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  1. The tr6060 is slightly beefier looking but mounts up the same. They're spot on about the bell housing. Keep the fg one if you want the option of using an fg clutch down the track. $$$ may be cheaper, or you might want the bigger flywheel one day. The shifters are basically the same and are swappable. The only difference is the b series bolts from shifter to stick go front to back where as the fg is left to right. Either way the shift stick/knob itself sits in the same spot.
  2. Anyone wanna sponsor me to put a Ford Racing 572 in my Ute? Wonder if it'll fit lol.
  3. The boys is pretty funny. Nice and messed up like hero sh*t really would be lol
  4. Magnum/GM shaft is a 1k job. + new gear and bearings if the rest hasn't been smashed by loose metal shards.
  5. CMS wont cheap out parts unless you instuct them to. Also I use mamba eBay special stud sets and they're fine.
  6. *Magnums are near indestructible. TR6060 will be stronger than the t56 but notchier between shifts. If it's not a daily maybe look into a faceplated gear set. Not cheap but will take a bit more than the syncroed gears.
  7. Add Korn's new track to the list. Awesome. Pretty happy with slipknot making a comeback.
  8. Get better wheels please, they're rubbish. Also get better offsets. Cheers.
  9. Stud or nut dude? Either way WD40 or something for a few hours then a spanner or vice grips and patience. If that fails, heat then a spanner or vice grips and more patience. Several beers helps
  10. Haven't gotten to it yet, haven't had enough time for it and I don't think it'll be anytime soon.
  11. I like the new Hilux, goes well, good economy. Feel sorry for my neighbours though the FG is gonna get some proper abuse this weekend. Can't have it sitting around for no reason lol
  12. Yep best of the best in my opinion. Not cheap though.

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