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  1. Thanks guys.. such incredible feedback from people with great knowledge.. just wondering.. the tuner is 200 kilometers from me.. would I be able to have a high flow fuel pump installed here and be safe to drive it to have injectors and tune done? Would an f6 intercooler be worth sourcing? Thanks so much guys.
  2. Id be real happy for 300rwks even 280.. I heard stock tune you can get around 230-240rwks so surely bigger injectors would push you up past that.. to give you 250+.. not lookin at spending heaps on it.. im honestly just thinking injectors and a tune at the moment..
  3. Just another quick question, when looking at injectors is there a certain design for fords or any 42lb injectors will fit..?
  4. Worth every penny those mods I bet.. I cant wait.. thanks heaps man. Ill update once I get the tune done.
  5. Alright man.. I appreciate your time to reply.. ill have a look at fuel pumps.. and hopefully they're not too expensive.. thanks heaps dude.
  6. Cheers for the quick response.. so even just put a highflow cat in and injectors with a tune will be a considerable power gain.. 42lbs are they 450cc? Would the monza do a better service than the stock bf xr6t intercooler or nah? Cheers.
  7. Hey guys, I've got a stock BF XR6 turbo.. lookin for a bit more oomph.. just wondering what kind of power gains I could see with bigger injectors, intercooler and tune? Also, would you recommend 1000cc injectors? Also any info on monaza coolers.. are they any good? Thanks 😁
  8. Yeah that's a good idea.. I just live in a small town in south australia. Not much here in ways of tuners or wreckers.. adelaide is 400km away and Melbourne is 500 away lol this is a stupid question but what would the odds be of gutting the cut/straight piping it what would the odds of doing damage be? If I put a highflow cat in with no tune would that be running the gauntlet also?..
  9. Yeah true. I know what you sayin.. hes not a tuner just an exhaust specialist. This sucks lol
  10. He said if the cats completely shagged he will just straight pipe it if not he'll clean it out.. I just need flow there. Cat is not making boost at all as is.
  11. What about if I just get him to gut the cat? Would that be alright?
  12. I said to a mate it could be a blocked cat and he said nah it'd be runnin real bad.. and I said it kind of is.. I cant afford an exhaust system at the moment or new cat, so im just goin to exhaust place tomorrow and they gonna cut the cat out and put straight pipe in.. that'll do the trick yeah? Until I upgrade with tune etc
  13. Hey man, got the verdict back.. it was a blocked cat. Who would have thought lol
  14. Thanks heaps for your input man. I appreciate it.
  15. When hose come off there was oil puddled in turbo.. not heaps but enough to say its been getting oil.. if wastegate stuck open is that repairable rather easily or does that call for a new one? So pissed man.. always wanted an xr6 turbo and I finally get a mint lookin one and it makes bo boost for god sakes.. be like someone longing for an ss v8 and finally get one and it runs on I <3 Bananasing 6 cylinders. Frustrating.

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