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  1. Comms error is canbus, check these 4 green cables. Also check all the cables to the canbus decoder
  2. Fit a fan, ull be a fan! Not much air behind a fog light, trust me I know I remove my fog light for track days. For the cost of a good cooler and fan compared to the trans it’s really not that much money. Do it once do it right.
  3. Hey mate don’t worry some days are like that. It took me a while to get used to my teins and brembos and that was with stock power. I went out the day after u and was hoping for a 8 which would have been an improvement of 7 tenths. But I also spent a lot of the day sideways and ended up improving by just over 3 tenths. Still a pb is a pb, your cars probably capable of a 10 or better so u will improve a lot, but not with bald rears lol. Try getting one of the instructors in they can be really helpful. I improved by 1.5 seconds in one track day once the instructor helped me fix up my braking technique a bit. Did Winton this weekend, unreal track, suits our cars well with all the 2nd and 3rd gear corners before the straights. Definitely want to go back.
  4. Toad should be road obviously. Autocomplete fail.
  5. Haha thanks mate it’s taken me a long time and a lot of mods to get there, but have done it over a lot of yrs. I’m running teins, 6pot brembos and 400+rwkw on e85 and semis. You will love good suspension and big brakes, makes a massive difference, stock suspension and brakes are so under done for these cars, I remember cornering before the teins and I swear it felt like I was falling off the toad at every corner just from the body roll. With the big brakes you will over brake and go heaps slow for the corner but just lap by lap move your braking point deeper and deeper. Just make sure u keep slamming them on when u first hit the brake pedal, trust me I learnt that the hard way trying to run deep and running off the straight at 200kmh many many times. Lol nah same deal not many Aussie cars, there’s just not many fast commies or falcons vs everything else. Plus Wakefield isn’t really that well suited to our big heavy fast cars. Given its such a tight technical track so easy for everything else to do a decent time vs the effort for us. That and it’s more rare for people to make their turbo taxis go extra fast. But when your destroying cars that are 100k plus with your turbo taxi, spitting flames out the exhaust and having a blast it makes it all worth it! It’s a shame u can’t make it there’ll be two xr6 turbos running sub 1:10 on Monday.
  6. I’ll be there Monday the 13th with trackschool if u can get the day off. Aiming for a 1:08 did a 1:09 last time out.
  7. Got a budget pad you'd recommend? I.e. Anything cheaper than the few you listed
  8. I've always rated the Michelin PSS, love them in 275/40/18 with 409rwkw. I'm keen to give the PS4S a go, they're a new generation that combine the pilot sport cup 2? With the PSS and Michelin claim that they've used knowledge gained from Formula E. I doubt in the same class as R spec semis but the Michilins do excel at lasting and providing grip. I am considering giving the cheap nangkang semis a try for the track.
  9. Hey Paul you forgot to mention the aero So much winning here! And money
  10. $1.199 at both Canberra Uniteds that sell e85, minto and ourimbah and yes I've filled up at all 4 recently. Can verify with petrol spy as well.
  11. Sounds epic, do it!! Might need to go on a weight saving diet though. An R35 is already around the weight of our cars, so I'd imagine an xr6 would be getting very heavy with awd.
  12. My cars stock. Soon it won't be. E85 coming eom Condensed enough?
  13. Can't believe no one has made a joke about him not getting blown on the face yet... Very disappointed!
  14. I think one of these might be gone in my FG, as revs rise I get a strange whirring sound which I think is from around the pulleys. Best I can describe is it's similar to the sound of when my power steering has failed, possibly the idle pulley based on approximately where the noises are coming from. At 135,000kms should I just do the tension arm as well? How can I be exactly sure it's the pulleys though?
  15. Bastard, I'm probably about to spend 15k or a little less on mine [emoji20]

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