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11 hours ago, Rab said:

Anyone have any experience with induction cooktops?


I reno'd the kitchen about 10+ years ago with a Whirlpool gas cooktop/rangehood and oven while on a budget and am looking to take it a step further


The oven takes about 45 mins to get up to 180c and the gas stove just doesn't get hot enough for the cast iron to properly sear a steak


Should I look for a better gas cooktop, or is induction worth looking at?

Why can’t we have both?

(Cbf finding the taco girl meme) 


were doing a fisher and Pykel 4 gas and 2 induction burner cooktop, but you can play with the config as much as u want and the pieces go  together as you wish. 


I like gas, but I want fast cooking for some chit. 



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had a tree fall over in the backyard into the neighbours property last week

It was to big for me to cut up and remove so we got a professional in to remove it

while he was here we got him to remove some dying vegetation and prune our lychee tree in the pool garden

the sad thing was that our massive mango tree (aprox 80-100 years old) was dying with severe dry rot and borers 

it had been looking pretty sad for about 18 months and had lost just about all its leaves 

It was not salvageable, so it had to go :cry:

also the golden cane out the front of the house which was so big we built our fence around it was also in the throws of dying so it had to go as well

I had to make a fence panel to compensate for the missing foliage 

Mrs BCB cried when she got home the day they cut everything because our back yard looked a bit like Hiroshima 

anyways, now its time to visit the nursery and buy something to fill the voids :original:


golden cane on front fence line








new panel







Mango tree (pic taken in 2005 from neighbouring property)










Lychee trim



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hey @Rab,


that oven of yours doesnt sound right mate ours has normal heat up (15 mins) and a faster heat up option.


as for your gas it should be able to get well and truly hot enough. does it have the wok type burner? if not that's what you want. twin burners. or could be a gas flow problem. 


I havent used induction but you have to buy different pots and pans, and also beef up your wiring for it to the switch board. can be costly.


spend the money on good appliances. mums house had budget technica sh*t (10 years ago), all failed within a few years. now ive upgraded her to all bosch. 

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Hey guys! I've recently moved to Australia (hecking adore spiders, can't help it). My flat is in pretty poor condition, I've already hired guys to remodel the bathroom and kitchen, though still there's a problems with windows. I've found this company bluesky windows (really sorry for the link, not spam), are they good? There are reviews on the internet, but I'd like to hear from you. Or maybe someone can recommend a company? 

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I did an experiment on my pool to see if I could get evaporative cooling working in the tropics and although it was far from scientific, it seemed to work


So I had to drain about a 3rd of the water from the pool to get to my return outlets so I could glue in some barrel unions to make my risers secure

also took the opportunity to properly mount my pool light that had been swinging off one screw since I had replaced said light about 2 years ago!!!!


after finishing this project on Monday arvo and filling up the pool, the water temp was 31°   

for the past 2 days the daytime high has been 32° and 33° which normally means pool temp gets up to 33° because it is in full sun for the majority of the day

went out yesterday for the whole day looking at property's on the tablelands

checked the temp of the pool last night when we got home......................28°   :dancing:

so I'm pretty stoked about that

29° to 30° was target temp cos that is perfect 




outside temp 30°, water temp 28° ....yay  (today at 8:45 am)







drilling into the pool shell was steady steady, new barrel unions glued in place and good to go






All good for refill 

pool is 25000 liters total 

I would have drained about 8000 liters which would have cost me about $10 to $15

total project cost including pipe, fittings, water and re-balancing (2 bags of salt, 1 kilo of sunblock and 500mls of acid) was about $140

totally worth it as far as me and Mrs BCB are concerned




this is the day of my "experiment, I since have changed the shape of the nozzles so there is less spray onto the surrounding tiles 

will post a pic when the pump turns on later

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this is the riser

I haven't glued the end cap, just a single stainless screw so I can experiment with different options







I've made the slot wider to try and get the biggest spread of water.

theoretically, the larger the surface area, the greater the transfer of energy  





changed the timer so the pump starts as the pool begins to get the sun, about 10:30

stopping at around 4:30

6 hours of free power,  cos solar :asciidity:




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thanx @skidxr6t  

I came across this "theory" a number of years ago when mucking around in my mates pool

we had a bucket, filling it up with pool water and chucking it at everyone

someone tossed the water up into the air and when it fell on us we were shocked as to how cold it was

did it over a few times just to make sure it wasn't a freak occurrence


this year our lychee tree was pruned right back which used to shade the pool for at least half of the day

so the pool was getting hotter quicker

so remembering what happened at me mates pool all those years ago I searched the inter-web for some answers, and the rest as they say is history (whoever "they" are) 

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I was reading the stats from SA water the other day and misting reduces the ambient temp by *insert impressive number I forgot hwre* but only uses as much water as a shower for 1 minute over the course of 2 hours. Pretty good benefits of recycling it back into ya pool 

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 A job I started last week and haven't finished yet...

Replacing pissy treated pine garden edge with 300x300 sandstone logs, 700~900mm long. Previous original 'wall' followed the slope of the yard and dropped approx 800mm, I wanted to level it all up.








Back to work today so have to do some srs after hours slog; have got a lot more done since the last photo but still a good few hours left. luckily the mate I borrowed the excavator & grab off doesn't go back to work until Wednesday...


Will post more photos once finished

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Cheers keef

A lot harder than expected TBH. Faces are split while ends tops and bases are sawn so should be simple to slap them in right... nah

Cuts are all very 'straight', but by no means square, level or parallel... if a rough finished block then 5-10mm here or there in the joints is nothing, with these it's a fair smack in the eye so plenty of packing, shuffling, tweaking and a lot of grunt work involved since they're up to 210kg each

Lucky I don't mind hard yakka but 45deg days were no bloody joke

Edited by camo86T

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cammo you borrowed a machine to lift the blocks for you ? weak mate 






































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