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  1. I was looking at getting a 2007 bf falcon or a g6e 2010 falcon, I want to try get 600rwkw. I'm a heavy diesel mechanic so I can do all the work myself I just dont know which parts are the best for the task. I only want to take it to drags and power cruise a few times a year itll mostly just be a street car.
  2. Hi I'm new to this page, I'm looking at buying a Ford Falcon and want to get around 600 out of it. I am unsure what brand of parts or what needs to be upgraded do I need to do any forged internals ? I've heard the transmition input shaft needs to be changed, new valve spring 4inch exhaust, better intake system etc. Which brand of parts would be best to make this power ? If possible I would like to do this on 98 as it's easier to get for me. Information would be highly appreciated.
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