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  1. Nah it still made 21psi but that was before the turbo was ported out but I'm not sure if hes checked it again yet, it cant be that hard to diagnose
  2. Yeah we have already bypassed boost solinoid so not sure what tuner Is going to try next
  3. Yeah well that's the problem living in New Zealand this is supposed to be a good tuner
  4. It's the factor turbo not gtx, was spiking to 21psi
  5. Waste gate definitely wasnt getting stuck we made sure of that and they have made sure the preload is right bloody pain in the ass
  6. We did that before we ported out the turbo and it spiked. next thing we are going to try is different springs but I doubt that'll change it the springs it has in it equal to 12psi but arnt the combination that are on the chart turbo smart give you as a combination for 12psi so I'm not sure if it's that or not
  7. Hi guys, cars been at the tuners for a over 2 weeks now the car is having a problem with over boosting we have taken off the turbo (3582r) and have got the turbo ported and new flapper but it's still boost spiking we have tried all the obvious reasons and have no idea why it's doing it the actuator is a 12psi turbosmart any information would be greatly appreciated cheers
  8. Hi guys, how much boost/kw can the stock f6 head studs handle when will the head start to lift? Cheers.
  9. Sweet mate cheers mate I'll let you know how I go after this lockdown is over in 2 weeks time hopfully wish I bought all the parts before hand only have the pump no wiring or reg
  10. Thanks for the info mate appreciate I've got a cousin that's a sparky I'll get him to help, do u have to modify the cradle quite a bit to get a 460 to fit ?
  11. How many kw are you making boostedg6e with drilled out reg? Was it a big job to do wiring did u run it from battery back with fuse and relay ? Or splice into the original circuit somewhere ?
  12. Hi Guys just wondering when upgrading to a walbro 450lph fuel pump in a fg f6 do you need to upgrade the wiring or will it be able to handle the amps that it puts out? Also will it require a new regulator? And if so when fitting a new regulator do you just set them to 4 bar on stock tune before heading to tuners ? Cheers
  13. I was looking at getting a 2007 bf falcon or a g6e 2010 falcon, I want to try get 600rwkw. I'm a heavy diesel mechanic so I can do all the work myself I just dont know which parts are the best for the task. I only want to take it to drags and power cruise a few times a year itll mostly just be a street car.
  14. Hi I'm new to this page, I'm looking at buying a Ford Falcon and want to get around 600 out of it. I am unsure what brand of parts or what needs to be upgraded do I need to do any forged internals ? I've heard the transmition input shaft needs to be changed, new valve spring 4inch exhaust, better intake system etc. Which brand of parts would be best to make this power ? If possible I would like to do this on 98 as it's easier to get for me. Information would be highly appreciated.
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