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  1. Mine manual with a 26" radial and 3.7 in my 9 inch was crossing at 6500rpm for 135mph you'll need to lift the limited as with your power you should be at close to 135. Also you will need to go 3-400 rpm above what you expect to cross the line at. Only other option you have is to fit a 28" tire which you will have to lift it and get a big hammer out to make fit and even then it will only just get you 135mph at 6000rpm which will still need the limiter raised
  2. It's extremely easy to measure exhaust back pressure just a case of making a coil of tube and put a pressure sensor on the end. Tap a fitting into the manifold at the turbine nozzle and away you go. Almost guaranteed that the 1.06 housing will be creating a huge restriction at 20+psi.
  3. Don’t waste your time with Achilles tyres they are rubbish if you skid them they will just fall apart. They are also worse then a drag radial when used in the rain.
  4. We run less then 20thou in a blown alcohol engine making 3000hp with a magneto and huge msd coil it’s normal for most drag cars. 20thou is actually what is recommended for most cdi coil setups aswell. Mine lives at 18thou 28psi on a standard ls1 coil at 12v it’s just what it wants.
  5. Gap the plugs to 18 thou with the original coils. It’s powercruise who gives a I <3 Bananas about idle.
  6. Still has the same bore and stroke as a Barra not a lot changed on them. If anything the early motor had a worse rod to stroke ratio because of 4mm shorter rods. Plenty of speedway guys been turning a 250 to 7500 for years aswell the same stroke. It might be more then what’s recommended safe but lot of motors out there doing it
  7. IMO luck definitely was helping that one a lot haha
  8. We’ve spun a mates dead stock ba na motor to 7500 with stock everything and a gt42 on the side doing skids for over a minute at full noise and still haven’t had it go rods out My stock 4l did 7200+ for years on 25lb crank ended up breaking but highly doubt Rpm was the cause of that being that everything else in the motor is still in perfect condition.
  9. Plenty of chevs and ls motors with 100mm stroker cranks still seeing 7000+rpm, I see the 5500rpm as a waste of time building a motor if that’s as far as it can rev.
  10. Per4manz turbos in Welshpool. Pretty much the only shop in Perth that will do that for you.
  11. Agreed stick with the sfi bellhousing I had a clutch come apart and went through the bellhousing punched a whole in the floor and got caught in the carpet... But yeh I think the ba bell housing could be your issue because they have a smaller flywheel and ring gear the fg do and the sfi bell I was looking at was to suit the smaller flywheel
  12. Did you get a ba bellhousing and an fg flywheel?
  13. It will be aggressive with the manual if you want it to be. The one I did will powerskid a 275 et street in 4th at 100kmh with ease from 2500rpm.
  14. Unsure on exact pricing but precision is expensive as it is plus the aus dollar being sh*t won’t help. Best option would be to call a dealer in aus and see if they can price one for you.
  15. If your going to run a t4 housing a .84 is plenty for 450kw. You can’t compare at t3 housing with a t4. A 6466 is basically a t04z which have been used for years with .84 housings making that power on 4l engines. I’ve used a t4 .84 divided housing with a 6266 made 480rwkw on 22psi but it was a 6boost highmount so not same same. Like jet said either a 1.06 Iwg precision housing which will be expensive or make a external gate off the housing and run an adapter.

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