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  1. it's bad when you pay someone to do a job and they can't follow simple instructions, a little bit of Loctite could have saved him some money
  2. yes it will fit as they are both M86 diff's, the ration change may cause the car some issues unless it is corrected
  3. yes it is in BA and it does not actually measure torque but references a table which has adders and multipliers based on different conditions
  4. we have seen quite a few FG's break the rear exhaust stud in the manifold and put it down to the amount of run out in the manifold combined with the heat in that area
  5. By using PCMtec, we have been able to overcome the stall up issues that have been a problem since FG Mk2 and FGX turbo's
  6. there is way more than SCT which is more than HP, but we can not flash the TCM, but is going to be rectified very shortly. It was released to the public 3 or 4 weeks ago, but there is varying levels of software choice and the lower levels do not have the same coverage as the workshop level. At this stage it flashes direct to the ecu and takes 54-59 seconds to flash to the ecu, I'm sure it will take a little longer once it communicates with the tcm, but I believe that we will have the choice of flashing to it or not, just like we do with SCT and HP. Yes 3 credits per car, but the car can only leave the workshop with one tune installed, there is talk of some sort of flash device at a later date. The TCM temp thing seems to be a ZF thing so still may be an issue, time will tell.
  7. @ratter @rollex, I moved the thread here and renamed it - looks like a very promising contender/arrival/option for tuning the XR6T's moving forward. https://www.pcmtec.com/ Yep, they're finally here! With the release of PCMtec tuning software and the access to a lot more VCT tables, we were able to spend some time and see what was available as far as control allows. Mick has cracked how to control them at idle and has produced the first true Ghost cam on the Barra using a factory ECU. It's no where near finished but does show it is possible.
  8. it sounds more like a torque management issue, but would obviously require correct diagnosis to ensure it is
  9. That hose has only been readily available for a short time, before that there was no real choice but to use submersible intank hose
  10. many people love to bag out Atomic, some other companies claim to be as good as Atomic, but reality is, Atomic is the leader of performance parts for these engines, many others try to copy or match his product
  11. your opinion does matter, we want our customers to be happy with what we have done and the job to live up to their requirements.
  12. ratter

    Fg 428Rwkws

    the only time we see flash failures with SCT besides when battery voltage is low, is if the trans temp is up, by skipping TCM in the options it will not flash the ZF and no issues occur
  13. acceleration rates on the dyno should match the acceleration rate of the car on the road in a perfect world, mainline give the adjustability of KMH per second rather than a fixed rate based on engine type
  14. Engine number is on the right side of the block near the bell housing, engine number is normally the last part of the Vin number, pretty sure it's the valves, pistons and rods that are different internally
  15. may have missed it but is the car tuned?
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