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  1. New Ride

    Lol... thanks bro
  2. New Ride

    haha so sorry bro. Actually had a great offer a few months back and I was so tempted, but I couldn't do it. There's nothing else out these days and I know I will regret it if I let her go, considering she's manual, low K's and never been modded/tuned.
  3. New Ride

    Haha thanks bro. Luckily the Mrs loves the F6 too! So planning to do some basics mods on the F6 next year.
  4. New Ride

    Wedding is coming up, November. Manage to sort it out in the end.
  5. New Ride

    Still got her never ended up putting her up for sale.
  6. New Ride

    Trying to find a way to keep her bro. I'll be shattered if I have to let her go.
  7. New Ride

    No issues whatsoever man. Leaving her stock with low k's. Unfortunately might have to sell due to a wedding to pay for.
  8. New Ride

    41k bro
  9. New Ride

  10. New Ride

    Thanks bud. Just getting harder to find a manual.
  11. New Ride

    Send over the details and see how I go cheers.
  12. New Ride

  13. New Ride

    Was looking for blue or white but silver will do. There's a few manual sedans on carsales.
  14. New Ride

    Thought I'd share my new ride. Finally managed to pick her up after a long time looking. A huge thanks to the fordxr6turbo.com forums some great information on what to look out for! 2012 - Build 504 - Manual
  15. Help Needed - F6 Doors

    Lol. You reckon I should be concerned about the door that doesn't have it then?

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