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  1. Anybody want to cruise through Tassie in March? I’ve already booked the boat for Thursday night 5th March, returning on the Sunday night 14th March. I’ll be taking the week off as I plan do a bit of R&R - maybe do a bit of fishing. I’m planning do the Island anti-clockwise as this worked well on previous trips. Some of the places I plan on seeing include: Stanley, Tarkine Rain Forest, Strahan, New Norfolk, Strathgordon, Freycinet Peninsula, and Ben Lomond (Jacob’s Ladder). You are welcome to join up and leave as your time/plans permit. Either way - I'll be going for a spurt round the Island on these dates. Route, sights and stopovers are extremely fluid at this stage.
  2. YLD127

    Tassie Chat

    Yeah I'm keen. Sorry about no correspondece so far. I have booked the boat for the Thursday night sailing (deck chair) but happy to share that cost for any room sharing.
  3. Yeah, sorry to hear that Rab. Was looking forward to catching up with you again. Catch you next time. Maybe we should go to the Tumut Butter Factory.
  4. I've booked my accommodation as per above. 101 days to go.👍
  5. Me too, I'm in. This is such a great driving cruise for our beloved XR6T.
  6. It looks fancy. Did you have to make a reservation? I'm pretty sure we are departing at 1930hrs so we should aim for around 1600hrs.
  7. Thanks Rab, booked in at Strahan.👍 The Triabunna accommodation is like camping in sheds. It has four camping stretchers ready for your sleeping bag.
  8. The two nights in Strahan sound good. I'm interested in both of those options out of Strahan. Lock it in.
  9. Good. I have booked the deck chair option too.
  10. I don't mind either way. Happy to do three nights on the east coast because it's free! 2 and 2 also works but there is more population and tourist things on the east.
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