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  1. Ok so looking at a pierberg. I'm trying to work out which one. I see plazmaman is now using a 300l/hr on his surge tanks (no part number), independent motorsports has a 360lph part number EFP-485. I see people taking about 7.00228.51.0 but that looks like an internal pump???
  2. So update on this. I rewired the fuel pump so it gets power directly from the battery now. Did that three years ago when I did this post. Got a new 044 and It was all good till today. Now the whine is back. So I have to assume it's the heat. Having said that, my battery is on the way out. It's dropped enough power for my aircon to stop working twice in three weeks. I've charged it up each time and it lasts a week and a half before the same issue. (I have the Kayhan unit but it apparently has the software changes to avoid the battery drain). So maybe the battery has contributed to the fuel pumps death or it's a coincidence. Anyway, three years on, should I just go another 044 (would be my 4th one in 8 years) or is there something else on the market now that is worth considering. I have an original process west surge tank setup that it bolts into. I am about to go in for a tune for E85 if that makes any difference. Also have 1000cc injectors but stock regulator and fuel rail.
  3. He explains it all on his you tube and Facebook channels. The hack is to rewire the pins to get the sun working
  4. I can confirm that the aftermarket mic he provides works well. The new version of the unit is also instant startup. The sub hack works too.
  5. Ok Installed mine over the weekend. My Car is MKi but I got the Mkii version. I sourced a MKii facia and top hat. it looks schmicko !!!. The install was difficult because of the model versions. I spent about 2 hours stuffing around with the brackets to get it to fit. I basically had to redrill some holes where the DVD player mounts of the side brackets and then cut up the LCD bracket and drill new holes for that to fit too. I got there in the end and the fit is perfect. I'll do up a video or a write up on the install eventually when I have time. The install was on a Sunday and the Kayhan guy was giving me very fast replies over FB messenger. His communication is second to none. Another complication was that there was no RCA reversing video cable in the pack. So I had to make one out of some RCA stereo cables. This took a while to workout because if you watch his video it appears the RCA cable he has, has 4 internal wires when it doesn't. its just red, black and yellow. the red actually exits the cable just prior to the RCA plug as th reverse power trigger. The coloring on the wires for my reversing camera were also different to his video. mine were red Black Brown and light green. I took a guess that the light green was the video (usually yellow) and that was correct. Another thing to note is that the system didn't connect to my OEM mic (despite what his video says) I had to use the supplied mic. Tonight I need to mount the mic, tidy the phone cable and soldier in a 5v cable for the amp into the red wire for the mic. This will activate the OEM sub. He has a new video up on how to do this. I just pulled the pins out of one of the Aux-out plugs and pushed them into the correct pin holes for the premium sound sub and then connected that to the sub wire. Apple car play works well. its awesome having siri on command. so far the buttons seem to work well with the steering wheel and other buttons. Now I just need to fork out $450 for an MKii triple pod mount for the lid.
  6. I wonder if he is going to redesign the mki version so they fit better
  7. I literally haven't touched the parcel since it arrived. But I'd feel sorry for the guy if everyone is returning units and he gets stuck with a bunch of old ones. I already got him to change my order from mki to mkii after I had ordered it
  8. Noooo... my mkii unit is still unpacked in the parcel. Today I Finally got my hands on a mkii icc cover to install it and now I hear there is a better version. Noooo!!
  9. Mine should arrive today. Though some numbnut wrecker appears to have sent me a MKI ICC cover not MKII even though I double checked with him. So my install will be delayed.
  10. oh sorry yeah they have a territory too. here is the FG Mk2
  11. Top end Audio want $400 for the MKii pod when the MKi is only $200.... WTF
  12. Regarding my thread linked above. I still run water meth everyday on the aquamist system and its never missed a beat in all these years even though I'm 22PSI at 500 HPAW everyday. I did upgrade the system two years ago to put in larger jets in and I soldered a part of the motherboard to allow it to overclock the standard Max injection. I had to do this when I upgraded my injectors and turbo, and I was maxing out the Meth system.
  13. Great news guys. there is an 8 inch MKii version now. Thank god because I just ordered my 10 inch version yesterday and I have now changed the order. You just have to get the MKii upper facia and an MKii top hat. for me, I'll be getting a Mkii gauge pod from top end audio so my gauges fit. See his FB page.
  14. Hey sixman any more thoughts on this? Do you Still like after two weeks?
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