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  1. Yeah nice.. I haven’t really looked at the G6 and was quite surprised how fair priced they are.. seen one the other day 2011 model with 111,000ks and he wanted $23,500.. xr6 turbo would have been up around 30.. the trim and interior looks nice I think aswell... thanks everyone for their replies.
  2. What are They like non lsd? Are they alright if you don’t try and spin the tyres all the time or they struggle with the power once you up the boost a bit?
  3. Would you recommend a G6? Obviously it’s a luxury line vehicle but no off issues other than the common diff bushes etc?
  4. I’m looking at getting a G6E Turbo.. they’re reasonably priced for the 09-11 models.. I’m just wondering what year if there is any to stay always from.. 09 model and a few years up is relatively close to the B series and are there and trouble shooting issues coming into the F series? If that makes sense lol I don’t want anything crazy but I think a G6 with and exhaust injectors and a tune would be a great daily.. 260-280rwks is all I’m really looking for.. a G6 should be rather reliable running that sort of power I’d imagine? I had an 07 BF xr6 turbo and that thing was a nightmare.. though I l
  5. Rive_mk2


    Alright that's all I needed to hear. I'm just scared of gettin into a turbo again and it's a lemon like my 07 model.. but surely a much later fgx with a good dealer behind it should iron out a few heartbeats.. On another note you need a bit of recognition for your persistence on this forum. Whenever I post an inquiry you're always the first one to reply. Thanks for your time and knowledge on this post and other posts. I'm sure I'm talking for alot of other noobs aswell. Thanks Keith.
  6. Rive_mk2


    Yeah I know man all fgx are 5.0 supercharge but would you recommend the 5.4 fg xr8, like 2012 model or similar? Still get a good 270rwks or so out of it with reliability?
  7. Rive_mk2


    Alright onya Keith.. are you talking the 5.0 litre or the 5.4? The 5.0 is out of my price range.. 5.4 would still be a great reliable car?
  8. Rive_mk2


    Are they hard to get power out of the 8? Not looking to build a rocket but what can you do with them? What would you recommend on them? A cam and a tune or somethin.. how much are decent cams? I've always been under the idea that cams a re super expensive.. thanks.
  9. Rive_mk2


    Hey guys.. I had a BF 07 xr6 turbo recently sold it.. had nothing but problems with it.. everyone reckons get a 4WD but I'm just not into them.. I guess I'm wondering what are the FGX like in regards to reliability and things alike. You see alot of fg turbos for 25k but another 5k would get you into the x model.. anyone know much about them? Also a bit off topic.. what are the fg xr8s like.. I feel they would be reliable.. not saying the barra isn't.. I didn't have problems with the engine it's self but alot of other things. Turbo line blocked and needed new turbo and ball joints blah blah bla
  10. Yeah alright thanks man.. this car has been nothing but problems.. I want to sell it and get a corolla lol would honestly get more thrills out of the corolla.. this car is a piece of sh*t tbh.. looks mint as I <3 Bananas.. very good looking example but as soon as you try to get the car performing it's just a heap of sh*t lemon
  11. Yeah it does you're right.. if I go sequential mode and give boost in first and a bit in second as I come into third it Goes to sleep. My examoles before was rolling on boost ib third.. how much for springs one would say? 4 or so hundere.. are they hard to fit?
  12. It'll go from 4,000+ rpm to barely an idle.. I have to pull over and turn car off then start again then it drives fine until again 3rd gear 4k rpm just doesn't like it and shuts down and now thrown a code. Spooky
  13. How much would valve springs be? It's just thrown a check engine light after I showed my friend what it's doing.. would valve spring fault show on scan tool and would it cut out in 1st and second pulls not just 3rd? Thanks again
  14. Yeah that's what I thought. Wouldn't be fuel pump or anything?
  15. Hey guys.. I have an 07 BF mk11 xr6 turbo it's stock but with dyno tune and no cat.. when I hit boost in 1st and second it's fine but when I'm in 3rd gear at 4000+rpm the car just looses all power and starts to really idle rough and comes good again once cars turned off and on.. what possibilities could this harbour?
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