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  1. Go FG with tr6060. All the motors are 90% the same but the fg tr6060 is a bit bigger. You should be able to get the factory FG ECU unlocked to run it but getting the Speedo/ABS to work as you want would be fun. I'd go with a haltech but that would be costly.
  2. There's braket kits out there that'll do it. More thinking about doing it legally if that's even possible.
  3. I know it's been asked and it's pretty much illegal. Race seats or similar in an FG, doable? Stock is bloody terrible with the crap foams and f all support.
  4. Gave it a drive for the first time in two months. Still goes like a cut snake. Needs some tlc though, front bumper is droopy as. Kinda tempted to go FG2 front. Mirror plastics and b pillars look due for replacement too. FG problems.
  5. Superpro have them with their bushes. Better than stock.
  6. The NRL What a disgrace Refs ruining a great final. Bloody pissweak.
  7. This is common with aftermarket tail shafts. Well it was a few years back. Generally the uni joints vibrate more than the CV joint on the factory shaft. The new shaft you have also does not have the factory doughnut damper/bush so it will transfer more noise and vibration. Depending on the height of the ute you may have to add some spacers to lower the center bearing and align the shaft to have less angle between the uni joints.
  8. LOL Tighten till it gives then a ¼ turn back and leave it for the next bloke hahaha Make a self tapping bolt and use a copper washer around it. That will work and seal.
  9. Nope. Looked the same as that non xr pic less the spacer plate.
  10. I didn't replace them. Removed them and the steel saddle brackets completely. Then drilled our a peice of round stock to fill the gap where the bush would have been between the leaf bolt and hole in the axle housing plate.
  11. Guessing his is second hand. Yours are normal and the same as my Ute was. His have had the "helper" or "overload" leaf removed and the steel plate added to take up the slack between where the leaf was. Removing the bushes was the best thing I did for tightening the rear end. If anything it will add noise which should help isolate the issue if that wasn't it.
  12. Ideally you want to do what the non xr has. The bushes flog out so quickly. The only issue you'll have is if you remove the metal saddle setup and bushes you'll have trouble lining the diff up as the bush is what centers the diff on the leaf.
  13. Educate yourself on wheel offsets then come back. Look at will they fit. It isn't hard.

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