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  1. Gtx3576 gen 1 on e85 here and it hits the track and I can attest to it being good fun at 409rwkw though u start breaking stuff (ask me how I know). A gen 2 will do mid 400s on e85. U definitely need good tyres and good throttle control coming out of the corners. Boost by gear would really do what your after anyway in a sense at the track. Tbh u don’t wanna be thinking about having to smash some button every time u hit a straight you need to be focusing on the next apex and braking zone. I run my high boost 21psi tune all the time at the track and she boogies in the mid range and low down it’
  2. Bugger at least your already aiming for 6r80. Don’t feel too bad I broke a nizpro with 400rwkw on 3rd to 4th with slicks. Last 10 minutes of my track day too.
  3. Where r u located? A few of the good ones seem to not ship
  4. To be honest I have to stop reading these threads lol. I don’t need more power for what I do, 409rwkw on e85 with a gen 1 gtx3576 and regular track days. Car needs grip not power and the cost doesn’t make sense I should be spending money on tyres. I’m already doing nearly 250kmh at eastern creek which is plenty fasts. Butttt something newer and better and u get used to the power especially giving it a boot on the way home from work. I just know I’ve got a bit of work needed and so it’s like well should I do a power upgrade at the same time, pretty sure my engines gonna have to come out it’s
  5. Yeah I wonder too why no t4, a lot of their stuff on the g35 talked about how it was all fully redesigned to be the best they could be, dunno if that means vband was better or something. I have wondered though if a gtx gen 2 is that good and these are even better at this 500rwkw+ level it’s definitely borderline for doing in engines depending on the tuning and then more expensive again if u should be going a built motor. But if they did come out with t4 I’m sure we’d start seeing more ppl put one on and surely they’d come down in price, maybe even with the big $$$ ppl are paying just to ge
  6. Yeah that’s a healthy increase! Its not just the replacement factor but what if u have a minor accident and if it’s the difference between them writing your car off or repairing based on what u have it covered for. Lots of things to consider, but ill still keep an eye on things and if in 6 months times things r even crazier I’ll try upping again. Glad it worked out for u though [emoji846]
  7. Haha that's awesome good stuff! What was it insured for beforehand? Definitely worth chasing up these things especially with the way things are going at the moment. Glad I could help.
  8. Be nice to know if garret plan on making t4 versions. Ive seen u can get g35 supercores but I assume that’s just for the vband rear housing. I think I read something that the rear housing has a different more efficient shape, maybe it all goes together better as vband? Someone said to me a 6boost isnt that much but would be good if the g35s which are the successors to the gtx gen 2s were truly an oem replacement as their predecessors were.
  9. Yeah do it good luck. One guy went from aami to Shannon’s and increased from 13k to 22.5k
  10. Shannon’s. Guy I spoke with was good even had an xr6turbo himself and he said yeah they know how sort after they are at the moment. I just rang up and said I wanna cover myself since the second hand market has gone crazy. I was already with Shannon’s but just rang up and yeah got the cover increased. Big thread on fb today a few ppl having success increasing what they are insured for. Totally worth it.
  11. No worries. Sounds like it was listed too low if it sold that quickly haha but can understand being glad to have it sold after all that hassle. Mental depreciation on a 9 yr old car to only lose 4k on it. Crazy times indeed. I just was able to up my insurance coverage from 19k to 25k on my modded 09 xr6turbo with all these crazy prices.
  12. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2014-ford-falcon-g6e-turbo-fg-mkii-auto/SSE-AD-7049692 It’s getting offers right up there too! List that F6 high lol
  13. I found the same on one I replaced that was leaking it was an absolute pita to change. Nekminit it still leaks [emoji2357] I noticed inside the rim was scratched and assumed I’d done it given how much of a beach it was to take out but since it was leaking beforehand I think whoever had changed them before me had already scratched it up [emoji17]
  14. Sorry cant find the ad on fb now maybe he took it down probably got too much hate lol or sold fast dunno From what I’ve seen on the facebooks F6s are super desirable and ppl usually have them listed in the 30s and 40s, nfi what they go for but almost every day there’s a WTB F6 post. I’d say it’ll sell well dont short change urself. Here’s two 500kw xr6turbos listed at 35k, no idea what they’ll actually get for them
  15. There’s an 800kw low km xr6t Ute just been listed for $60k
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