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Found 24 results

  1. Need help on somewhere or someone to put my new turbo fg motor into the g6e if you guys are able to it'll help a lot thanks.
  2. I've got a slightly modified g6e turbo I've done quite a bit to it but now I'm wanting a little bit more power I've got 430rwkw and I'd like to reach the 500's only thing I'm worried about is the transmission I have a rvo stage 2 trans rated at 500kw. I want to know if I'm just asking for it to f*** up if I up the boost and add a couple things to reach that power. Thanks in advance mod list ps I'll be running twin fuel pumps and a surge tank PLAZMAMAN PRO SPRINGS 40L HDUTY VALVE SPRINGS, PLAZMAMAN FORD 12MM HEAD STUD KIT, PLAZMAMAN BILLET OIL PUMP GEARS, PLAZMAMAN 40L HEAVY DUTY ATOMIC TIMING CHAIN KIT, Walbro460 fuel pump, Flex fuel kit, Xr6 turbo development intercooler piping, Xr6 turbo development 1150 injectors, Xr6 turbo development stage 2 intercooler, Xr6 turbo development external gate, High flow 3582 billet wheel with ceramic bearings 20psi, Xforce stainless steel exhaust, 4” dump and 5”cat and 3.5 Antz battery relocation battery tray Antz ecu cover Trutac diff, Built stage 2 auto from rvo, Heavy duty flex plate arp bolts, F6 trans cooler
  3. How much is a brand new unopened 50th anniversary ford picnic basket I have one and looking to sell it
  4. Hi guys, I've just bought online a Process West 4" intake for my G6ET that I picked up a month or so ago. Now I know I need a battery relocation kit as well to go with it, I was looking into the HDI Battery Relocation Kit https://www.hybrid-power.com/product-page/hdi-fg-xr6-battery-relocation-kit, but can't find any thing on the forums/google. I'm just wondering if any holes need to be drilled etc and how easy the install is. It says on HDI website 20-30 minutes but not sure if I trust that. Cheers in advance for the reply. Zac
  5. Hi guys, Has anyone done a guide on how to remove the front bumper, assuming the Mk 2 are different? I've had a look but don't trust myself!
  6. Hi guys, After filtering through all the misfire related topics and find very few threads with actual resolutions I thought I'd start a new one. Basically my 09 FG G6e turbo started misfiring at WOT when at the strip the other night. 400rwkw running E85 to give an idea of mod level. The thing had done it before, when it did I took it back to the tuner where it got a service and retune and came out happy as. Has been running sweet for about 6 months now but the problem has returned and is far worse. Essentially when I am on hard boost it sounds like it has a very bad misfire and no power obviously. Originally it was just under WOT but on the way back from the track it got worse, occasionally misfiring while.cruising at 100kph and but the time I got home (100km later) struggling to idle without misfiring. With slight throttle it runs smooth as so I'm thinking it has to do with ignition as the extra voltage with slight throttle will help spark but as soon as any fuel or boost is dumped into the engine it misfires again. I am yet to talk to my tuner (will today) but will update this post, through to resolution so hopefully it can help out the next victim. Keen to here any ideas or similar stories. Cheers, Joel
  7. Hi all, I have noticed my brakes are in need of replacing have noticed a shudder every now and then and just general poor performance and some squealing. I have read through the forums, and the DBA T3 4000 series seem to be the way to go keeping some budget in mind, would love to get some brembos but cant really justify to fork out that cash atm. however I am seeing heaps on conflicting info on the fourms, ebay and DBA itself. In regards to the stock breaks being 298mm vs 322mm I wanted to go the BDA T3 DBA42107S which are 322mm. will these fit my car? I believe it has stock calipers. its a 2009 G6E Turbo... I was also thinking the brembo pads as well look like good value. link to Rotors http://brakesdirect.com.au/aus/dba42107s-dba-4000-series-t3-slotted-brake-rotor.html link to pads http://brakesdirect.com.au/aus/p99008-brembo-brake-pads.html any input would be great. Ben
  8. Hi guys, my car has previously made an appearance in the 300 club but after my turbo started making a bit of noise I was "forced" ? to upgrade. Now rocking a gtx3576r thanks to the master at Profile Autosports, she's cracked the 400 mark. The mod list is as follows: Gtx3576r Atomic HD valve springs Stage 2 PW Intercooler kit 100 cell Cat 1000cc injectors 4" intake delete Earls filter CAI pod E85 Fuel pump (assuming a Walbro item) Stock ZF with tune stock cat back exhaust Made 401.4rwkw on E85 @ 19psi. With that big wide torque band it feels amazing on road. No sign of that legless feeling up top the gt3576 had. Needless to say, profile has another very happy customer.
