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  1. Hey mate, I am selling my F6 it's bionic with Atomic motor and lots of mods but it's auto...if you're interested shoot me a PM

  2. Thanks guys! It does have an airbox but the lid was missing in the picture. The paint on the rocker cover has started to get crows feet in it, I'm more a fan of the factory look so have got my eye out for a standard one to replace it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hey guys, been on here for years but don't really post too much. Thought I would make a post about my BF F6, I've always wanted a Bionic one and this one popped up with some goodies. The mods include: -Atomic 660KW rated forged motor -Dominello built ZF 6 Speed gearbox -Plazmaman 1100 HP Cooler kit -Plazmaman Plenum -XForce twin 2.5" Exhaust -XForce 4" dump pipe-Ported rear housing with a 38mm flapper-11.8 PSI Actuator -Plazmaman 4" Airbox -Surge tank with Bosch 044 -Plazmaman battery relocation kit -60lb Injectors -Techedge wide band Since I've had it I've changed the following: -Converted to a steel ZF pan and serviced the ZF-Bilstien shocks-Changed drivers engine mount-Changed tailshaft center bearing-Put a brand new 044 in just for peace of mind-New front bar insert as the old one was fairly scratched on the bottom-Brand new boost solenoid-Retune We re-tuned the car last weekend due it being tuned with a Eboost to control the boost previously which has now been removed, it made 354rwkw on 15psi on 98. Looking at bigger injectors and E85, will try crack a 10 as it should make ~400rwkw. Here's some pictures of when I just got it, will put some recent ones up soon.
  4. Perfect, thanks guys! I was searching "boost solenoid" on eBay and couldn't find it, ill order one now.
  5. Where are people getting these for $40-$50? I called two Ford dealers today, one said $194 and the other said $216. For my BF F6.
  6. Those vertical lines in the bore look exactly the same as the bore in a motor I've pulled apart with broken ringlands. I'd pull the piston out just to have a look.
  7. Happy Birthday needfordspeed!

  8. Looks good mate, is the hall effect sensor on the back of the box the only extra thing you will have to do to get the ZF working?
  9. The XR50 has more of a carbon look compared to the G6ET Piano Black, they look similar from a distance but are actually different.
  10. Happy Birthday needfordspeed!

  11. If it was built before June 06 then it's got the same bottom end as the BAs and you were pushing your luck at 360.
  12. I've done it this way before and it worked out fine, I'd do it again.
  13. I've owned a few e-series so have been through this a few times, but most of the time it's just a case of draining the sludge, putting some new oil in and driving around for a few hundred kms, then some engine flush before draining that oil and chucking some decent oil in and forget about it. Never had a problem lol.
  14. Insane, you're building pretty much what alot of us can only dream of. Would be funny to see this and CGMFLY cruising together lol
  15. Are they mail order tunes or custom?

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