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  1. FG MK 1, 2 and FGX replacement ICC

    No but I'll look it up, sounds good. Hoping they sus out how to patch into the factory Bluetooth mic, the aftermarket ones don't look great.
  2. FG MK 1, 2 and FGX replacement ICC

    Mine arrived yesterday. Did a dumb and didn't push the rear socket in properly. So I only got it going today. If anyone gets one you really need to lean into it to get it to seat properly. Asides from that it's a little fiddly to get it to sit right. They have just put some new videos up saying to redrill the factory side brackets. This is to allow some clearance for the power socket at the rear of the cd player. Pics not great and it's not bolted in yet but seems pretty decent so far.
  3. Fg Offsets And Tyre Questions

    Good thing I don't give a fark hey
  4. Fg Offsets And Tyre Questions

    Rota P45R2 fronts and P45R3 rears do, might not fit the car though cos fat. Cheap as though.
  5. The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread..anything Goes!

    Not daily so kinda usefully. Its from Mack 247.
  6. The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread..anything Goes!

    The good -> wasn't brake fluid The bad -> fpr gauge pissed its guts out. Only gauge fluid not fuel but farken peice of chit.
  7. The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread..anything Goes!

    Pulled the ute into the driveway to fix the farked window regs and switch. Did that, sweet as. Then notice a big ol oily puddle where it was in the garage, turns out its brake fluid next from the front left. Guessing the hardline to flex line flare is shagged and the chassis rail paint along the drip line. Looks like it's night shift mechanic tomorrow aswell [emoji2361]
  8. They're chit. Don't get one. Cheers.
  9. K13Th's Car

    Ute has tow bar. Will drive down to assist and tow racecar with raceute for Rab if bids are successful. Cheers.
  10. Give race brakes Sydney a call. Matt can have the correct brackets made up.
  11. FG MK 1, 2 and FGX replacement ICC

    Not a fan of the branding on it or the lack of 5.1 outputs. Will be looking into some kind of sound upgrade soon so it's a bummer but the fact that it's a "factory" looking/compatible upgrade has sold me.
  12. The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread..anything Goes!

    Power windows decided to pop the fuse on the way home tonight. Had a spare in the panel luckily but the regs sounded shot for a year or so. $250 for new regs and switches to fix it, yay............ Then when they show up fitting them will be average at best cos door trims off.
  13. FG MK 1, 2 and FGX replacement ICC

    No FB mate, will ring the bloke on Monday.
  14. FG MK 1, 2 and FGX replacement ICC

    I'm expecting my unit to show up early next week. Didn't ask about the obd connection when I ordered it as I was going to use a top mounted gauge pod. Did you end up getting an answer from him? They have recently put up pics of it with top mounted gauges and it doesn't look right, screen sits too high to clearly see them. It would be great if they could be incorporated into the system.

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