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  1. Header delete radiator cap

    Need a 20psi cap for that position as it's on the hot side. What housing did you use, looks neat as. Much nicer than my bodged old one.
  2. The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread..anything Goes!

    The one bit of silicone hose left in my utes cooler piping went pop this morning. Might be time to get the comp cover welded up with a 90* bend on top.
  3. The Off Topic Thread.

    Can someone make a mad alloy tray already. Over the tub.
  4. FG Oil Cooler Kits

    Add it up, the pwr kit is not that expensive. A decent cooler is $300+, lines and fitting will easily be $200+, thermostatic sandwich plates are about $150. Then add brackets, wiring, thermo switch and a relay or controller. I had one in before redoing my cooler piping and it was $800 odd once finished.
  5. G6E Comfort ride with Stance

    Love it man, sweet setup.
  6. What exhaust to run on FPV F6E

    Their clamps are a joke, needs Cummins replacements to hold together.
  7. G6E Comfort ride with Stance

    Nice tray man. Got a headboard for it? Would look great with a headboard/bar.

    Lol carnt Power level? Driving style? Budget? They'll help narrow it down.
  9. Except netflix, YouTube goes alright though.
  10. Had the utes battery disconnected for a week or so because I pinched it for something else temporarily. Now have ac issues with the Kayhan unit, have a factory dual zone setup but now the passenger temp buttons are the fan buttons and only the driver's temp buttons work. Fan buttons do nothing. Can't see how disconnecting the battery would cause this. Will see what's going on this weekend as changing the setting have done nothing.
  11. Catch can setup

    The idea of a vented can is to relieve any pressure build up, of the lines are decently sized you'll have no chance of blowing out seals. It's when stock sized lines are used with high powered motors that you'll have issues. Like arronm said theres alot of info around here on them.
  12. The Off Topic Thread.

    Have been planning to get a 4x4 space cab ute, setting it up with a decent tray for work and get aways as the FG is to race spec for that now, also wanted to spend a bit on work related stuff for tax. Have a word with the boss man, decides he should spend a bit of company money before Xmas and get 2 new setup utes. Going ute shopping tomorrow, weeee.
  13. The Off Topic Thread.

    Vector W8 me likey.

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