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  1. Working too much then lost more points so I put the ute away for a bit lol. Got a new clutch coming next week then its game time.
  2. Been a minute, what'd I miss ya pelicans?
  3. Still wrenching and tuning I see. Good stuff ya bellend 👍
  4. Well@k31th if you'd rather we could call it a remote felching tube
  5. Stock is single. Never seen a dual mass on a falcon.
  6. Got the Hilux jacked up and the front wheels of to fit a Prado 150 series brake upgrade. Get the parts out, rotors cleaned etc, open the caliper boxes, they sent one 150 series caliper and one 120 series. Carnts, the 120 has a 28mm thick rotor, 150 has a 32mm. The thing doesn't even fit over the caliper with pads on lol. Useless pricks sending the wrong parts.
  7. Ordered some Prado 150 calipers, rotors and pads for the Hilux. Turns out they're a straight swap, just have to drill the caliper mounting holes from 12mm to 14mm. Pads are a heap bigger and it'll go from a 319mm rotor to 338mm. Cheapest big brake kit ever, under 1k haha
  8. Come on@k31th, get the f6 going. Or do a skid. Plz
  9. If you can, go the 6 speed first. It's a lot of mucking around and work just going from 5 to 6 speed. Do it once, save the work in the long run.
  10. Weekend off work, yew yew yew. Rather different since the lockdown stuff started. Gonna get the Ute freshened up and serviced for the new clutch that should have gone in a over year ago. Keen as. Lol did@k31th break the forum again?
  11. I can appreciate the questions but they're parts that fit in the category of if you have to ask you shouldn't do it yourself. Bad wiring = fire Bad fuel lines = fire Fire = dead
  12. It will make over 400 on 98, will be a very quick car with the ZF. How long the ZF lasts though, that's a different story.
  13. CMS will do the ZF build that you're after. They're in Prestons. Joe and the guys there do some top notch work.
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