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  1. Front sway bar top 13mm bolt, give it some love and let me know
  2. Atomic... purposely built to a degree not just something added to a stock part cheers
  3. Where the fhruck do you live, the ghetto ?
  4. Was pretty bang on hey
  5. That's an impressive dyno sheet mate and yeh the BTR would be hating life with some sticky rubber solid build !!
  6. It doesn't work that well even though a premium WA workshop does it with 6466's a fair bit
  7. Nizzy Big Big cooler and FG plenum by far !
  8. Rince and repeat the underlined section of puffy's post will do it
  9. E85 can definitely knock
  10. Good to see you into it mate Hopefully people take my hint I keep dropping on an aftermarket Knock detection devices .....
  11. Paul it's been an absolute pleasure being able to turn your car into what it should have been from the Get Go and it's nothing short of unacceptable they way it came to me after you've paid top dollar to a previous workshop, they maybe a leader in Holden/HSV's but definitely haven't got the falcon platform sorted out ! It's terrible when customers think their car has to be so poorly running and decide to park it up as they just can't rely or deal with it anymore on the flip side its now driving better than new with more power than ever and looks like a brand new car with that detail work Matty from DetailX has done so props to him there looking forward to the next stage buddy
  12. Solid chat
  13. Soooo anyone into quantum physics and the 8D theory ?
  14. Judgement horse approves