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  1. Ahhh damn! Would have loved too however we're expecting our first on the 19th. Think it's too close??... Rofl Awww man, my wife would kill me!! Very keen to catch up with you guys again soon and cruise around with the new setup. Have a feeling ill get chopped everywhere except warp speed when it comes on [emoji41][emoji108]
  2. I'm keen to see where this goes also.
  3. Rab, you sir are a legend!!! Fix and working now [emoji41][emoji108]
  4. Yeah well its only on this site... Have also contacted tapatalk support to see what they say. From my quick reading it's an issue with the PHP memory allocation on the server that needs to be adjusted...
  5. I'm still getting issues viewing the new posts and unread, which is suuuuuper frustrating. Looks to be an issue with php? It's only this forum also, all my others work fine. And yes, before you ask, I've cleared the tapatalk app data and unfollowed the forum to setup from scratch. Same issue!
  6. That stupid tapatalk won't show me unread or new posts on the forum....
  7. Here's a link to the seller/listings, however the all black stitching versions aren't listed for the handbrake handle or shifter boot. I just sent them a message and they arrange the listing for me so that I could buy all 3 and combine shipping. Handbrake: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FORD-FPV-FG-FGX-LEATHER-HANDBRAKE-BOOT-ONLY-G6-XR6-XR8-F6-GT-BLACK-STITCH/153366894511?hash=item23b56117af:g:va4AAOSwYIxX4hDH:rk:2:pf:0 Handbrake Handle: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FORD-FPV-FG-FGX-LEATHER-HANDBRAKE-HANDLE-G6-XR6-XR8-F6-GT-BLUE-STITCH/153374751094?hash=item23b5d8f976:g:iKIAAOSwG0hZ4Bon:rk:6:pf:0 Shifter Boot: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FORD-FPV-FG-FGX-LEATHER-MANUAL-GEAR-BOOT-XR6-XR8-F6-GT-SPRINT-SILVER-STITCH/153366894506?hash=item23b56117aa:g:MKwAAOSw4GVYPjE3:rk:2:pf:0
  8. Cheers man, it's come together well and goes even better. Will be good to get this boost control issue sorted.
  9. Wiped over my new all black bay [emoji16] The thing is a dust magnet!!!
  10. Got them all from eBay which I'll post a link for later. They fit perfectly and look and feel amazing!
  11. Installed a proper leather boot set on the shifter, hand brake and hand brake handle. It looks sooooo much nicer and won't flake like the POS factory faux stuff!
  12. That you finish a 10 month turbo build/upgrade, only to find it's all got to come back off to change to a 60mm gate for better boost control [emoji19] God damn they're big!! [emoji41]
  13. Yeah that was my photo he'd posted reusing the pins from one of the aux inputs. I've still not used it in the end as there was too much feedback using the mic 5v power wire. I'll have to find another way. Strangely, apparently you "must" use the external mic with the MK2 version, which I find strange - even when putting it into a MK1 like mine which has the mic built into the front ICC cover. I've tried calls and there's a one way voice issue, which changes when you use the on screen speaker button (goes from hearing the caller and no mic to them hearing you but not being able to hear them). Either way it seems like they should be able to fix this of a MK1 facia is used. Overall I'm still happy, it's miles better than the original MK1 unit. And I was lucky enough to get the newer fast boot model [emoji41][emoji106]

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