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    #notmyoven but its as clean (apart from the crumbs I dropped) as it gets Turned out alright
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    That's what I've done for my troop. Have one invite left if anyone (who uses android/PC) wants to hit me up for it. As long as you use the same email for Youtube and on the phone it's awesome edit: am going to go for @k31th's bilomusic as well - $20? for a year of spotify https://bilomusic.com/
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    my sister inlaw gave us google music as part of her "family" package free music for us so long as she pays at her end (family plan is $18 a month for 6 people total)
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    Fark Was expecting some sort of ninja "HomeShoppingNetwork" shit
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    Have got both. Fp all the way. Check reviews for how loud the unit is cos we just replaced our fp with some russel something or other, and you need farken earplugs to use it.
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    YT premium + GP music is worth the $10 or so a month just for the YT portion haha, even if the GP music sucks a bit. bilomusic for Spotify is the way to go if you want a music streaming service that works everywhere and is as cheap as it gets for the "no ads" version. If you don't mind the Spotify ads, then just get the free Spotify.
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    I know how much machines don't give a flying fark about people and their extremities. I make sure I've had at least 3 beers before I use mine so I'm more comfortable with it.
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    Hey @Miss Cornwall - you're the whizz in the kitchen Do you use a food processor or a blender much? Am trying to work out which to buy - they both can do 80% of what the other can do, but not sure which way to go. If you've got both, which would you keep?
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    I haven't used mine for anything else yet. At the current rate of bread making it'll pay for itself in about 18 months so here's to hoping it lasts a bit longer than that! How much mess does the manual one make? One of the reasons I went with electric was because I got fed up with how much mess a knife made cutting by hand. Tried out mode 3 on the dsc/tcs today. It spins the front in 2nd, but only once when the intercooler gets too hot. Wooooo
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    Ah - sweet - have one (similar) - never thought to try it with bread. This is the one I use - usually go double thickness coz "sandwich slices" suck:
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    True... hahe you you ever had SA water though? LOLOLOL even I refuse to drink it lol
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    They had a Tuck Shop at Aidans high school - He was the only kid (of the 4) that refused to use it and demanded a packed lunch - even on "Hangover Mondays" Many a 7am run to the supermarket to buy bread and a bottle of V (for me) We had the water fountains that had the round knob on the end There was always that one kid that'd mouth the knob instead of drinking from the stream
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    Nah fark it. Tap water all the way here. Just fill up a few bottles and keep it in the fridge.
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    Drinking fountains are filtered water... well they are at our school 😕
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    Amazing as always princess 😍
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    Fml now I want chicken...
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    Really interested in this thread. Have a Ford Territory SZ MkI. Tried to purchase from Carbon systems in Sydney. Purchased on their website 3/2/2019. By Wednesday no AusPost tracking number. Apparently stock recalled to Kayhan for firmware fixes. Stock apparently imminent but nothing by Friday. So cancelled the order. Still interested but sounds like the units are still a work in progress. "Norrs" thank you for your review, and would like further feedback as you experience your installation. May wait until ordering. So glad I found this forum.
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    Thanks heaps for your input man. I appreciate it.
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    Feeling like a bit of a cook up so got some chilli-lime & honey-soy drumsticks on the go with some scalloped potato’s with bacon and garlic. Two chicken kiev breasts and a cordon Bleu... and got the base of a good mushroom gravy on the go at the moment.
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    yeah, life just gives ya lemons sometimes, sometimes those lemons are cars... The little bit of oil in the intake of the turbo is totally normal. if it's stuck open, it depends on the reason it's stuck open as to what you have to do to repair it, but nothing is really too expensive/hard to fix in that area, assuming the turbo and actuator are OK.
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    yeah, with a stuffed turbo is the most common one due to oil starvation from the oil feed filter... but the wastegate being stuck open is simple enough to check by taking off the dump pipe to inspect the wastegate.
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    well, if it's not making boost, then the wastegate would be stuck open, if that's the actual fault... but it could be almost anything to do with the turbocharger system that's causing it to make no boost.
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    im a grumpy bastard too ask the wife
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    So I have ordered the same case as you. good taste!! My EKWB parts have arrived, so the wife says. now I am waiting on 2 radiators from PLE, that are meant to arrive next friday. Oh the agony. I played the divison previously, but I am not sure I want to get the division 2 as none of my other mates that played the division with me, are getting it. looks to be the same as the first one, except with 4k resolution. looks boring now.
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    Ok Installed mine over the weekend. My Car is MKi but I got the Mkii version. I sourced a MKii facia and top hat. it looks schmicko !!!. The install was difficult because of the model versions. I spent about 2 hours stuffing around with the brackets to get it to fit. I basically had to redrill some holes where the DVD player mounts of the side brackets and then cut up the LCD bracket and drill new holes for that to fit too. I got there in the end and the fit is perfect. I'll do up a video or a write up on the install eventually when I have time. The install was on a Sunday and the Kayhan guy was giving me very fast replies over FB messenger. His communication is second to none. Another complication was that there was no RCA reversing video cable in the pack. So I had to make one out of some RCA stereo cables. This took a while to workout because if you watch his video it appears the RCA cable he has, has 4 internal wires when it doesn't. its just red, black and yellow. the red actually exits the cable just prior to the RCA plug as th reverse power trigger. The coloring on the wires for my reversing camera were also different to his video. mine were red Black Brown and light green. I took a guess that the light green was the video (usually yellow) and that was correct. Another thing to note is that the system didn't connect to my OEM mic (despite what his video says) I had to use the supplied mic. Tonight I need to mount the mic, tidy the phone cable and soldier in a 5v cable for the amp into the red wire for the mic. This will activate the OEM sub. He has a new video up on how to do this. I just pulled the pins out of one of the Aux-out plugs and pushed them into the correct pin holes for the premium sound sub and then connected that to the sub wire. Apple car play works well. its awesome having siri on command. so far the buttons seem to work well with the steering wheel and other buttons. Now I just need to fork out $450 for an MKii triple pod mount for the lid.
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    Portuguese style grilled chicken from corner lunch shop at work - wayyyyyy better than any other fast food effort I've tried eg. nandos etc
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    Just made some donuts from scratch for the first time ever. It cost a whopping $3 or so to make about 20 large donuts. They are so light and fluffy, the taste is on point and I can safely say that I'll never be buying store bought again. I threw out our deep fryer a while back as it was too old and broken but I think it's worth buying another one now! It's a bit hard to balance the oil temp in a frying pan.
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