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  1. What wheel? If your lucky you might have enough room for a bolt removal socket. Worked for the Hilux. Also fark that tyre shop right off, useless lazy farkers, send them a bill for damages caused by incompetence. Karnts.
  2. Take it to a mechanic. Or maybe actually have a look under the thing and see if things are as they should be before starting pointless threads about it.
  3. Started to fix a combination of 2 things. 1, I got a new toolbox for the tray because dumb me didn't realise my existing toolbox would foul on the sports bar arms. 2, Mounted and wired a fuse box with relays and a seperate enclosed buss bar in the toolbox so it's ready to put in one weekend when I can be bothered. The new fuse box is for all the fuel pumps so I'll be able to remove the PW style loom that has already melted once. Will be mounting the battery and isolator switch in the right side of this box when I swap it in.
  4. Approximately 2 kebabs and one slab.
  5. That rear axle brace looks interesting. Part of their caltracs setup or an add-on?
  6. @k31th Admin has spoken plz delete.
  7. Hahahahahaha I know that feeling. Good reason to keep the thing for weekends.
  8. sh*t be fuhked, time for alcohols
  9. Had Caltex do the same to the local one a few years ago. Was a line of cms and autotech cars there every Friday arvo. They still changed it to e10.
  10. No gasket. Just sealant. Give it a decent bit of time to cure before driving it. The last thing you want is for it to leak after all that labour.
  11. Fine, could you move it to a more appropriate thread without mentioning any such doings?
  12. Use the search function @Keith Delete this plz

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