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  1. Well aint that just a bit fancy. That steerign wheel is something else. I thought I'd gone far enough, this is next level Good to see its still aorund.

    My Build

    Loving the work as always mate, looking great. All that steel braid though, would have been so many cuts and pricks lol. Its bastard stuff to work with. Pushlock hose 4TW haha
  3. $500 and it's yours.
  4. Yea, you'll get used to rinsing the wheels after most trips lol Best stoppers I've used though.
  5. Over 1200nm stock Would be mental after a tune.
  6. Test drove a Silverado 2500 midnight edition. Everything else is sh*t now. That 6.6L duramax is unreal.
  7. LOL That's up there with the duck whistle BOV thing
  8. I wish there was such a thing as a cop chip lol. Maybe it's a loose flexplate? Kind of has that sound to it.
  9. I know that feeling mate, got the clutch waiting to go in to the ute but been working 6 days since the rona started off. Leaving the ute alone for a bit and racking up the OT, hard to say no when it's there.
  10. You know what Aaron, I don't care what they say about you, your not bad hey. Lol Good stuff as always snotter. PS, Mod the new one already.
  11. Back to the Xtreme twin. But with the magnum spline it's a custom.
  12. Still waiting for the Falcons clutch to get built. Hilux life isn't that bad, don't even get pulled over in it.
  13. You'll need a 20+ psi cap. A 16psi that is used on the standard overflow isn't enough on the hot side. I've got a tridon lever cap from super cheap. The branding comes off to leave an alloy plate on the cap wich looks pretty good.
  14. Looking forward to this. Either mad bargain or fookin bang. We shall see. Forum is back lol
  15. Do you have a throttle controller in? Mine caused an issue like that. It needed to be recalibrated, came good after that.
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