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Found 12 results

  1. It's a very long story so I'm going to try and keep it as short as I possibly can. Last week I had an Antz Performance turbo side induction and battery relocation kit installed in my 2011 FG XR6 Turbo ute, before this kit was installed I had absolutely no problems with my turbo, no problems with boost, the boost has never been altered from factory settings, everything ran as it should. Anyway, I had a professional mechanic who I have been going to for the past couple of years install the kit for me, whenever it comes to anything like the engine or the turbo I always let the professionals handle it. Anyway, the installation went seamlessly, the only thing of note that the mechanic did point out was that the factory intercooler piping was a bastard to work around, but everything eventually fit as it should. One problem he did however notice was that the car was no longer boosting as it should, there were times where you could get it up to 2 or 3 PSI and it would hold, but then drop back to 0 immediately, other times it wouldn't boost at all. I have checked every single inch of piping and tubing coming out of that turbo that leads anywhere, and I have not been able to find a single crack or misfitting part, the old blow off valve port has been blocked off correctly, for all intents and purposes the job was done as it should have been done. I have spoken to the manufacturer, Antz Performance, and they swear that they have never had an issue like this with any of their parts and that it almost certainly would have to be a boost leak somewhere, but as I have said, I have checked all of that and being able to find nothing at all. Some people on other forums have said that it's more than likely that I now probably need a new wastegate, I run that passed the manufacturer and they said that if I was running stock boost there was absolutely no way that I needed a new wastegate simply by adding a turbo side induction kit. Honestly, I don't know what to do here, can anyone possibly give me any leads on what I might be able to do or on what the issue maybe? Anything would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi guys I have an fg xr6 turbo making 430hp at the wheels I have a new turbo back exhaust for the car and I'm wondering if the car will need a new tune even though its been tuned before.
  3. Anyone had diff mount bolts fail? Not the centre bolt but the side? Would it be easier to drop the cradle or the fuel tank to replace?
  4. Damp evening + crappy road + my lead food & poor judgement = a new friend out of a chain link fence. So the bumpers cosmetically ruined, bonnets dinged in a bit, headlight is covered in scratches however not broken, a few scratches on the quarter panel & there's a newly installed leaf blower under the hood stealing all my boost. From the looks of it the piping is all mangled up but the bottom of the intercooler is also dinted up a little bit. Now I always wanted an F6 bumper and since one headlight already wants replacing I figured ill just get 2 new F6 (same as g6) ones. There are fibreglass F6 bumpers for $310 raw on ebay. QUESTIONS: Anyone experienced these bumpers? They any good? Where else should I look? Whats a paint job roughly gonna cost? Do F6 & xr & G6 all have the same fog lights? I may get a chance to pull it apart and get a closer look friday night, otherwise not till sunday. QUESTIONS: Driving with a big air leak shouldn't be a problem should it? its blowing out extra air rather than sucking in dirt so I should be right to drive the 10min to & from work? Now if there's no actual hole torn in the intercooler it should be just fine to leave in there? just slightly less efficient? If not I might pony up for a PW Stage 2 Ill go see a panel beater about fixing the bonnet, not interested in an xr8 one. I might vinyl wrap the bonnet & the roof as it gets covered in bird crap every day at work atm rather than repainting the bonnet. If I'm lucky I think the quarter panel marks may buff out.
  5. WPN270

