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  1. skidxr6t

    My baby turned 300 at last (pic heavy)

    hey thanks, I really appreciate all the photos that you took and uploaded here sad that somebody died, so young too.
  2. if you put a barra in a ranger could you call it the barranger?
  3. Not even to new estates, I've seen plenty of brand new FTTN developments because they're under 100 houses. They bought the cables from telstra. In their quest to save money the liberals actually took it too far, to a level I would describe as fraudulent. They knew the cabling was stuffed yet continued to go along with the plan...
  4. skidxr6t

    The 32-Year-Old Modification Virgin

    michelin pilot sport 3 mmmm I had invos on my last BF and I rated some cheap chinese tyres better for grip and longetivity.
  5. ready to rip all the copper out the ground so it all gets replaced! blood is boiling. it's actually fraudulent that nbnco re used this infrastructure - they knew it was in a terrible state of disrepair.
  6. hope it stays that way for a while because I was getting that speed a few weeks ago now dropped down to 40mbit. My nbn went to crap and keeps dropping out but was above the nbn minimum standard of 12 mbit and 5 drop outs a day so I had to disconnect my modem from the wall in order to get the pricks to come out. What pissing me off is the amount of money the liberals have wasted by changing the nbn to try and save money. They've actually shot this country in the foot. I love it when a liberal supporter complains about the nbn because I tell them they made their bed now time to sleep in it.
  7. skidxr6t

    My Phantom BA XR6 Turbo Build

    I say build it strong and tune it properly and that's not a worry. these motors don't like being revved high I do know this but on falcons everything else breaks before the engine
  8. skidxr6t

    The Off Topic Thread.

    whats the best android auto / apple car play head unit? been looking for a week! there are expensive ones still rocking resistive touch screens!
  9. let us say I <3 Bananas , sh*t and mad *beep* (but not the c word by itself)
  10. I think close the public access for the off topic stuff.
  11. skidxr6t

    Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    *looks up price of breville oracle* *quickly closes browser tab* I'm happy with a $250 machine, would trying a coffee from the breville break me then?
  12. skidxr6t

    Ba xr6 nonturbo throttle problems

    these cars really benefit from having a turbocharger fitted. my vote is bad ignition coils in this case, but would recommend buying an xr6t cheers
  13. skidxr6t

    FG Turbo Engine Heat - Do I need a Vent?

    not sure if it's been mentioned already but one good way to cool your engine down is to drive faster
  14. skidxr6t

    ZF 6 speed full manual valvebody??

    Hey mate, I believe you would need to buy a wrecked BF with a ZF as you are right about needing the wiring. The tailshaft would also be different, which id take the one from the donor car to get beefed up. It may be easier buying a sweet BF and transferring your goodies onto it if you aren't too attached to your BA. In regards to having it fully manualised, haven't heard of this. just get the box beefed up by a reputable builder (will depend what state you are in) and have it tuned properly. Then run it in manual mode like @discostig who preaches the manual mode lyf
  15. skidxr6t

    The Off Topic Thread.

    man they actually get extremely pissed off when they realise you've wasted their time! I always tell them bad things will come to them and their family and ask if they know what they're doing. Most of the time they're fully aware they are scamming people.
  16. skidxr6t

    The Off Topic Thread.

    I let them in, to a rig or VM that I don't care about. It's hilarious when they notice it's a virtual machine but even better is everytime they try and do something you type the word porn in. so they click start and run but you take over and type in porn hub
  17. skidxr6t

    Building my Fast Bara

    ffing rice burners I do respect a modified car even if it isn't my flavour though
  18. skidxr6t

    Building my Fast Bara

    1001021391023901239123012320930213x10^4 rwkw is possible on certain dynos in certain states absolutely, they go well with a high mounted turbo. tbh I wonder how expensive that would be?
  19. skidxr6t

    The Off Topic Thread.

    I <3 Bananas dieting, had a few years with a girl who had a full blown eating disorder. couldn't even go to a restaurant together. for me I just gotta stop eating so much mcdonalds and stop getting uber eats everyday
  20. skidxr6t

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    definitely overclock it, made all the difference in battlefield 1 and V for me. I turn some settings down in BFV but play at 1440p 165hz so wanted 100+ fps RTX got fixed in BFV too, it doesn't crash now and actually ran alright for once...... still don't think they're great value for money.
  21. skidxr6t

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    haha we got the same chip, still goes hard. overclocked to 4.4 currently cause while it was prime95 stable at higher speed it wasn't stable in battlefield. ive got that chip with the 2080 and 16gb ram. it's definitely a bottleneck but my point is with the new GPU I'm happy to run this until something better than the 9900K comes out.
  22. skidxr6t

    The Off Topic Thread.

    man he hell needs to change his avatar, I uploaded that photo to take the piss. I think the hamster with the steam coming out of it's ears as if it was angry would suit better.
  23. someone went to jail for like 7 years I think for doing that if I recall right. kinda deserved it.

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