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Snowy Cruise 2018 (Friday 23 - Sunday 25 November)

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Combined States Snowy Cruise 2018

Updates will be posted in this first post and the itinerary may change over time as necessary - so please check back regularly on this first post :yahoo:

DATE: Friday 23 November - Sunday 25 November 2017 (3 days) with possible additional day VIC Alpine National Park Monday 26 November



VIC Depart 8:30am (arrive there by 8am) BP Wallan northbound on Hume Freeway
NSW Depart 11:30am (arrive there by 11am) Mount Annan Shell, Waterworth Drive
ACT Depart around 3:30pm (arrive there by 3pm) Yass Caltex Star Mart, Yass Valley Way

This is based on Cro's famous annual Combined States Snowy's Cruise and thanks go to him and the other Moderators/Cruise Controllers for their help in bringing this to you. 

VIC, NSW and ACT attendees make there way to Tumut Fri night. Routes as per PM.

Saturday is the big day.

Next day Sunday is a late start with brekky in Jindabyne's main plaza then we all head off our separate ways. NSWs can head towards Berridale and Sydney (460km approx 7 hours) and VICs get to do the snaking rock gullies again heading back towards Corryong then Melbourne (577km approx 9 hours).

All on sealed roads!

Please be aware there are some incredible twisties on this route - best let any passengers know of potential motion sickness. 

Also, please ensure you have a conntigency plan if you have a breakdown - like a mate who is willing to stay with you if necessary or Roadside Assistance. And it might be a good thing not to have anything critical to do on the following weekdays justin incase you need extra days to get home for some reason. 

Main Cruise 3 Days - Friday Saturday and Sunday.


Snowy Mountains - need I say more :drivingalong:

Vid of 2017 Snowy Cruise




Friday Night 23 November
Commercial Hotel Tumut  (has pub)
103 Wynyard Street, 2720 Tumut, Australia
$75 pn (3 rooms left - book directly on their website for best deal and price includes continental brekky - thanks El Andrew :beerchug: )


Saturday Night 24 November
Lake Jindabyne Hotel (has pub for dinner and accomodation includes cooked hot brekky)  - We've never tried this place so if anyone has any opinions on it please post up!  I just like how it is close to where main town action is ... (thank farrrk I got the hotel name right on this one - updated the address though :roflmbo: once again thanks El Andrew and bamk2f6tornado :thumbsup:  )
21 McLure Circuit, Jindabyne NSW 2627
Phone: (02) 6456 2203 or 1800 646 818
$125 pn (price includes cooked hot brekky)


Sunday Night 25 November (optional for those doing VIC Alpines on Monday)

Golden Age Hotel (has pub)
189 Day Ave, Omeo VIC 3898
Phone: (03) 5159 1344
$110 pn (price includes cooked hot brekky)


A fair bit of fuel will be required for the drive during the 3 or 4 days. Please ensure you are topped at the meet points and have enough fuel to complete the legs (so best to fuel up when others do). If you need E85 - best to bring your own jerry cans filled up in the capital cities as there will be no E85 in the country.

Caltex, CALTEX YASS, 1715 YASS VALLEY WAY, YASS, NSW 2582 (Vortex 98 avail)

BP, BP Border, Corner Of Ebden Street And Wodonga Place, South Albury, NSW, 2640
BP, BP North Albury, Cnr Hume Hwy & Thurgoona Dr, North Albury, NSW, 2640


BP, Thredbo BP, 51 Friday Dr, Thredbo, NSW, 2625 (95 RON only, Diesel avail)


BP, BP Jindabyne, 8 Kosciusko Rd, Jindabyne, NSW, 2627 (BP Ultimate avail)
Mobil, Jindabyne east, Lot 1 kosciusko road (95 RON only)
Caltex, CALTEX JINDABYNE, 4-6 KOSCIUSKO RD, JINDABYNE NSW 2627 (Vortex 98 avail)

Shell, REGION SERVICE STATION, 51-53 SHARP ST, COOMA, 2630, NSW (95 RON and 91 RON only)
BP, Rhythym Snow Sports, 8 Sharp St, Cooma, NSW, 2630 (BP Ultimate avail)

BP,BP Corryong, 21 Towong Road, CORRYONG, VIC, 3707 (95 RON only)

Mt Beauty
Caltex (98 RON)

Mobil, Day Ave (98 RON - but we shouldn't need to fill up there if we fill up in Mt Beauty)

Mandatory to have a UHF 40 channel CB Radio to keep across road hazards and general chatter. EvilDaifu has a few CBs for free loan on the cruise if anyone is interested - just PM EvilDaifu to reserve one.

