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  1. Dont talk the guy into something than hit him with the downsides. 22psi and 500rw in a 12-1300kg frame will be manic to hold onto. Hope you got a set on ya OP that first pass will be a slippery ride haha.. Best be a vid upload for us loser forum guys to enjoy lol
  2. Ive got over 500rwkw on a gen 1 gtx3582 with a chit zorst and over 550rwkw with a custom zorsts. If u are only after 450-550rw than a gen2 3582 will kick ass with the setup u have. Hope u can get some big rubber under it or u mite as well get a 3540 and be happy at 330rwkw lol
  3. Yet you havent. Why? Cause deep pocket short arm syndrome?
  4. You know what they say about small hand
  5. @muzz DVS at Kariong are meant to be pretty good @Damo uses them. I live north of Newcastle so dont know who and what places are good or not. Coretuned at Thornton are getting a pretty good rep atm. They have put out a few 500+rwkw barras of late.
  6. Almost doing as tough as you in that king single bob the builder bed Living the dream
  7. I know of a thread that can learn you every bad thing that can happen with a 04 ba. It could also show you how to spend 70+k on a chit box in 18mths. Sell the ba and buy one alreafy done. You will be much better off and probably fark the car within 6mths anyway.
  8. Rocking the typhoon engine to, winning purchase mate
  9. Earp brothers, amber, tile direct, or the shop I use to buy my materiels from, which is one big shop with a tiler of 30yrs that owns and runs it on the floor everyday.
  10. Beaumont tiles = expensive and cheap quality tiles. I never recommend anyone to them.
  11. Welcome buddy, Have a look at this thread, http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/90530-my-2010-xr50t-ute/ @OZYWALKER has one of the best setups on a falcon though has tried a few setups along the way Enjoy the tread.
  12. I did a comparison between my previous 305/25 Mich pilot which was 308mm tread width. Then the new 305 invos which are 305mm tread width. Now the invo tapers off about 4mm over the last 15mm on each side of the tyre due to a 10mm depth of tread in the middle, which @arronm pointed out as buldge.... The new Pirelli corsa on the w1 which is a 295 measure 304mm tread width but cost $800 a tyre. My old goodyears were a 295/30 and they measured 297mm tread width. The kuhmo ku31s I just took off were a 285/30 and
  13. Way to big, 1200 level touching rim though not touching tyre...... nit picking dipstick.
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