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Found 4 results

  1. I had the F6 in a thousand pieces today trying to fit a saggy front bar after collecting a serious spoon drain. I knew I was up for bar mounts LH and RH and lost a few scrivets but that's all sorted. I have found a completely shattered radiator support bar - its broken in 3 places. and whole 6" section on the LHS that ties to the fender is completely missing and I've discovered a bit of dodgy repair work...lots of sikaflex....LOTS of sikaflex So someones done the dodgy and had a crack at repairing it themselves and left me with a problem - I can't install my new cooler till the rad-support is replaced. How does this thing come out? is seems to be fused to the metal upper support (where the striker etc attaches) but the whole rad-support is made of a hard plastic. I would like to do it myself to save the $$$ it will cost to get a crash repairer to do it, I don't wish to make an insurance claim either. But after pricing the parts, its looking bad ($455 rad-support, $300ea for headlights...the list goes on) Has anyone here ever done it? care to share? thanks in advance.
  2. First time building a barra and I've found a hole in the front of the head. What raised concern was the obvious signs of tool marks (most likely from a dremel). This suggests it was made after casting. My questions are: is this how they come from the factory?; is this a mod done to BF and later models? (I was advised the engine came from a BF) Photos of hole attached along with the only photo I could find on the web with a similar hole.
  3. So bit bored decided I could write a thread on the build of my POS I bought this car in 2012 when I was 16 as my first car and its just got out of control since haha. I'll do a list of current specs plus pevious build specs. and probably copy most of the build from other forums.. Current pb is a 10.94@132 manual Specs 1996 Ef Xr6 Motor -Stock ef bottom end with ~300000km no rod bolts or new ring/bearing I popped one cap off to check bearings then put it back on because the motor had a blocked pickup and took 30secs to build oil pressure in the car I pulled it from haha -AU falcon head ported by me with pep-pro stainless valves seats all re cut by my mate at his machine shop. -Stock Au mls gasket with arp studs holding it down -Surecam custom hydraulic cam used the closest master profile he had to the specs I was looking for..basically about 220@50 540"lift its pretty angry for a baby cam... -Crow valve springs with stock Au rockers and lifters Intake and fuel system -Tunnel vision intake manifold -Fg fly by wire throttle body -2200cc injectors -Fuel cell in the boot, 100 micron filter>1400hp holley dominator pump>10 micron filter> AN8 feed to and from rail> proflow fuel reg. Exhaust and turbo -Turbo manifold I built at home. steam pipe 6 into 1 collector divided into the t4 flange 40m pipe off each side of the collector merged into a 60mm gate -Turbosmart 60mm power gate (14psi spring) -2.5" screamer vented behind the front tire -Garret gt3788r .89 rear housing -4" dump straight off the turbo into the 4" exhaust with one big muffler before the diff. Engine management -Link G4+ Extreme ecu running sequential ign/inj. -Racepak iq3 dash -6x ls1 coils mounted on a bracket off the intake manifold bolts -Fuel/oil/coolant pressure sensors all fed to the ecu -Fuel/oil/coolant/air temp sensors all fed to the ecu -Ethrolle controled by the G4 with a BA pedal in the car and FG throttle body. -Boost controlled by the G4 with a 4 port solenoid -Launch control/2step with a switch, speed and time control so it doesnt come on when shifting gears. Gearbox and diff -T56 converted from a ba turbo -Direct ceramic solid centre twin plate. (3100lb of clamp now) -Final drive built 3.5" chro moly tailshaft with strange billet yoke, 1350 series unis front and back. -ATM it has 3.45 borgwarner diff with a spool standard 28 spline axles. Getting a 9" built atm with 35spline axles 3.7 gears strange nodular iron carrier with a full spool. that's about it really the whole car is built by me from fab work,engine building to tuning so stuff only gets done when I can be I <3 Bananased doing it.. Will start with this and add some more in another post.
  4. I had a really small accident 5wks ago and its just getting repaired now. when I say small, I mean really small. when I hit the guard rail, I was going a max of 10-15km/h. for such a small hit, ive managed to do a SIGNIFICANT amount of damage (which makes me concerned about the quality of fords lol). front guard, bonnet, front bar, I/c pipes, radiator support panel, etc. etc. etc. the smash repairer called me in last week to show him the way the pipes go and to show me a few different things and get my thoughts on what else needed fixing. so I went to the smash repairer and was having a look over it and he mentioned that two engine mounts are broken. I looked at the engine and sure enough, its on massive lean and lower than normal. he reckons that this is a common fault with the falcon's and that they fail over time and with more power. they're getting replaced, but I'm worried about them failing again. has anyone experienced this before? have you upgraded them to something else? sorry for the long winded post. lol oh and I did search, but couldnt find anything, which makes me think that this repairer is making sh*t up.
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