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  1. yeah, from what I have seen of the ports in the B series heads there are some easy CFM to be gained from a little blending of the ports from the back of the valve and the sudden reduction of the port size at the end where the manifolds mate up. I have done quite a bit of porting over the years on various ford heads, and it makes the job so much easier with all of the ports being the same shape and size. That allows me to do one of them to a finished state, then cc it with water to give me a volume. Then grind the rest to those specs. I ported a pair of E7TE heads on a EL XR8 once and fitted a ford AU 200kw cam, and lined it up with an EF XR8 that was fitted with GT40 heads, manifold and a much better crow cam. And by the time I hit 100km/h the other car was at least 3 lengths behind me, when we pulled up and started talking about what was under the hood he couldn't believe my heads and manifold that was fitted! He was making 50+kw more than the "HO 5L" that was originally in both our cars. Just shows how much can be gained by helping the flow with a little porting.
  2. So I'm basically better off sticking to a B series head, due to the extra VCT and the fact that I already have race valve springs and retainers on my BA head?
  3. Just a quick question.. What exactly is the difference with the exhaust valves? And is the FG head different from the BA-BF head? As I'm looking into building up my new motor from a very low km fg engine, and I will have a variety of parts to use from my current engine and the FG engine I plan on buying.
  4. Is it possible to upgrade the so called "premium" stereo in a 2008 FG XR6? I would like to use my android device for music without a cable, but can only connect for phone use. Surely there must be a cable available by now to swap the standard ipod cable to a mini usb or an app for android phones that tricks the icc, and streams music through the phone connection? If not I will have to replace the dodgy ipod cable it already has, and load all my music back onto my old ipod! I just hate using apple software to transfer my music, as it never seems to all make it onto the device for some reason?
  5. I will look into it after I wear this turbo out. I would have to replace or modify too many of the new parts that I have just finished getting together for this build. If I can't be happy with 700hp, I should find another hobby!
  6. Yeah I don't think I'll bother. I was comfortably running 612hp at the wheels with the mildly modified GT3582 @21psi, before I fitted a GTX3584 (with some customised modifications) that I built for it recently. And I will have to say "it Freaking flew" even with just a "safe" base tune (17psi) to suit new injectors I fitted along with the new turbo, it was noticeably quicker. And the boost never spiked or lagged throughout the whole rpm. So I just can't warrant changing to an external gate just yet? Hopefully it tunes safely on 98 to 22psi, that should keep me amused for quite some time😋
  7. Awesome! That's pretty much the conclusion I had. All I have done to the manifold previously, was give it a touch up with the die grinder to match port and clean up the contours by blending them back a little more up the runner.. I have often found that factory designed exhaust manifolds (that are not compromised by limited space under the hood) are very underrated. And can often be replaced by aftermarket products that is inferior in design and engineering. Cheers Ken
  8. Hey Guys I'm after some data on how much power/torque difference there is between the standard exhaust manifold, and an aftermarket steam pipe low mount tube manifold? I would like to keep my wastegate internal for the time being as I have only recently built a new GTX3584 with a hand ported turbine housing that should make the power I'm chasing quite comfortably. However as I have always modified and improved the volumetric efficiency of N/A engines, I'm not familiar with the actual performance gains with such components changed on turbo engines? They are quite significant on N/A, but I'm not so confident that they are necessary to make more power, as turning up the boost just 1psi IMO would match or beat the gains from fitting $1000 worth of manifold? The money could be spent somewhere else that will improve reliability (over engineering the strength/quality required for the planned output, leaving headroom for next time you want an increase!). But, as I am happy to admit. I have very little knowledge on improving forced engine efficiency, except for pushing more air/fuel in! They are a very different animal to N/A, so help me learn. Cheers Ken
  9. I understand what you are saying, and agree with your philosophy. But I'm a hands on person and get more satisfaction from the fact that I was the one who put all the pieces together and brought it to life! I really don't let anyone touch my car with a spanner, It's just the way my father brought me up. Together we have built many top shelf cars from the ground up. And on the one or two occasions that we payed someone (very reputable) we felt that it was second class work, compared with what we knew we could do? It's an awesome feeling when you get it right and people ask who did the work.
  10. Wow! that's only 1.5mm. Are all the barra blocks (turbo, N/A, gas etc) the same casting? Ford were always good at getting the best value out of each casting. The clevo block was always considered to be seriously compromised if bored anymore than .030'' oversize. I actually had the block from my XB GT re-sleeved with chromoly siamesed sleeves, then furnace brazed in and together through the welch plug holes. Maybe its something to consider if block consistency is so varied?
  11. Hey guys, I'm about to give my BA mk11 2005 XR6t a full rebuild due to an oil pump gear failure, and would like to know more about the block bore size limits? I'm not familiar with the do's and don'ts with the Barra 4L engine, as I have always owned and built windsor and cleveland engines. I do however have a great understanding of engine building, but just need to know how consistent these blocks were cast and whether core shift was a problem like many other "thin walled" castings? I will be anticipating around 700+, running 21psi boost and don't need to learn about another "weak link" the hard way again! Also wouldn't mind knowing what deck heights others are running, as the block is going to need a quick skim due to light corrosion around the water jackets. I think the engine may have been overheated previously, as there was some migration around the gasket and mating surfaces? Cheers Ken
  12. Where did you get her? Think I need to go shopping there
  13. Has anyones wife complained constantly about how much more time you spend with your car than her? I'm on my second wife now, and it seems they are taught it in school how to feel second to a car?
  14. Yeah.... Everyone seems to have joined the 20 under club in my area???? Even with 4.1 diff gears I seem to be a gear lower than I should be lately? What the I <3 Bananas is wrong with people!
  15. I have had snakes since I was 11, and over the past 15 years I have been a professional breeder of the genetic mutations in carpet pythons. I have bred some of the rarest morphs in the country, like snow carpets, albino zebra jungles and axanthic jungle jags! Here's my first snow I produced, he was one of the first ever bred in the country. I could have bought a new XR6t with some of the offers made to buy him!!

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