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  1. There's a video on their YouTube or fb. Basically redrill holes to suit or just use the one that lines up.
  2. A bit late but I've put in for the cause.
  3. Thanks mate, right around the corner from me. Didn't know they did any performance stuff, thought they were more heavy diesel mechanics. Guess a phone call will tell.
  4. Yes and no k31th. Hard biting clutch, R888r tyres and all the mad awesome sounds, cams, turbo whistle and loud exhaust, pretty much impossible not to thrash it.
  5. That "Antz" kit looks like a Plazmaman rip off. I think the Process West airbox kit is the best designed and built setup with the belmouth from a 4" pipe to a 6" filter. Down to you budget or what you prefer really, they'll all be better than stock.
  6. Smashed the overtime over the last few weeks. Beers are going down real well tonight.
  7. Yes I know it's a turbo falcon site but Does anyone know of or can anyone recommend a good diesel tuning/mod workshop around Sydney? A mate had his N80 Hilux tuned at some small shop and a couple week's later the turbo dies. Probably cooked it running the extra boost. Also I'm looking at getting an N80 Hilux for work and that normal driving thing. The Falcon is just a bit too hard to drive sensibly in traffic. Cheers yer pelicans.
  8. Forum has its moments ya turkey How's your falcon? Or did you sell it to buy a Cessna?
  9. So who else has been enjoying the lack of traffic due to all the non essentials not going to work? 15 min is so much better than 45 min each way. Leaves time for a quiet one on Friday before taking off. Not so bad in my books.
  10. They aren't special clips. They are torque to snap ends, they pop off if you wiggle them with pliers etc then have normal hex ends from memory.
  11. Its a half decent car k31th, don't be silly. No biggie, probs saved me a few points lol.
  12. Got a mates car in the driveway till Saturday arvo. Wanted to drive the FG so went to move his car, dead battery. No probs, I've got a booster pack. Pop the bonnet, bonnet doesn't pop. Good thing I've got a heap of overtime lined up to keep busy tomorrow and sat.
  13. Got schmutz I'm my eye driving home. Docs pulled it out but can't drive home because magic drops in eye. Not a good start to the weekend.
  14. He's a special one that snotter. Lucky fùçkers missus even cooks.
  15. Started the yoot in loud mode 20 minutes ago. Told the neighbours I had to get tools out of the garage. Just wanted to hear overly loud barra with cams, didn't mention I'd let it idle for 10 min whilst I tried to look busy. And it's only Wednesday, good luck the rest of this week lol.
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