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  1. Hey guys, I'm in the process of choosing a street use turbo for my new engine that's getting close to the final stages of assembly. I have already chosen a turbo for dyno and off street use, a Garrett GTX 4709R, but I understand that it's not going to be my best choice for daily use. I keep going back to the likes of 2 similar sized turbo's a Garrett GTW 3884r with a 67mm inducer, and a Aeroflow boosted 6762 for street use. Both are internally gated with a 42mm flapper and ceramic ball bearings. I plan on just swapping the tune, manifold and dump pipe when changing to the bigger/smaller Huffer as the 4709 is fitted to a 6boost and is externally gated. Has anyone had much to do with either 3884 and the 6762? I still plan on running 30psi+ with the smaller setup and don't want to prematurely wear it out! Any advice will be taken on board when making the decision. Cheers Ken
  2. Kev has built plenty of Barra turbo motors and reckons the combination I'm putting together should be comfortable making 1200hp at the wheels with the right turbo. I'm only planning to run it at 900-1000rwhp first up, but might get my hands on a bigger turbo and injectors down the track and see what it can produce. I can't use the power, once it gets to this level due to the tyre size and manual box fitted... But still! I'd love the numbers just for bragging rights 😂
  3. Yeah I've been getting Kevin @ Pryce racing engines to do my machining for close to 20 years. Since Teterins stopped dealing with the public, he has gotten all the best of equipment and has the experience to get the best from it
  4. Today I was given good news from two different sources! Firstly I am possibly allowed to return to work once I get my special skills exemption from the government. Which allows me to travel interstate without the need to self isolate for the standard 14 days. And the other, but even better news came from my machinist at Pryce racing engines. Letting me know that my custom order pistons from CP in the states have arrived. So now the crank is machined, the rods have been modified to suit the oversized chromoly wrist pins that were made up for the new pistons, the block had been line honed with the stud kit and girdle fitted, the head is almost completed with 3 angle valve job and mild flow work and blueprinting of all volumes etc. All that has to be done is to bore and deck the block and wrap it all up for me to bring home and begin assembly 😁😊😁 Yay Can't wait to start this part, will post some pics as I go.
  5. Hey guys, I don't have the time to look too much through the post. So I'll just pretend that I didn't know that someone has probably already answered my question!! I'm due to replace the rear tyres on my FG, and I have a pair of new 275/35/20" Kumhos just sitting there in my shed (didn't fit under the guards on my BA!!) Will they fit under the guards on my FG? I'm running 8.5" wide with +35 offset.. I've done some quick measurements, and I don't think they will. However I read that many people are running them?? Cheers Ken
  6. I have no serious intentions for the car once its finished. I would like to be able to enjoy it on the weekends and on club days at the track occasionally (circuit and strip). I will be fitting a Magnum 6 speed manual once my current T56 becomes tired or very broken! The car is only running 245/30/20's on the street, so I'm a little more optimistic that the box won't explode under pressure too easily, if its given a little bit of respect until I build up the savings again to get the new magnum box. I have already dropped the diff ratio to 4.1:1 when I fitted the custom built rear end, so that will help reduce lag when using a bigger huffer. I will be getting Justin at Blacktrack to do the tuning, Kevin from Pryce racing engines is the one that helped me out with designing the engine package. He has built quite a few that have dynoed well over 1200hp using very similar packages to mine. I didn't think the 1500cc injectors were going to be enough, as according to my earlier calculations they were going to peak at 1050ish hp, that would only be flywheel, and then they need to factor in the 20-30% more required to run E85.
  7. Hope you don't just plan on turning up the boost and using bolt ons! I am coming close to the completion of my build, that coincidentally is targeting 1000hp (at the treads). And I have not fitted anything less than what has been considered to be rated less than 1200-1500hp safety rated! So far its nearly cost me my sanity, my marriage, my next 10 Xmases and birthdays worth of gifts and a lot of extremely hardcore research into over rating everything as a safety margin! Not to forget the driveline, the clutch, gearbox, tailshaft, diff and axles need to be extensively upgraded to handle the nuclear explosion that's turning all of this! I wouldn't push the standard internals much more than 15psi, without expecting some sort of technical conundrum presenting itself sooner rather than later!
  8. Hey guys I have completed the bottom end of my new upgrade for my BA. I am still new to the turbo world, and don't really trust dealers when it comes to getting advice on buying such upgrade parts to suit my build (as I have often seen commissions, brand preference and other factors come influence their recommendations). So here it is. The bottom end has been completely upgraded using these parts fully balanced nitrided and polished ford crank, Spool H-beam Pro drag rods with 7/16'' arp bolts, CP forged 9.0:1 pistons (10 thou oversize), A full stud kit and moly girdle, block was sonic tested and cylinder walls all very close to 160 thou thick (minimum), an upgraded timing chain kit using BMW Chain & new gears that have all been nitrided, the rotating assy was fully balanced with both auto and manual flywheels and 2 different balancers (forged). The setup was built to be safe to rev past 8500 rpm, and handle well over 1200hp. The head has oversize exhaust valves, has been ported and has been fitted with a pair of custom crow cams that should make quite noticeable gains after 800hp according to my tuner. The fuel system is still not completely selected yet as I am still looking how big to go. But there are triple fuel pumps 2x walbro & 1 bosch (good for lots more than I will need!) Still unsure whether the 1500cc injectors will be enough? (any thoughts guys?) It has a nizpro plenum fitted with 80mm throttle body, and will have a 6 boost exhaust manifold that runs into a 4'' John Bowe racing exhaust with twin 4'' cats etc. So where does that leave me for turbo options? I will have to consider running a tune for 98 fuel, as the availability of E85 can limit options when taking it on a trip, but I plan to tune it on E85 with around 35psi give or take a couple psi. With hopes to produce around 1000 rear wheel hp. Have I missed anything? cheers guys opinions and proven numbers would be great to help me match the right parts first time. Cheers Ken
  9. On Wednesday my wife was taken to hospital with some complications with our pregnancy, broken waters etc... She was not not due for another month! After 2 days of constant monitoring and testing (and not sleeping for either of us!) I was urgently called back to the hospital only an hour after leaving to finally get a couple of hours sleep at 3.30am Saturday morning, and upon arrival my wife was being taken to another unit in a terrible looking condition......... 3hrs later, I was holding a beautiful little baby girl! Both my wife and new daughter were quickly taken away to the nursery where my daughter was connected up to all these highly sophisticated machines as she had difficulty breathing. Today I was awoken by a call from my wife to inform me that when I visit this evening, that I will need to go to a different ward, as our little Princess is now improved enough to be monitored and only connected up with a drip!!!! Yay!! What a gift for Xmas.
  10. ken666

