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  1. eff xr6t

    New Precision Bolt-On Turbo

    It will be aggressive with the manual if you want it to be. The one I did will powerskid a 275 et street in 4th at 100kmh with ease from 2500rpm.
  2. eff xr6t

    New Precision Bolt-On Turbo

    Unsure on exact pricing but precision is expensive as it is plus the aus dollar being sh*t won’t help. Best option would be to call a dealer in aus and see if they can price one for you.
  3. eff xr6t

    New Precision Bolt-On Turbo

    If your going to run a t4 housing a .84 is plenty for 450kw. You can’t compare at t3 housing with a t4. A 6466 is basically a t04z which have been used for years with .84 housings making that power on 4l engines. I’ve used a t4 .84 divided housing with a 6266 made 480rwkw on 22psi but it was a 6boost highmount so not same same. Like jet said either a 1.06 Iwg precision housing which will be expensive or make a external gate off the housing and run an adapter.
  4. eff xr6t

    Boost Controller with Tune

    Classic Arronm coming in with useless information and claiming he knows all but still pays a workshop to do the same work he’s on the forum acting like an expert on...
  5. eff xr6t

    Will I Need More Fuel?

    If you look at the flow of a walbro pump vs pressure you soon see why they aren’t great. They will probably be capable of making 500rwkw on a turbo LS platform because you can use 43psi base and will only need 10-12psi to see 500rwkw but on a falcon that runs 58psi base and 20psi of boost to see those power numbers the flow drops dramatically at these pressures. I had twin 300 Delphi’s that are a gear pump so much more stable at higher pressure and even though I was only seeing 70psi of fuel pressure at full boost there was not enough fuel to be safe at 480rwkw while racing. On the street and powercruise it was plenty. I now run a 2000hp Magnafuel single gear pump because I know they are one of the only pumps that will flow the numbers when it’s needed. To add aswell when looking at pump flow allways use 12v flow numbers because while the car is not under huge load yeh sure it might be seeing 14v but headlights on and a few accessories will easily pull the voltage down and this is where the issues come from. IMO this is where most of the exadurated pump power figures are calculated from and is why on the dyno they usually seem fine but take the car for a real drive and all changes as thermos and lights get switched on.
  6. eff xr6t

    Will I Need More Fuel?

    Good luck seeing anywhere near 500rwkw with a single 460. Might be able to keep the lambda while on the dyno tuning but guaranteed to not have adequate fuel for a proper run.
  7. eff xr6t

    Ef Xr6 500kw 10sec manual sh*tter

    After pulling the rest of the crank and cutting the filter I decided to pull the head and clean everything as I wasn’t happy with what I found. When I pulled the head I found that the pistons have touched the head probably from when the crank has let go at high rpm. Number 6 is the worst and has physically touched the others look to have just hit the carbon and left there mark. Can see the lathe marks from the piston in the head.
  8. eff xr6t

    Ef Xr6 500kw 10sec manual sh*tter

    Didn’t seem unbalanced at all, the motor is pretty well solid mounted with the engine mount style so it’s pretty easy to feel any vibration through the car. Think it’s just from years of dumping 4th and being so limiter happy the shock loading has started a fracture until it’s cracked through. It was doing near on 7000rpm at full track when it let go so I’m very suprised it didn’t go rods out and spray sh*t everywhere.
  9. eff xr6t

    Ef Xr6 500kw 10sec manual sh*tter

    Cheers for fixing the pics Keith I ran out of edit time to fix them last night haha. Yeh was pretty much only all holding together because of the break being behind the no6 big end journal. The only way I could tell there was an issue was the gearbox noise and if this was an auto I don’t think there would of been a way to know that it was broken. So people with transbraked autos and standard cranks I would be slightly worried if your transbrake happy haha
  10. eff xr6t

    Ef Xr6 500kw 10sec manual sh*tter

    Little update on this sh*t heap. Had the diff built now runs a 9 inch with 35 spline axles strange 3.250 case with motive 3.7 gears and a full spool so its bullet proof... Its had a busy last few months while I was waiting on the diff I pulled the motor for a while and welded all the holes in the engine bay smooth all the spot welds and removed anything I didnt require and got my spray painter mate to give me a hand and advice on my first go at painting. Also deleted the header tank made a top housing for the thermostat with a cap and welded over the now not required fittings on the radiator. Headgasket has been showing signs of leaking for a while now and the removal of the header tank brought it to the surface at powercruise. Over the whole weekend im pretty sure I put over 100litres of water through the motor. Still had a good weekend of beating up on it for 10-15 laps then come in and fill it with more water hahaha. After powercruise I put a fresh gasket in it ready for west coast nats and took it back for more punishment. After west coast I took it back to the track to go for a low 10 time slip now I have a diff that will hold up. Got 5 passes sorting out the closed loop boost control and tune before it broke and had a serious gearbox whine in the breaking area. Upon investigating I pulled the entire gearbox down to find no issues so went looking back to the flywheel while bolting the pressure plate on I noticed the flywheel rock on the back of the motor. So pretty sure I found the cause of the gearbox whine I pullled the motor friday night and this is what I found.... Motor was still running perfectly and didnt make any noises at idle or while running to indicate the break. Plan is to wash everything and put another crank in with the old bearings and see how much further it can go. Stock rods and pistons still hanging in there and loving life as allways.
  11. eff xr6t

    Will I Need More Fuel?

    At ~500rwkw my raw 2200 are within 5% and I haven't put any fuel trims on any cylinders yet all my plugs pull the same, burn patterns in every cylinder are all the same and pretty sure I can say from the way my car gets thrashed that the small difference isnt enough to cause any issues.. I mean my poor 23yr old cast pistons put up with it and at $450 for a set of 6 and over 2 years of use on e85 they still flowed the same on my test bench last month. I use injector dynamics data and my fuel model testing works perfectly on all fuels. I also use a motor worth $50 so if/when it lets go its not much of a concern.
  12. eff xr6t

    Will I Need More Fuel?

    The injectors are big enough for 450+kw but your pump is too small. I wouldn’t go leaning on it till it runs out of injector because you will have no fuel in the rail to supply them...
  13. eff xr6t

    RACEWARS 2017

    I was planning to enter till I seen the $450 entry and that after hitting 300kmh that you won’t be allowed to run without cage, chute, full fire suit, and neck brace. Might hit it up 2020 for a run as I should have all that by then. Keen to head down and try whore passenger rides for the weekend though
  14. eff xr6t

    Diy Tuning

    Just a local friend but using my software as he doesn’t have access to any.
  15. eff xr6t

    Diy Tuning

    Vehicle isn’t licensed yet I’ve only said I’ll go help today as he’s desperate to get it done and couldn’t find anyone else to help. Don’t know the OSID yet will have to check when I go out there.. are they printed on the label on the pcm? I can get him to check that way can try find a matching manual file if you have one. Vehicle is a Ute and being 5spd I’m guessing fg mk1 Also thanks for the quick reply mate

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