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  1. Liborio Hernandez
    Terry Gniatkiewicz
    Leteisha Chun Tie

  2. Liborio Hernandez
    This is defiantly you

  3. Matty Pender
    Hayley Brennan
    Samantha Herbert
    Luke Herbert

  4. Cms Fg Xr6T

    Only street meets only,not sure why
  5. Cms Fg Xr6T

    Has this gone through yet??? They state it's going to change
  6. Cms Fg Xr6T

    Curious to see where it says this in the rule book,do under stand about the 2008 model deal,only asking as I'm going to be running a comp meet next weekend and I do have a super street licence and if I run a 10 they may kick us out.. I have a 2008 fg
  7. Cms Fg Xr6T

    Does ANDRA say anything about running that sort of ET???Licence,safety equipment etc,etc
  8. My Zf Symptoms

    Still none the wiser,might start looking at a rebuild
  9. My Zf Symptoms

    Yes revs ups and no slippage
  10. My Zf Symptoms

    Peoples thoughts please 08 FG turbo ute with 78k on it with 300kws runs high 11s@117 Manually shift no real problems. Leave in drive and it flares between 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th,just normal driving,light throttle. Does not do it all the time,hot,cold no difference Been told this is the first signs of it going to sh*t. Have had a service, filter clean,pan clean.

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