  9. Been wanting a Falcon for a long time but never actually been able to afford one. Finally managed to get to that point now. Just picked this beast up on the weekend from Christchurch and drove it back to Auckland. All I can say is WHAT A RIDE. So happy with the car, it is absolutely perfect. 2009 FG G6E Turbo Completely factory untouched FPV Wheels Blackened front bumper XR6 Spolier Premium *cough* sound (maybe my only complaint about the car haha)
  10. Hello I'm about to buy either a G6ET or XR6T in about 5 months time. Considering they're the same price, which one would you choose and WHY? Also, is the G6ET slower than the XR6T to 100km/hr because the lack of LSD? From what I have gathered on other sites, there is not much of a difference.. but the only difference is racing around a track and hanging 'better skids'. - PS, I don't intend on racing around a track or skidding, so would LSD really make that much of an impact in everyday driving? I would give it a go if a Expensive Daewoo SS/GTS or anything else tried to overtake me though. Thaks
  11. Hi All, Picked up my first Australian made car last week. Had/have Celsior, Stagea RS4 & V8 100 series Cruiser. 2010 (April) model in lightning strike with black interior. One owner only 60 thou on it. Even got the new car warranty extended till 2016. We had been looking for something to replace my Celsior. G6ET had been high on the list for a long time. Long story short 12months went by and then I bought one. Love the power and acceleration it has. Interior space is great(baby seat in the back). All round seems to be well put together. My only issue with it at this point is that the reverse camera decides to stop working. Screen flickers quickly then goes black :-( any thoughts? Common? Easy fix? I don't want to take it to Ford just yet.... I shall attach some pics when I'm on the computer next. Cheers, Hugh.
  12. grimie16

    New G6Et

    So, just picked myself up a 2011 g6et, pretty nice car, but the modding bug has already bit me and I'm wanting a little more, not to much, but a bit. In the end I want to have around 300-320rwkw, don't think I'de spend the money to go anymore than that. Next month or so I'll be doing 4' side intake with battery relocation and stage 2 piping kit (Should I just look at stage 1 if I'm only wanting that much?) (all plazmaman kit). Any idea how that much would get, not expecting much from that though. Next round of mods will be a stage 2 cooler, zorst and a tune on 98 and possibly 1000cc injectors if I can afford them. Again, any idea where that will get me? What else would I be looking at doing to hit that 300-320 figure? Thanks guys!
  13. Got this information from Ford NZ if anyone was wondering 50th Anniversary FG's in New Zealand Falcon FG G6E 35 2010 = 33 2011 = 2 Falcon FG G6ET 20 2010 = 18 2011 = 2 Falcon FG XR6 171 2010 = 158 2011 = 13 Falcon FG XR6T 20 2010 = 20 Total 246 Looks like the 2011 models are very limited.
  14. Hey everyone, I have been trolling these forums in search of photos. I am trying to find a g6e or g6et with nice mag wheels. I'm really struggling to find them. I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction or maybe link some in here! I prefer silver and white cars, g6e or g6et. I have gone through 200 images in google, so I thought I'd get your help! I attached some photos below to help get this started. Special note, I do not own those photos thus I have avoided number plate identifiers. Just photos I collected from google. P.S. I really hate those default 18's on g6e. But don't mind the 19s.
  15. Hi All, I have just purchased a 2010 G6E T 50th Anniversary in silhouette black. I have taken a risk in that a relative drove it for me and I have only seen photos of it. When the car was advertised is said there was USB/Aux input. I can't find any information on what these inputs are for. Can someone enlighten me. Is it for charging phones, attaching USB keys for music, or just part of the apple I device system. I will be picking it up tomorrow morning with a 6-7 hour drive to follow I would like to know what I need to have ready so I can enjoy my own music. Thanks Dean
  16. Hey guys pretty new on here so any help would be appreciated! ive tried to have a look around but cant seem to find an answer. I purchased a second hand G6et with 40,000ks on it 6 months ago and im starting to mod. I already have a stealth black stage 3 plazmaman cooler and a process west 4" race box (still need to buy the battery relocation and the other cooler pipes) my future plan was to buy: true trac diff oil line filter kit for turbo siemens vdo 80lb injectors 3.5" X force exhaust system with 4" dump was going to get these all fitted by a family friend mechanic then get a tune at Gentech (im in canberra) but the bloke there sayd the FG turbo can only take 320kw max and I could get 300-315 without the exhaust or dump (because they can cause overboost?) so I was thinking do I just save money and do as he says and see how it is then save up and do a second upgrade and tune, OR just do the exhaust and either buy a BA turbo with port and flapper mod, or a gtx3582r from the start with one tune instead of upgrading turbo later? and if both those turbos would be a hassle free direct fit and I wouldnt have to change anything else? any advice on those mods ^ ^ and they way I should go would be appreciated! thanks
  17. Bula all, I just scored a 2008 G6ET. 32000ks. Sweet number indeed. However, it just has no balls. Turbo whistles lovely but almost no noticeable boost. Call me unko, but am at least barking up the right tree to assume its been detuned electronically .... Rather than its "defective". Appreciate any feedback before I call the local dealer. Btw, I live in Suva, Fiji and this black diamond is the only one of its kind here. Cheers,
