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  1. Diy Tuning

    Just a local friend but using my software as he doesn’t have access to any.
  2. Diy Tuning

    Vehicle isn’t licensed yet I’ve only said I’ll go help today as he’s desperate to get it done and couldn’t find anyone else to help. Don’t know the OSID yet will have to check when I go out there.. are they printed on the label on the pcm? I can get him to check that way can try find a matching manual file if you have one. Vehicle is a Ute and being 5spd I’m guessing fg mk1 Also thanks for the quick reply mate
  3. Diy Tuning

    Need abit of help gents as I haven’t got time to go searching through multiple threads for an answer. Need to do an auto to manual conversion on a fg n/a pcm so looking for exactly which tables will need to be changed to suit or is it easier to flash a manual tune straight in? Car is a mates for burnouts was previously a 5spd but they sh*t themselves constantly so he converted it to a manualised btr but cant get anyone to disable the auto settings. would rather do the changes to the tune in the car so I don’t have to license another file on a possibility of it not working. PCMTEC is the software 👍
  4. ^high beam and the horn if they sit there constantly. Fkn hate it especially when they do 20 under
  5. Soft Clutch - Mantic Stg1 HD twin plate

    It will feel very light as it’s brand new and the pressure plate is very close to max extension. As the clutch wears it will get slightly heavier. Also if it’s a 9000 series because the plates are large it won’t need as much pressure on the diaphragm to hold the power. The pickup point could be a number of things did they check for the correct crush on the slave cylinder and space the slave accordingly when installed?
  6. There was a 10.7 ? Manual blue ba/bf f6 pretty sure the dyno mite tuned one the other week. Was a perfect pass fairly slow in the 60 and not big mph just clean tidy shifting.
  7. Diy Tuning

    Sweet will purchase mate. Any recommendations on a cable to buy? I’m thinking the Bosch vcm because of the ability to flash factory updates aswell?
  8. Diy Tuning

    Is the tuning at least 1 vehicle a month a requirement to buy the workshop software[mention=78664]rollex[/mention] ? I probably won’t be playing with many for a while but plan to use it to do a few conversions and also make it run on a Sohc so the extra features make it worth gettin especially for the price!
  9. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Sweet yeh I went the 1.05 t4 rear because manual aswell. Will see how it goes if it’s to sh*t to try and drift with still then I might just spray some nitrous in there to get it on boost quicker. Should be abit more responsive on yours with the Barra.
  10. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    What size rear housing are you running on the 42 mate And yours is a manual right? Keen to see how it goes response wise so I know what to expect when I change my single cam out to a Barra
  11. My Build

    Hahahhahaha wtf jealous... riiight [emoji23]
  12. My Build

    Probably take about 15mins to identify the issue. Look at the fuel pressure gauge and see it’s not normal remove the vac line and fuel would start spraying out. Had plenty of bigger issues when building cars then a reg diaphragm popped.
  13. My Build

    Should probably just give up on the car now with this enormous issue arising... it’s a leaking diaphragm not a huge problem to diagnose IMO
  14. You can get engine and box in and out together if you take the steering rack off the k frame and jack the back of the car up as high as a proper trolley jack can get it. But it’s the biggest pain in the ass and isn’t worth the effort. Just put the gearbox in from underneath it’s a lot more simple. Also I forgot about them rods mate I’ll have a check on them when I’m back in two weeks if you still have it apart by then.

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