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  1. Thanks, Just found out how to test via two rear wheels off the ground and spin one by hand. spin same direction = LSD. I will do this on the weekend, I question this as it was a reputable garage (although didnt believe him about recalls and ford throwing an open diff in there, I thought BS) . So has me worried about if the previous owner had changed it out though.
  2. Hi just wanted to confirm if there ever was a diff recall. A mechanic told me today that he thought my 2012 F6 had an open diff and not LSD and was probably swapped out on a diff recall as they had problems.
  3. After replacing a manual FG MK1 ( and running torque for years as pictured above) I have now got an Auto FG MKII 2012 F6. I have tried to use my tablet/ODBII adapter in the F6 from my old car. Although it does work and can even get TCM data what I noticed: 1. Irratic shifting 2. oasting along ~80klm/hr it would change up/down a gear 3. at 110klm/hr (cruise on) the RPM would go up/down ~200rpm -which I think was the torque converter locking / unlocking. All the above was caused by having an ODBII adapter installed. I changed the config to only display rpm/ etc (no complex PID from the auto etc and I went through 4 ODBII adapter before I have given up trying to get torque running in my F6 auto. I did use it for probably 3 months before a highway trip and noticed the rpm fluctuating on cruise control. Maybe the CAN bus in my car is not so good and an additional device is enough to slow down communications between the transmission control unit and ECU however suggest you keep an eye out. I had initially thought my auto was on the way out.
  4. Hi, I've ripped the front bar off a number of times, too low on SSSL then SSL , 2012 F6. I took off the bar and although I have ripped the holes out which holds the bar to the front guard, I think the plastic side retainer which are attached to the front guard is missing some clips which lock into the bumper. Is it easy to replace the plastic brackets on the guards ? I think they are called bar side retainers. It was not obvious how to replace them.. thanks
  5. Not too often an opportunity appears to get the car out of the city traffic... Put me down as a "maybe".
  6. With your car do you have the black FPV MKII owners manual. I only just noticed my owners manual is for a MKI ICC and not the MKII. The manual was like it had never been opened and was the black FPV one just not for the MKII ICC.
  7. its brother has gone 180k although engine and gear train is still perfect. Looks soo clean, I need to get my front bar sprayed and at the same time get some new front lights as the lense is very pitted. I had hoped when I got the car to leave it stock however have done wheels,brakes,suspension,G6 rear lights and think I will create a little bastard and get a GT bonnet when I get the front bar sprayed. Have you had any issues ? I have a couple of issues 1. If I leave my foot on the brake for say 10minutes the booster locks on and have to turn engine off and turn back on 2. passenger side rear, knocking over bumps etc. have you got ford to ever flash the ICC ? My bluetooth plays up sometimes and Im not lov'n the 2012 maps on the Nav !
  8. That is an epic pic. first time Ive really seen the large FPV plates which look fantastic. How many klms has it done ?
  9. Looks like I have its brother... white F6 2012 Build 505 Auto
  10. Jacked up the rear and had a closer look. Stuffed if I can see how to drop the frame without significant effort to remove that dam bolt
  11. Hi, I did the pedders "thing" and have been advised amongst the huge list of defects the rear lower arm (rose) bush needs replacing. I do have a slight clunk sometimes going over a speed hump etc coming from the passenger side rear so I thought that would be an easy one to replace myself as a whole new arm when I do the shocks/springs next week. Passenger side rear lower control arm inner bolt head is against the petrol tank, is this arm an easy replacement on the passenger side with car stands. Have not really worked out what I would have to remove or drop to get this lower arm bolt out. I see heaps of new/refurbished arms on ebay so assumed this would be an easier one to repalce yourself. 2012 F6 (190k on the clock ) thanks
  12. Just picked up a 2012 turbo FG which is ~140,000 klm. I have no clue on when the coolant had been changed however have done a nulon clean/flush and nulon refill, replaced the coolant reservoir and its kept clean for the last month without seeing any contaminants. So my concern is now if I squeeze the top radiator hose or any of the heater hoses I can feel the buildup of oxidation/corrosion inside the hose crack away. Should I be concerned ? I was thinking about replacing the hoses however assume its also in all the engine block galleries anyway.
  13. No I did not advise brakes & rims although when I was insuring the car through Shannons (& the reason why I used them) they stated they did not need to list all modifications as long as its roadworthy. Spoke with Shannons this morning, could not be more helpful arranging a 2nd tow to my nominated repairer, arranged hire car to pickup today and they spoke with my repairer to see when a quote will be ready so they can lock in an assessor, all within say a 30 minute phone call. Although I suppose it helps that the other driver admitted 100% fault to his insurer.
  14. Not one of my betters days, someone not looking and pulled out in front of me. Didn't even know it was coming. So my issue is only insured for 18k so don't know if I should push for repair or write off. XR50T -Manual and my pride and joy. Rims and Brakes alone are 7k fitted in the last 8 months
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