Camera for the photo opps and the views.

Don't forget to bring extra batteries for your CB and camera - something makes me think we'd be chewing through the batteries on this cruise!


Warm clothes - though it's November, it's still an alpine region and they got snowed in on one the cruise years ago.

Bucket, sponge and some car wash liquid if you want to keep your car shiny for photo opps.

3M clear contact tape (from auto stores) for your bonnet lips and maybe fog lights to protect against stone chips and cracks. Cro did a write up about it on the forum. Or just buy the foggie protectors off eBay. Worth it - I've cracked both of mine on different past cruises.  Likewise with windscreen insurance - seems to happen get the occassional stray stone flick up.


CG-Lock - some of us have them :wwww:


GoPro's (prolly didn't need to say that :buttrock:)

If you have an edit - consider bringing your flash boxes incase you need it - don't laugh I remember one gentleman broke down and had to drop his tune back to stock because
a. dust in his airbox
b. water in his fuel
c. didn't clean K&N air filter of gunk

d. sprung a leak in radiator hose

e. farrked if I know  :roflmbo:

Spare car keys (how many times have guys locked their keys in their car on cruises :facepalm: ) 


Telstra has generally had the best coverage on this cruise in the past.  You will need CBs though as there most of the time we'll be out of mobile coverage.  Generally some of the guys will have spare CBs but just mentioned you'll need to borrow one when you post up below.

1. Obey all laws whilst on the cruise; this means no speeding, no overtaking over double lines (no matter how safe you think it may be), etc...

2. There is a designated cruise leader who will lead the way and set the correct pace for all cruise members.

3. Use the Buddy system - always make sure you can see the car behind you. This will give people behind you an indication on where to turn to make sure nobody gets lost.

4. CB Radios - if you don't have one, follow the maps and directions given out. It is highly recommended to have CB as it enhances the enjoyment of the cruise being able to hear about road hazards and join in on the social chatter.

5. Please turn up to the meeting points with a sufficient fuel in your tank and enough time before the departure time.

6. Onus is on the owner/driver to ensure their vehicle is safe to drive on public roads and meets State road traffic authority laws.

7. Please ensure you have a contingency plan if you have a breakdown or unnecessarily delayed. e.g. Roadside Assistance or a mate in another car who is willing to stay with you if necessary.

8. This cruise is not to be advertised on any other media or websites or social media sites without prior agreement from the cruise organisers.

9. By attending this cruise you agree not to hold FordXR6Turbo.com, it's Administrators, Moderators, Cruise Controllers, or Owner responsible / liable for any damage and / or grief sustained (simply; you are responsible for your own actions).


RACV Roadside Assistance ph 13 72 28
NRMA Roadside Assistance ph 13 11 11
RACQ Roadside Assistance ph 13 11 11

Police ph 000
Police Tumut, 20 Wynward St, ph 02 6947 7199
Police Jindabyne, 16 Thredbo Terrace, ph 02 6456 2244

Ambulance ph 000

Fire ph 000

CFA VIC ph 000

Victorian Bushfire Information ph 1800 240 667

SES NSW ph 13 25 00

NSW Wildlife Information Rescue Education Service ph 1300 094 737
VIC Wildlife Emergency ph 1300 094 535

VicRoads Hazard
Report Hazard ph 13 11 70
Information ph 13 11 71

RTA (NSW) Hazards
Report Hazard ph 13 17 00
Hazard Information ph 13 27 01

Hospitals Tumut - Tumut District Hospital, Howick St, ph 02 6947 1555
Hospitals Cooma - Cooma District Hospital, Bent St ph 02 6455 3222
Hospitals Bright - Bright District Hospital, Cobden Street, Bright, ph 03 5755 0100
Hospitals Bainsdale - Bairnsdale Regional Health Service, 122 Day Street, Bairnsdale Ph 03 5150 3333

