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  1. ken666

    What other cars have you got hidden away?

    Broke, maybe.... Happy, definently! Here's a few of the money pits I have built up over the years, still got a couple of them locked away from the elements.....and BAD people! Might even make a substantial profit in a few years time if the value and rarity continues to follow its current path. And yes they are all original genuine matching number vehicles😊
  2. ken666

    What other cars have you got hidden away?

    Damn tree jumped out in front of me..... Gotta watch out for them😬
  3. ken666

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    I fitted a new Mantic Track multiplate organic clutch kit. Pretty happy with it too!
  4. ken666

    Brake Caliper Rattle

    Probably are.... But a little expensive compared to some other equally good aftermarket options... QFM make a race pad and slotted disk option, that I have found to be almost equivalent to the bigger setups. Even after a good hard thrashing they don't seem to fade if used in conjunction with braided lines all round. And around a 1/4 of the price to fit on all corners. Just some food for thought😎
  5. ken666

    What other cars have you got hidden away?

    Nobody really grows up, do they? Just become a bit wiser through pain! this is what helped my become a little wiser!
  6. ken666

    What other cars have you got hidden away?

    Lol.... no regrets, just thankful I was one of the lucky ones. Got a few mates that never got older and wiser😔
  7. ken666

    Brake Caliper Rattle

    I've owned 5 BA's now, and I gave up trying to silence the "rattle" over bumps. The park brake cable through the IRS causes some noise, easily fixed with a dob of silicone on the clips on the two cable at the rear through the cradle, removing the tin plate between the pad and the caliper and smearing silicone on the back of the pad and letting it dry before driving helps a little.... But nothing really stops that familiar BA rattle over bumps? I'd be interested if somebody has found a solution too
  8. ken666

    What other cars have you got hidden away?

    Hmmmmm, my daughter is only allowed to get an old VW beetle or 3cyl Dihatsu charade! She just got her L's, and has no fear... When in my 530kw blown XR8 or XR6t, she begs me to step it out when over 100km/h. Reminds me of myself when younger, but I now realise that I was just lucky. Not bullet proof and indestructible. It's a really stressing time when they start driving, now I understand why my Dad used to wait up for me when I'd go out driving with the boys at night in my 351 XB GT coupe! No wonder he went bald and grey so quickly
  9. ken666

    What other cars have you got hidden away?

    Couldn't tell the difference between any of them! Just know that I used to get nervous with one next to me at a red light in my supercharged XR8, now I find myself slowing down when approaching traffic lights.... hoping one will just happen to pop up
  10. ken666

    What other cars have you got hidden away?

    So, whats the plans? Possession is 9 tenths of the law... do a revs check on the VIN#, lets you know if it's there for a reason! Ole Godzilla hey! lots of cheap Hi-Po parts available to make them quick(er!)
  11. ken666

    XR6 turbo.jpg

  12. ken666

    What other cars have you got hidden away?

    no point telling a story if you leave out the good bits!
  13. ken666

    What other cars have you got hidden away?

    ?? So nobody else has other toys in lockup.. I don't believe you!
  14. ken666

    What Made You Feel Good Today

    Well.... Usually I don't like to endorse or "spread the word" about products I pay good money for, as I'm still a little old fashioned and expect good service/products (value) for my hard earned dollars. I think we all feel this way when making the purchase, well I hope so! But more to the point... Q- "what made me feel good today?" A- Mantic clutches, and the customer service. I contacted many clutch distributors and manufacturers this week in desperate need of a new clutch and all associated parts to not only suit my "very specific" needs, but to also have in my possession asap, as the vehicle HAS to be back on the road by Friday!!!! (this was on Tuesday when I spoke with Mantic clutch reps) On Wed around lunchtime TNT delivered an Urgent delivery package from Mantic.. For no extra charge Mantic got this unbelievable quality track clutch kit to my door, and followed up with contacting me to ensure I was happy with the product/freight. Guys and girls..... Accept no substitute for good old fashioned service. Mantic, a subsidiary of clutch industries are the real deal. I almost lost faith in the high performance aftermarket automotive components industry, until this experience.. 20 out of 10 points I rate them! great customer service by people that don't talk sh*t to make a sale, actual experts in their products. And product quality that I haven't seen in a very long time. Great stuff guys, Thank you very much for such a wonderful experience

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