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  1. The Off Topic Thread.

    Vector W8 me likey.
  2. FG MK 1, 2 and FGX replacement ICC

    From in line with the unit and from drivers view. Slightly obstructing one of the gauges but not enough to need to make a new pod imo. Might shim the pods up with a few mm of PVC pipe though. Should have a warning light or alarm setup with the important ones anyway.
  3. FG MK 1, 2 and FGX replacement ICC

    I've got a gauge pod in the shed. Will fit it and get a few pics so you can see how they'll sit. Will post it up some time tonight.
  4. The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread..anything Goes!

    Fair enough it's a double demerit weekend but FFS, I've been pulled up for 6 rbts today and have only driven for 45 minutes. Overkill man.
  5. FG MK 1, 2 and FGX replacement ICC

    So generally happy with the unit? Yes, screen visibility isn't great with sun on it. Does it look decent or stick out like a sore thumb? Looks average Tried any playstore apps? Yes, works like a normal tablet Something you'd recommend? Yes Did you get the apple/android integration with it? Yes, don't bother. They supply an add on dongle that plugs into the USB cable. The unit already has 2 USB cables, I'm sure that eBay would have a cheaper one. You can use a different launcher aswell, the stock one is a disgrace. I'm using "car launcher AGAMA" which is pretty good, very customisable.
  6. FG MK 1, 2 and FGX replacement ICC

    Also yes their boot screen is a pos. @k31th can you hack it plz, make it a ford logo you mad dawg.
  7. FG MK 1, 2 and FGX replacement ICC

    Went for a cruise this arvo. So you have to key it on before the Kayhan ICC works, no probs. Factory you didn't but meh. It connects to phones wifi & Bluetooth etc but when you start the car it restarts so has to reboot once your getting out the driveway. Asides from that it's pretty responsive, would not compare it to a late tablet for speed or screen quality but a bit upgrade from stock that's for sure. Sound seems to need a few more digits to seem loud but putting system in soonish so not fussed. Also yes it plays the prons.
  8. The Off Topic Thread.

    Got to take a mates ranger raptor for a run today. Actually a bloody great setup. Powers obviously lacking but the rest is brilliant. Rear end suspension is a massive upgrade over the normal ranger, miles ahead for off road stuff. Had a real positive feel compared to the leafs even on the road. Want one, with a Barra. Would be mad.
  9. FG MK 1, 2 and FGX replacement ICC

    No but I'll look it up, sounds good. Hoping they sus out how to patch into the factory Bluetooth mic, the aftermarket ones don't look great.
  10. FG MK 1, 2 and FGX replacement ICC

    Mine arrived yesterday. Did a dumb and didn't push the rear socket in properly. So I only got it going today. If anyone gets one you really need to lean into it to get it to seat properly. Asides from that it's a little fiddly to get it to sit right. They have just put some new videos up saying to redrill the factory side brackets. This is to allow some clearance for the power socket at the rear of the cd player. Pics not great and it's not bolted in yet but seems pretty decent so far.
  11. Fg Offsets And Tyre Questions

    Good thing I don't give a fark hey
  12. Fg Offsets And Tyre Questions

    Rota P45R2 fronts and P45R3 rears do, might not fit the car though cos fat. Cheap as though.
  13. The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread..anything Goes!

    Not daily so kinda usefully. Its from Mack 247.

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