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    Just bought a fridge/freezer - the epitome of cool stuff by definition
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    I never ring any performance, I want to look at the shop and talk to people face to face. I hate talking on the phone, gives me anxiety for some reason. I've spent probably 50+ solid hours going through everything on this forum. Too summarise- Change the air freshener = TUNE Apparently all size wheels fit on my FG No one listens to people with knowledge Fluffy is trump rich Site developer isn't human at all, it's a cute little hamster Puff is the cheapest person on the forum and likes to buy bulk bananas. There's 12,000 tuna's on here 85% of members are in their 40's Other 15% want to know how to dose it I could make this list go on forever haha
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    This is smashing it [emoji39]
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    Raise you with butt sprinkles
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    I'm hoping you could help me understand what the "+" and "-" mean?
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    My name ain't Cleetus McFarland lol
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    Next thing you'll be buying an electric car [emoji39]
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    Black and gold tuna? Yumm yumm
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    I see your butt sprinkles and raise you Body Sprinkles!!!!!
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    Can we get back to something serious and talk about how much safer single spinners are?
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    Have some fun today guys. Back to business as usual tomorrow with the thread Most of the good stuff is hidden in the bowels thread in the donating members section, which @I love kittens won't be able to see unless he tosses a couple bucks into the kitty (kitty - kittens - see what I did there?)
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    This forum needs moar rogercordia...
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    For your 17yo disabled nephew who just got off his L's and bought a 400kw Xr6T?
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    Clutch is broke so T56 Magnum, new Mal wood clutch, Quicktime SFI bell housing, new braided lines, new CSC, new short shifter. Should fix it.
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    Freakys so full of chit.... he loves j@ not me.... he’s just trying to not look like a ohhhhmmmoooo
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    ive been trying to marry fluff for years bloody jet got in the way first
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    fek the 044's - old and sh*t go the pierburg, whisper quiet.
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    Twin Walbro 460lph intank. Making it fit to the stock lid. New 1.15AR rear housing as well [emoji4]
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    After pulling the rest of the crank and cutting the filter I decided to pull the head and clean everything as I wasn’t happy with what I found. When I pulled the head I found that the pistons have touched the head probably from when the crank has let go at high rpm. Number 6 is the worst and has physically touched the others look to have just hit the carbon and left there mark. Can see the lathe marks from the piston in the head.
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    Can we please move this to the 1200kw section?
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    with supporting mods and on 98 approx 400 give or take a few rwkw either way
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