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  1. Nearly there boys and girls, primed the engine and got instant oil pressure and no leaks so far hahaha. should have the pulsar g42 copy dyno results just after the new year if Rob at Monsta Torque can fit me in, build took a bit longer as I decided to go all out on the fuel system rather than do it by halves (all braided -8AN lines fuel rail and twin 525 surge with 860 lift pump. piping is just dummy placeholder at mo, will be getting everything welded in as well as a general tidy up of pipes and cables. the ceramic plate clutch I have claims it can grip 960NM? where would this measurement b
  2. Ive just a received my g42-1450 copy from pulsar turbos, literally half the price of Aeroflow and im 99.9% certain Aeroflow and VSR turbos are also built by pulsar, just with their own custom compressor housings and other specifics, sorry guys they are all chinesium. I'm VERY impressed with the build quality externally, appears to be double balanced, I havn't fully stripped it to look inside so time will tell, for the price im not concerned if it goes bang. once in my forged bottom end ute and tuned, albeit a mild tune as clutch and fuel system aren't strong enough to handle much more th
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