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    Oh yea, shall be interesting.
  2. Still a decent response though, unlike that cùnt from yesterday.
  3. That's excellent. Very well packaged bit of kit for retaining the stock rail.
  4. Used garrett gen1 gtx3582 supercore. Doesn't look pretty but has no issues. Always had a filter in the oil line. Needs a new npt barb because I used the one that was in it. Make an offer or I'll happily exchange for a few cases. Not posting it but may meet somewhere half way. Located in western Sydney.


    That is what I reckon. Turbosmart sell it as an xr6 turbo item and people go slap them in not even bench testing it to set the preload properly. Standard job gets standard result.
  6. Now that you mention it it is.


    Leave it for your mechanic.
  8. Not his best but different from most other stuff.
  9. Chris lillees new show. Faaaarrrrk so hard to watch But soooo funny. sh*t


    Adjust the preload. If that doesn't drop it enough change the spring to a lower rated one. Chances are it's a 12psi unit which has a 5 and 7 psi spring in it.
  11. Who wants a cheap gtx3582 supercore? Pm me, would rather not post it.
  12. Got the ute together. Turns out if you weld a 90* on the outlet of a gtx3582 g2 it sounds like a t51. Awesome. Cold start and that spool at idle, unreal.
  13. Had a pretty productive day. @Camo86T is a bloody legend. Got the new turbo front cover and hot side pipe welded up with plazmaclamp flanges. Got home, pulled the old turbo out, the manifold, dump and all the studs. Made a mess getting the heat wrap off which pretty much crumbled. New exhaust gaskets and studs, new turbo gasket and studs, fitted the new dump studs. Fitted a new turbosmart actuator, 14 Psi spring, set the preload and bolted it up. Will bolt the dump in tomorrow and top the coolant up. Will give it a week or so before wrapping the manifold again to make sure the nuts are tight after a few heat cycles.
  14. That plug isn't seated properly. It will go in further. Gotta push it stupid hard and fast.

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