    In The 400 Club

    after a year of searching for the answer to the issues I had in the FG XR6T and a change of workshops, I have finally joined the 400 club. what was supposed to be a fairly normal test session at Sydney Dragway after a retune and fuel system upgrade, turned out to be a long journey. the fg nosed over at 330ft and lost all power. after packing up, I started it up and got a death rattle that sounded like an old state transit train. thinking it was finally the end of the 3576 turbo (had a great run over the 3 years, 335rwkw on 98 and 373rwkw on Powerplus E85) boy was I wrong. 11 weeks (a delay in transport, a break in and a hospital trip) I finally picked up my car today. Justin at Blacktrack Performance in Cardiff, has transformed the FG into an absolute weapon. The turbo was upgraded to a GT35/82R, we also added a Gibson Chromemoly HD tailshaft, and the cause of the death rattle..... one stuffed flexplate. so we added a Nizpro HD upgraded plate and ARP bolts. the result. First run on E-flex was a staunch 466.3rwkw. considering the Fg is also my S/ST drag car (11.00 to 12.99 class) I had the tune reduced to 438rwkw and another flex for a Mrs tune at 396rwkw. the change is unbelievable, driving back to Sydney (with the occasional squirt) the fuel economy was below 9.2l/100km (best I ever got was a 12.2 and that was stock) yet smash the pedal, and even im trying to climb out of the boot lol. so mods done are: wlabro 460l E85 pump and larger cradle 1000d injectors Gibson HD 900hp tailshaft Nizpro HD flexplate Plazmaman HD valve springs GT35/82R turbo, flapper mod and 12psi actuator Xforce 4 inch dump, 5 inch cat and 3 1/2 inch catback Rapid Systems V2 intercooler, piping and battery relocation. next step is to test the tune and see where abouts in the10's we are. cheers
  6. hello all , after a long road ive just got the first tune on my xr complete so far its made 395.5rwkw on 98 with a easy tune running 18psi next step is to switch up to barrel e85 change the fuel reg and fuel rail and go for 430-450rwkw and go for a mid 10 pass so far the car had ran a 11.8 @ 116mph (322kw) with the baby turbo with out cams or oil pump or fuel system I raced it and ran the 11.8 only to drive back to Townsville and the stock turbo let go as we got home (thank god mackay is 4hrs away) so I race out and brought a gtx3582r and bolted it on took my rear housing to mtq and got it ported and bolted it all back together, drove it over to tms (about 1klm down the road) for a quick touch up tune to make it driveable before upgrading the fuel system to suit the bigger turbo mtq stuffed up the mod and didn't install a large enough flapper and the tuner was unable to control the boost below 18psi and that's way to much air for the stock fuel system to cope with so I drove it about like a diesel only reving it to 3500rpm for like a month till I had the money to start the next round of mods about a week before it was booked into start the mods my missus rang me up and said its making a bad noise when it revs about 2000rpm, I told her to drop it over to tms straight up and see what they think turns out the cam chain guides and tensioner are fok'd. than im told that to get to the bolts for the guides you need to drop the sump :/ so I ended up getting it fixed and while its all apart I got the tbre oil pump with billet gears and a set of tbre stage 1 cams, along with a plasmaman surge tank with twin 044s (only running one atm with 98 tune) and a retune after a bit of trial and error the tune is good making good power with a lumpy idle ( cams ended up being much more aggressive than first thort) its been a rough ride getting it to this stage but its all done properly with just about every surport mod I could do to keep it safe at this level basically the only thing left to do is to build the motor and go a new turbo set up with boost 6 manifold mods so far include rapid systems intercooler and piping turbo side intake with relocated battery to oppersite side 4inch exhaust turbo back 1000cc id injectors 38mm turbosmart bov gtx3582R turbo with mod'ed gate tbre oil pump tbre stage 1 cams (apparently equivalent to atomic stage 4) plasmaman surge with twin 044 all wired up for both only running 1 atm new oil line with filter for the turbo xcal 3 adjustable suspension molly tale shaft built about 5 times by hardy spicer cause there spaz and couldnt get it right for some reason nizpro build zf stage 2.5 with billet intermediate shaft good for about 600kw ( cost lots!) mt 275 street radials hoping for 10.9 with 98 and mid 10 with e85 wish list for the future tbre built motor good for 1000hp + boost 6 turbo manifold twin external gates gtx45 turbo at least a 9.9 sec pass but im waiting for e85 to be at the pump before I get a built motor this not sure if I have to do the fuel rail to run e85 if I should go a gtx 45 turbo or a gtx 42 what 1000cc id injectors max out at and whats the next size injector I should run to go 600-700kw if I should get the crank done when I build the motor what the go is with the destroker kits and if its worth it any help would be great
  7. Hey guys, So I bought my manual FG xr6t second hand and it came with two keys.. Heres the weird thing, I grabbed the key I dont usually use to drive to the gym as it doesnt have all the house keys on it and its easier to carry, as soon as I hit the road I noticed that there was a S in a circle at the top of the digi part of the cluster. Never seen that before, and all my setting for which details such as range, digital speed etc were different. I figured it would go away when I start the car again, so after the gym I checked and it was stil there... When I go home I grabbed my usual key and the S was gone and all my settings were as usual.... whats the go? is it as simple as the second key is coded as the 'S'pare? Joe
  8. Hey guys, At 70k, I find my clutch is getting very lazy and the friction point is pretty much at the very top of the pedals pivot now, even slipped pretty hard with a second gear clutch kick. Im not chasing big power, probably won't even get an edit, but I do like to give the car/clutch a hard time with some fun so I don't think another stock clutch will do. So I'm looking to hear what you guys are running in your manual Fg 6 speed manuals. What kind of power you making, what kind of clutch have you got and its power rating and what you spent on it if you guys don't mind? Joe.
  9. Im getting a custom exhaust done for my sedan FG xr6t. getting a 4" dump into 3.5" man bent exhaust into twin 3" tips. Just curious to know would I be able to get away with not tuning my car to the new exhaust until I get a few other minor upgrades done?(dont know a hell of alot about tuning and that) or would I need to get it tuned fairly quickly? any does anyone know somewhere in brisbane/redland shire area I could get tuned? Thank you
  10. just thinking about upgrading to some bf f6 brembos and wondering if they fit a fg turbo aswell , as I will upgrade most likely mid-late next year I already have fg f6 rims so they will be transfered to the new car so clearance is no issue thanks
  11. Hey guys, I recently had my car run up on the dyno to check the power level and was quite suprised at the result.... The car is an FG XR6T 6spd auto with Rapid Systems intake pipe and XR8 airbox as the only mods, which are both proven to add little to no power. 256rwkw at 9.5psi in 3rd gear on Graham West Dyno in Adelaide. Brett was very shocked at the result and said that most FG's that he gets through make around 220.... He also went as far to say that he thought the car was tuned, as he said that tuned FG's are only putting out between 260 and 270 on his dyno. AFR's were 13 coming on boost, 12 through most of the rev range and dropping to 11.5 at 5700rpm. The inlet temp was 31 degrees at 2260rpm rising to 50 degrees at 5580, which I assume would be expected with the standard cooler??! The concerning part for me is the injector duty cycle, as it hits 100% at 4300rpm and continues like that till redline. Is this an issue? It seems like an issue! Brett said it's ok providing I don't get a sh*t batch of fuel or something, and even then, it MAY not cause an issue... Cheers
  12. Hi guys - just got my hands on a Plazmaman Air Muffler replacement for my FG turbo. If I fit this will I need to get it re-tuned? or is it just a straight bolt on and off you go? Any advice?
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