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Found 1 result

  1. Howdy Guys! I have been living with one hell of a shuddering problem that comes from the ass end of my T5 packing 2003 BA XR6T when I am releasing the clutch. I changed the diff bush and had no real improvement. I have been driving with it for a few years now but I am finally in the place to spend a bit of money on her and fix her up. I am pretty sure it is a clutch issue, and I have a sneaking suspision that the previous owner installed a new clutch (possibly some sort of a button clutch) that rather than feather, has the old on/off approach. So the shuddering would be coming from the buttons skipping across the fly wheel partially engaging. The shudder is only there when I am taking off but yeah, it can be quite violent if I dont time the release right. I know the old BA's have a bit of a problem with diff shudder but I am hoping to change the clutch and perhaps the fly wheel to alleviate this bastard of a problem. Does this sound like a valid theory? Anyone know of any good clutches for city driving that doesnt make my drive train suffer so badly? Anywhere decent in Perth that actually knows how to work on a car? Thanks for any input!
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