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  1. It's pretty loud when you take your foot off the throttle so I'm sure I could get defected if the cop was in a bad mood, but as far as I'm aware I don't think it would have any issues even if it went through regency. Most guys just end up putting the stock bov back on and plumbing it back in and it's happy days. Lets hope we never have to do that 😂
  2. Can't say I've ever driven anything with the power some of you guys are getting around in, but my car has completely transformed. Going from around 220~rwkw to 310 has made the car come alive. It's more responsive everywhere and coupled with the zf tune it's much nicer to drive. Zero complaints from me here and sure one day I may look at upgrading the turbo or go the E85 path etc. but for now I can't get the smile off my face and will enjoy it 😎
  3. Huge thanks to @JETURBO for being so helpful when it came to all my questions and for transforming my car from completely stock to what it is now. I haven't had a chance to really drive it properly yet but hoping the weather forecast for Sunday holds firm I've been fortunate enough that during the current climate I've been able to work from home over the last 2 months and I've actually managed to save a bit of coin so figured why not, I know I'm eventually going to do all this so why not do it in one go. One phone call, a couple of texts and everything was ordered. @JETURBO kept me updated every step of the way as each item arrived and has a knack for always building up the excitement. The cars had a pretty good run so far so the valve springs giving out a little bit seems about right, and that will be next on my list to sort out and I'll definitely be going back to @JETURBO to organise that when the missus forgives me for spending this much on my car 😬😅 From the couple of quick drives where I have put the foot down a little the car has completely transformed. The sound is amazing and I haven't been pushed back into my seat since owning my old JZA70 R Supra some time ago. Speaking of sound, zero drone on the Venom system - highly recommend to anyone. The drive home from Aarons involved a trip down the expressway at 90 and 110kmph, so in that 1.5-1.8k RPM range and it was perfect - no drone at all. For anyone in SA that stumbles across this thread just like I did, if you want a personal, genuinely nice person who has a passion for the XR6T platform to work on your pride and joy and do it right don't bother going to the big workshops. Hit up @JETURBO and get it done right. I'll be sure to post again after I've put the car through her paces, and can't wait for a cruise to catch up with everyone. Cheers, Chris
  4. I have the Plazmaman kit and in my opinion it's definitely worth it as I specifically wanted more induction noise (and hectik dose bro). I'm not an expert but I assume there would be a small (5kw~?) gain. No need to get a tune, and this was the first mod I did (plus intercooler piping), but it sounds 1000x better after I upgraded intercooler and exhaust + tune etc. Antz kit looks alright for the price but I'm glad I went with Plazmaman.
  5. I don't think there's anything wrong with the antz kit but I highly recommend the Plazmaman kit if you want quality.
  6. Under normal circumstances its fine. Running a silent profile with the 3 ML120 rans it rarely exceeds 70c. Running full blown burner test on all 16 threads it can hit 90, so I am tempted to go back to a custom loop. 9900KS likes to run hot. Edit: the Evolv is better than the original version but the airflow is seriously lacking compared to my last case Corsair 750d airflow edition.
  7. Intel Core i9 9900KS EVGA GTX 1080 FTW Edition Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X DRGB Tempered Glass Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro CMW32GX4M4C3200C16 32GB Corsair AX850 Titanium Modular 850w PSU 3 x SSDS + 3 x HDD (Total 10gb storage) Bunch of random lighting and cablemod cables Mainly because it was a pain in the ass to maintain and change anything out. Also coming home from work one day to see a very slow leak straight onto the top of my gpu backplate was the final straw. I still have all the equipment sitting in my wardrobe I should probably sell it haha. All EKWB gear except for the pump/res combo. Previous platform was an i7 6700k which is also sitting next to me.
  8. Recently upgraded my PC late last year. Waiting for the next gen of nvidia cards to upgrade my aging 1080. https://I.imgur.com/9KjnyHj.jpg Bonus picture of my old custom watercooling setup featuring my cat that likes to keep warm. https://I.imgur.com/3t2mqt6.jpg
  9. Sharing my experience with @JETURBO et after contacting him a little while ago about sorting out some modifications to my car. Being new to the barra world I had a million questions which Aaron happily answered. My main priority was getting a major service as the car just ticked over 80,000KMS and I had some concerns after buying the car from a dealer earlier this year. He was incredibly helpful and extremely thorough. After the major service and some tlc on the diff the car feels great and I now have the peace of mind knowing that my car is in good shape to get stuck into some mods. I will definitely be contacting Aaron to organise that soon 😎. Dealing with Aaron was a refreshing experience compared to workshops in the past. He gave me some great advice on how to approach the mods I was looking at and there was no pressure and no bs and it's easy to see he has a real passion for working on cars. He was happy to have a chat for ages about my 'boring' stock as a rock MK2 XR6 Turbo. The little things like giving the engine bay a thorough clean after is the cherry on top. 100% recommend to anyone who needs some maintenance carried out on their car or wants to install some fun parts 😁
  10. Hi all, Long time lurker and just purchased a stock 2012 FG MK2 XR6 Turbo in kinetic blue with the luxury pack. Really nice car and I don't plan on doing much to it other than a couple basic mods (intake for more induction noise). I'm looking for some advice on a good workshop located in Adelaide for any future work carried out? I'm also after some recommendations for a decent detailer to get a full cut and polish as it has a small amount of swirling and I'd like to get on top of that ASAP.
  11. Grew up loving my imports and learnt to drive in that first Supra. All cars were manual apart from the Magna and Falcon. Have been in the market for a turbo Ford for a while now and just picked up my XR6 Turbo last week. 1989 Toyota Supra MA70 (3 litre turbo with custom exhaust and intake) 1990 Toyota Corolla E80 (Daily) 1988 Ford Laser (Daily) 1990 Toyota Supra JZA70 R (Heavily modified, 1JZ-GTE with Greddy T-67 single turbo set up. This thing was my absolute dream car and I regret selling it every day) 1998 Mitsubishi Magna 2012 Ford Falcon FG MK2 XR6 Turbo
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