  18. Hi guys, Few months ago I noticed my turbo started whistling a bit more than usual, typically on mid-revs when accelerating. It started getting worse and more noticable in the last few weeks. Also, there was a sharp, metallic noise that also started occuring on mid-high revs (on lower gears, just before changing the gear). I took it to Ford for a check up and that's the advise they have given me: "Turbo is showing signs that the impeller has rubbed on the turbo housing. To rectify this concern, the turbo will require replacement. Turbo shaft has an excessive play". New car warranty expired 6 months ago (aaarrrgh!) and I've been told that they may try to "talk to Ford" to find out can they do something about it, but most likely it will cost me around $3,500 for a replacement. I know it's hard to ask you to assess wether Ford is right or not without any photos or actually seeing the car, but, does it sound like something that really could have happened and the only solution is to get a new turbo? What would be the implications of it - loss of performance, boost leaks, etc.? Also, the price... $3,500?!?! Isn't new GTX3582R around $1,900? Not sure how much would be the labour though... From experience I know Ford charges sh*t loads for any service. I don't really know what to do, should I just keep on driving on what I have (I'm concerned though that it may affect performance and it just doesn't sound too healthy at times), or get a new turbo... if getting new turbo is really required, go stock or aftermarket? I probably wouldn't be asking Ford to service it as I don't trust their prices, in that case, any places you could recommend in Melbourne for this sort of thing? Also, if going aftermarket, what should I keep in mind, e.g. quicker wear and tear of the engine, additional stress on other underlying components etc? Many thanks!
  19. hi guys first time poster long time reader. I have just dropped my rear cradle on my g6et to do bushes and upgrade to a lsd. now all that was pretty straight forward but I'm stuck on the irs axles. can somebody tell me how to remove the axles from the diff? I want to remove the diff from the cradle so I can take it to the shop. any help would be appreciated. cheers.
  20. Hi guys. I bought a 2009 G6Et with only 18000kms on it. Always been a V8Holden fan (for along while,im 45) drove the G6Et and had to have it. Got it tuned by a well known tuner in WA using HP soft ware and 60lb Siemens injectors. Ive had some issues that I wont go into as I just wanted to know what injectors most of you guys use and what the better software is,im thinking SCT after talking to some people. Already spent $2500 on injectors and a tune,4 weeks later im spending another $2500 tomorrow to get the ID injectors and SCT software. Any input would be greatly appreciated,THANKYOU in advance.
  21. I can't get sport or manual mode out of my g6et. Not getting any "perf" indicator on the dash. Also getting a "transmission not in park" message on shut down even though in park. Obviously a sensor issue in the mix there ... but I have one question. If the local Ford dealer plugs me into diagnostics will the diag' identify such errors in the wiring and sensors and the like ? Or will they have to rip the centre console out to find the culprit terminal, trial and error digging around. I'm in Fiji btw so reluctant to let corner cutting heros begin a trial vs error exploring game on my joy. Who dares, wins ? .... not fkn likely. All above on the assumption it's an electrics issue. Seems to be a lot of software issues with ZF but mostly relating to intuitive gear change timing etc (god help the poor facks that own these relics in 20+yrs and try to solve senile electronics that support the moving parts) Appreciate your intel on this query. Vinaka, (cheers)
  22. Hey guys, Today I saw a g6et with custom badges on the rear door. The badge looked a bit like this: but instead had silver G6 and red E on it... I gotta admit, looked pretty sick! Have any of you came across something like this and knows where to get one from? Checked ebay, only has standard badges... Or if you're the owner of that g6e - I saw you at Dandenong basketball stadium today, silhoulete g6et! Cheers, Mike
  23. Can't decide if it looks best with or without the front badge...
  24. Back in February I threw down the cash for my first turbo car, a 50th anniversary FG G6ET from Macarthur Ford at Campbelltown. I smiled the first time I squeezed that pedal down and every time after that. The forums here have been an invaluable source of information both before I bought the car and after. Lurking in the shadows I have read countless posts on the best combinations of parts and the best tuners trying to work out the best combination of mods with the best value. But I can't sit in the shadows any longer. I just picked up the car this evening from the tuner and cannot find printable words that describe how happy I am with the car. My wife drives this car on a regular basis so I was very concerned about driveablity and because it is a new car I wanted to maintain a stock appearance. Chris from Rapid performance gave me an excellent price on a FG stage II kit (4" Dump,5" Cat,Injectors, V.1 Intercooler and pipe kit) then Joe from Crescent Motorsport fitted the gear and tuned it. The car idles beautifully no one would suspect the Jekyll and Hyde personality of the car, squeese the pedal and the car hunkers down then shoves you into the seat as the speedo whips around the dial. Stab the pedal to the floor and it lights the after burner drawing lines all over the road. I reckon these G6ET's would have to be the ultimate sleeper and I have a grin from ear to ear after driving mine. Red Baron
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