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  1. ken666

    Disabling Dsc

    Wish my Daughter thought like that! She wants me to buy her a new car, and was heart broken when I said I'm not giving you a new one to destroy. I'll get you a late model XR6 instead! But Dad, I don't want one that other people have been in??
  2. ken666

    Disabling Dsc

    Yes, I agree! But her car was much better for me to drive to work on night shift, at least I wouldn't have to worry about my pride and joy being a victim of someone else's bad intentions... But hers broke down less than 2kms from home, so I asked her to very carefully bring it to me! My 8 yr old daughter was in the car when she done it, and said to her mum "maybe you should keep driving past daddy, because he's not going to be very happy now!"
  3. ken666

    Disabling Dsc

    Her friends say the same thing to her when she tells them that I spent over 100G on a car!
  4. ken666

    Disabling Dsc

    I always wondered why it does that. My ex destroyed the side of my supercharged XR8 while reversing it though the driveway gates... It was wet grass and she jumped sideways and dragged the gate from the rear bumper to the front guard... She got the sh!ts with me because t/c didn't do anything to save her!!
  5. Fixed!!!!! Yay😃 FG's seem to hold they're ecu memory for a lot longer than the BA-BF series. I've had the battery disconnected a few times now, but realized that it must have a backup power supply for short durations. I found that the ecu hasn't reset until the icc clock loses the correct time. Which I should have picked up the first couple of attempts!
  6. ken666

    Disabling Dsc

    Haha, just read my reply from last night! (appears it was a bit bigger than I remember!) But yeah, I still switch all aids off before I leave the driveway too camo86t. Maybe it's just the comfort of actually being the one in control/responsible for my passenger's and my own safety, instead of trusting something that uses less realtime information than myself to "react"
  7. ken666

    Disabling Dsc

    Well........ by the look of my rear tyres compared with the fronts... My 2009 FG XR6 has no throttle reduction when DSC is switched off! And, to be honest... I am only really replying to this post cos I'm a little inebriated, and got so much entertainment from all the fireworks!! Phuck me, if someone owns or drives any type of vehicle and can't feel whether there is ANY type of programmed electronic driver aid intervening the drivers action/reaction to control the vehicle. Then maybe they should not be in that seat with the steering wheel in front of them??? In my opinion, everyone should learn to drive in an old overpowered sh*tbox with bald tyres on a wet circuit... when you can feel what a car is about to do, before it's too late to need all the electronic IDIOT proof programs, only then you should be allowed to sit for your licence.. Yes, yes, they can be great features to have (for those times you are in auto pilot), but that's always a bit of food for thought. Should you be driving a motor vehicle in this state of mind (hoping the car sees what you really should already be watching?)
  8. How did you do the reset? Cheers Ken
  9. Ever since I saw Dimmu Borgir perform live, they absolutely blew me away with the sound quality. Since, I have been waiting for their new album.. seven years later, they are still working on it! But here's a new track from it, whenever it is finally finished. Check this out, the tour I saw them play with full symphony and choirs! Even if you are not into the type of music, you will enjoy the show
  10. Transmission not in park........... I have just experienced the same issue in my FG XR6 today. But my issue stems from a different situation, long story short. My family and I got soaked to the bone in bad rain a couple of days ago, the interior got pretty wet, I turned the heater on the following morning to max for 30 mins or so with the windows open an inch to dry it out. Today I went to drive it, and it cut straight out and was immobilised, I disconnected battery and got it to reset and start. Then I got a new message on dash "blown indicator globe", and had no gauges? I drove it with heater on max to dry any moisture, then the gauges began to work. But then a new problem arose Now the indicators only flash on the right side, even if left is selected.. But ONLY while the engine is running, it works normally with key on eng off? And the dash is reading that same message that seems to be haunting everyone with electrical issues in an FG?? TRANSMISSION NOT IN PARK Does anyone know what the common link is that is shared by us? I'm thinking along the lines of bad earth, but haven't been able to test this theory yet.
  11. I can't say that I have ever experienced one fail due to higher RPM. If they are in good condition, and/or rebuilt to spec with quality bearings etc. I used to rev a cleveland to 8500+rpm on a regular basis, and that was in an XE falcon. Which didn't even run a serpentine belt, it was modded to run twin V belts though as it spat belts frequently when single!
  12. And you will find that most engines turning at those RPM (the ones that last) are destroked from anywhere between 3.2-3.9L, and that changes the whole rotating/reciprocating configuration requirements. My engine has been balanced to very high standards, and while the assembly was being done I had an extra balancer and flywheel done as spares (just in case one fails) It would be a waste of good money and so much time put into getting the balance to such high standard, if and when I need to swap one out.
  13. Who stole pictures of my engine bay, and edited the colour from yellow to red!!! Haha just kiding! I recently fitted a GTX3584 to my Nizpro Cobra stage 3 setup and had to do the 4'' intake pipework modification myself. Only problem was, I didn't take any pics before pulling the whole engine and setup out..... It only lasted 6km before I put the oil pump gears through the pump housing and through the motor. Oh well, now I'm building a bulletproof one to replace it. You made some pretty decent numbers on the dyno with a 3540. I made very similar before I fitted a GT3584, which jumped to 490rwkw @ 21psi on 98 fuel. I ended up fitting 4.1:1 gears in the rear and changing 1st gear in the tremec to a low 3.36 to compensate for the extra 600rpm of lag... Holy ship! that woke it back up around town. Heres a shot of my setup before fitting the 4'' intake it's eery how similar they look despite the colour!
  14. Cheers mate didn't think so, I am just about to buy a new one to suit the higher RPM range (7500+!!) of my engine I'm in the process of putting together and thought I'd check if there was anything I didn't miss while analysing the options available. I thought the money would be better spent on a higher quality unit instead. Ken
  15. Hey guys, Got a quick question about underdriven balancer and pulleys on Barra turbo motors... Do they make any worthy gains/difference when fitted? Would prefer dyno comparison numbers if anyone has some. I know that they be beneficial on a N/A motor that is tuned within an inch (mm for the new age guys!) of the setups limits, but I keep thinking that on a boosted engine that it could actually be more of a disadvantage by reducing the cooling systems low RPM flow... especially when tuned to boost levels 21psi and higher? Has anyone here experimented with big boost, hot days and underdriven setups? Cheers Ken

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