    Disabling Dsc

    Wish my Daughter thought like that! She wants me to buy her a new car, and was heart broken when I said I'm not giving you a new one to destroy. I'll get you a late model XR6 instead! But Dad, I don't want one that other people have been in??
  11. ken666

    Disabling Dsc

    Yes, I agree! But her car was much better for me to drive to work on night shift, at least I wouldn't have to worry about my pride and joy being a victim of someone else's bad intentions... But hers broke down less than 2kms from home, so I asked her to very carefully bring it to me! My 8 yr old daughter was in the car when she done it, and said to her mum "maybe you should keep driving past daddy, because he's not going to be very happy now!"
  12. ken666

    Disabling Dsc

    Her friends say the same thing to her when she tells them that I spent over 100G on a car!
  13. ken666

    Disabling Dsc

    I always wondered why it does that. My ex destroyed the side of my supercharged XR8 while reversing it though the driveway gates... It was wet grass and she jumped sideways and dragged the gate from the rear bumper to the front guard... She got the sh!ts with me because t/c didn't do anything to save her!!
  14. Fixed!!!!! Yay😃 FG's seem to hold they're ecu memory for a lot longer than the BA-BF series. I've had the battery disconnected a few times now, but realized that it must have a backup power supply for short durations. I found that the ecu hasn't reset until the icc clock loses the correct time. Which I should have picked up the first couple of attempts!
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