto and dyno to do the rest they said itll be about 800-1000 to do the diff so what does everyone think of the prices they quoted I think its very expencive and could some one please tag a link on hear so I can have a look at whats involved in resealin the timing belt cover thanks you help is appreciated
  2. Hi, Looks like a lot of people having the problems was having until now after just going back and back until they here'd what I was hearing and feeling. If anyone has some info. I might need please feel free to as I'm get a little confused with it all. I dropped my FG XR6T 2012 30k km of at ford service to have them look into some clunk creeks and vibration I've notice, they have had it for 3 days and Im picking it up today. So far they have told me that they have done a wheel alignment, check and tighten the handbrake and machined the disk but I'll have to go back in 1.5 to 2 weeks as they have ordered in from Melbourne and new tailsharft and diff bushes. All under warranty as I paid for the hand break and alignment last time I dropped the car of. So what do I need to know when I pick up the car today. And is there something I sould get them to check or do when I take it back to get the tailsharft and bushes done? Also so can someone tell me how many diff bushes there are? Thanks
  3. Hi All, Sunday morning brought the nasty sound of a bearing / shaft failure on my 6 month old F6's turbo (at 10,200km) :( In hindsight we suspect it was probably a little louder than 'normal' for a couple of minutes after datrtup the previous couple of days. Now this one has always been louder (induction wise) than the last FG (don't ask why there's a 2nd, unless you want to see a pic of the results of steering rack failure on a month old car...) but not excessively so. Into the local dealer on Monday to let em know & get a warranty repair organised. "We will have to diagnose it first" So, "yes, you have a turbo failure, we think excessive end float & the rotor has gone into the housing." O.K. SO. What I need to know is: What other damage should I be concerned about here. At this stage , I believe they have ordered a turbo, gaskets, lines & filter as replacement parts..... If its on the exhaust side I am presuming that it could have thrown fragments of a blade down into the cat, which would basically destroy it. If its on the compressor side, & we have metal dust going down the intake, what should I be asking them to do about it ? I am concerned that this is all to easy to say "She'll be right" & for them to not worry about the long term consequences of a handful of metal filings having gone through the intake ? Any suggestions as to the path to take here ? Thanks
  4. My FG XR6T has been having clutch issues for some time. It is now slipping but ford have indicated that it is wear and tear.............. I suspect that the clutch slave cylinder has been faulty, and has cuased the clutch to slip. At times the pedal has stuck down for a few seconds, resaulting in the pedal hitting me in the bottom of the foot. Any one else had issues with slow pedal relaes?
  5. Hi Everyone, I have a BF MK II XR6 Turbo that has been sitting in a Ford dealers yard in Melbourne for a year. The turbo blew causing the engine to go and it was 100 km under the extended warranty km limit. Because the last service was done interstate and they didn't stamp the book, the dealer has refused to fix it under warranty and as I have cancer I cant afford to pay the $7000 they want to charge me to fix it. Today they told me they will buy it for $3000 or they will report it to the police as a dumped car and have it removed. I cant afford to take them to VCAT to try to have this resolved and my illness makes me unfit to fight it out with them either. This car was my pride and joy I saved a long time to buy it from a dealer I has used many times before over the years and as much as I am mad as hell that they wont fix it, I need to get it repaired as I may have to sell it to pay for my next round of cancer treatment. Does anyone have any ideas on how I might resolve this or any ideas on how I could get it running again for less than the $7000 they are quoting me. I hate the thought of having to sell my beloved car but I may have no choice and selling it running is obviously going to be a better option. Thanks in advance for your help.Oh and I have been a member for a long time but I cant remember my user details so I just used my Facebook to get in here to ask. My 2 girls told me to get on here and ask, thank god for teens and Facebook I say lol. Thank you for any ideas you have to help me sort this out.
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