Coles Tumut, 39 Russell St, ph 02 6947 1543

Tumut Shell, Snowy Mountain Hwy, ph 02 6947 2144 (has V-Power)
Jindabyne BP, 8 Kosciusko Rd, ph 02 6456 2127 (has BP Ultimate)

Tow Trucks
Wodonga -BF Panels Towing 24 Hour towing ph 02 6025 7444
Wodonga - Grealy Motors & Towing Service Wodonga ph 02 6024 1155
Wodonga - Jacobs Paint and Panel Towing mob 0417 777 743
Tumut - Tumut Tilt Tray and Vehicle Recovery ph 0428 647 948
Tumut - Royans Wagga Truck Towing mob 0424 827 914
Adaminaby - Ampol service Station, ph 02 6454 2256
Jindabyne - Jindabyne Towing & Automative Services, ph 02 6456 1159
Jindabyne - Snowy Mountains Automative & Towing ph 02 6456 2518
Cooma - Extreme Towing mob 0428 331 731

Bright - Alpine Towing & Auto Repairs ph: 0419 155 702
Bright - Bright Automotive & Towing Pty Ltd ph: (03) 5755 2149
Bright - Bright RACV ph: (03) 5750 1230
Myrtleford - Cobbers Towing Service ph: (03) 5751 1666
Mt Beauty - Mount Beauty Auto Repairs ph: (03) 5754 1366


Everyone is welcome so please post up if you'd like to roar in a line of XRs:drivingalong: 

1. @EvilDaifuVIC (4 days - including accommodation)

2. @El Andrew ACT (? days - including accommodation)

3. @YLD127 ACT (4 days - including accommodation)

4. @PookeyMaster NSW (4 days - meet us late at night Tumut)

5. @k31th VIC (4 days - including accommodation)


1. @bad inferno VIC (? days)



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16 hours ago, EvilDaifu said:
Hey El Andrew new FG mmmmm ? Had to do a re-check of the 2017 cruise pics to jog my old memory cells :dancing: Congratulations mate !

Thanks mate. Yep, red too! Trying to change the Lightning Strike balance for this year.

If it turns out to be the same list as last year, Keith needs to buy a black car so the photos are balanced...

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Would probably advertise it as an "All states" cruise rather than NSW when it comes time to put the post up. 

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Better get off my arse before then and do:

Wideband, boost and oil pressure gauges
Trans cooler
Diff oil
Intercooler pipes

It is all sitting there ready (except for the NS400 pads) and waiting for warranty to expire.

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2 hours ago, El Andrew said:

It is all sitting there ready (except for the NS400 pads) and waiting for warranty to expire.


Do the pads now :roflmbo: 

I love my Project Mu's 



1. EvilDaifu VIC

2. Rab VIC

3. El Andrew ACT

4. Wilko16 VIC


Looks like a bit of *cough* interest *cough* so I'll start up a thread ... :thumbsup: 

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@evildaifu unfortunately Gaz they haven't been available for a while. Something to do with issues with a bad batch of the compound meant supply dried up.

Apparently they now have the material again and supply should resume soon. I'll basically leave it as late as possible and if I can't get any before Snowys, I'll go DBA SP500 instead.

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5 hours ago, Rab said:

@MattyP should still have enough time to organise a wedding/family function etc that'll prevent him coming along :P

Too soon mate haha

I have booked holidays already hahaha

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Great Matty :thumbsup:


1. EvilDaifu VIC (4 days)

2. Rab VIC (? days)

3. El Andrew ACT (? days)

4. Wilko16 VIC (? days)

5. MattyP NSW (? days)


1. k31th VIC (? days)


I'm keen to find out who would like to do the optional extra day over Mt Hotham or Falls Creek (we have decided on weather in the past as it's pretty changeable in the Alpine region).  I'm keen to do the extra day because love Omeo pub steaks ...

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