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  1. F6 bad fuel consumption

    Without getting it on a dyno or having your own wideband its impossible to troubleshoot. Have you done all the obvious things like change air/fuel filter etc? As puff had stated, the right foot can have a lot to do with it....
  2. FG MK 1, 2 and FGX replacement ICC

    I must say I'm interested but can't for the life of me understand why they didn't shrink the screen a little. If they went to all the effort of integrating and reverse engineering the cars CAN network, why would they not do something simple like making sure asthetically, it looks nice?! Also, branding the device under the screen looks pox...
  3. Intank Pump Or Surge Tank

    Bout 25-30% more in fact [emoji6][emoji106]
  4. Snowy Cruise 2018 (Friday 23 - Sunday 25 November)

    I'm a maybe Gaz, provided we get the car finished before then an I can get work off on the Friday [emoji41][emoji106]
  5. GTX3584RS Turbo

    Link looks borked mate, may chance you could just upload and attach through the forum direct? Keen to see some results of a 3584rs as you don't see many being used.
  6. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    Looks like an interlock system to me! [emoji23]
  7. Id1300x or id1700x

    I'd be going the 1700x's as I'm currently in the same predicament. The X series are very different to the original id1000's that I have and have even better characteristics. There's almost no reason to go small (1000cc and below) any more as the side effects of the larger squirters are almost zero. At least that way you're well covered for the future with little to no drawbacks.
  8. Fuel Trims - What's Normal?

    STFT and LTFT are only used in closed loop (think light load & cruise secnarios) and not in WOT conditions where fuelling in open loop is calculated straight from the base fuelling map plus some additional modifiers.
  9. Jonny tig VS 6Boost exhaust manifold

    Don't tempt me! lol The 42 already looks small!
  10. Jonny tig VS 6Boost exhaust manifold

    Guys I think you're being optimistic that a gen 2 gtx3582 will make 600rwkw, without ringing its neck. Heck, the 4202 Ive got don't seem to make that sort of power until you're pushing reasonable boost, 30+ psi. As much as the gen 2 stuff has improved, I don't think it's anywhere near the flow you'll require to make that power. With a 1.06 your stuck at about 32lbs of exhaust flow and 80lbs on the comp side. That's basically at the surge line as well and the comps only about 60% efficient there which is terrible. Too me, best case scenario that's around the 800 ish crank HP. Take into account the losses and your no-where near your 600rwkw. I think you're going to need a bigger snail [emoji6]
  11. Diy Tuning

    Would loved to have jumped on it if I didn't buy the Haltech. I did get my mate who owns a workshop to jump on the deal though [emoji41] It's definitely a step above HP Tuners, which majorly sucked because at the end of the day the devs in the US didn't give a toss.. that and the market for them would be soooo tiny. Why would they bother to invest like a local company would! Good work guys keep it up. If I ever get nabbed by the boys in blue and have to go back to stock pcm, it'll def be tuned by pcmtec!
  12. Haltech Falcon plug & play discussing thread

    Yeah I'm keen as faaaaark to get mine in as its just sitting on the bench waiting for firmware.. Along with the wideband kit I've already got, the flex and fuel pressure sensors are on order [emoji41][emoji106] For me the safety and felxibility was a no brainer over the factory comp. I'm trying to work out whether to ditch the eboost2 I'd just brought and fitted or keep it and run it as an input into the Haltech so I get in cabin boost control. It really would be a glorified boost gauge with switch though as I'd prefer the Haltech to do the boost control if at all possible. I'm even contemplating a racepak for the column to give me all the nice outputs I want like flex content. Not sure I can justify the cost just yet as they are expensive little buggers!
  13. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Wow, just checked out those ez drain oil valves, order placed! Thanks man!
  14. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    It's a tial 1.02 vband rear. Yeah the cars manual, hence the smaller rear. Prob would have went a 1.15 if it had an auto in it. No doubt that'll prob come soon enough... Hahahah
  15. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Yeah, lookin forward to going for a blast up in the hills soon! [emoji41]

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