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    Finally found some wheels I like so I can fit ....
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    Hahaha suck a load to that khunt
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    WWII comes out this Friday!! KEEEEEENNNNN!!
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    Flying out of Thailand in a few hours :( Has been an absolute blast - definitely doing this again. Not making it to the GP was the only bummer of the trip - next year Thailand GP is in mates town so will be visiting for that one
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    Sounds good! At school, my brother always used to write 'eat lots' on forms that asked for dietary requirements for camps etc.
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    Thanks for talking about it with your buddy anyways Matty. Does anybody have any dietary considerations for the BBQ lunch on Saturday of the cruise? As per usual - I'll head into the butchers in Tumut and buy some burgers and snags, get some water and soft drinks and we can split up the cost at lunch.
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    Just pay for pb or use something else morning Az and everybody else.
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    Nice pic, Those eyes look straight through you. Can share any photo's thanks to photobucket. Name says it all now Morning
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    Got a bit more done on the ute after work last week and over the weekend. Fitted a Hayman Reese 2300kg tow kit (for the removable hitch rather than weight rating) and got a recoed/built diff fitted on Sunday. Turns out the 2nd nizpro muffler won't fit with the hd tow kit so I'll have to get it modified again. Got a few quotes to have the diff rebuilt around Sydney with a true trac and new bearings with arp studs. The best being $2300 if I removed the axles and dropped the diff off for the day, fark that. Rang MDR in Dandenong after seeing their eBay listings and got a much better price of $2750 (plus freight) for new axles, bearings, arp studs, new gears, true trac centre in a Ba casing. Just had to swap over the brake plates from the Bf diff I was using and it was an easy swap. Only got one pic as I was busy enjoying the speedo working and having traction. Pretty happy with it even having only gone easy on it to run it in.
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    Washed it. Havnt driven it in months and been lacking motivation to fix the leaky axle seal. Gets surprisingly dirty sitting in the shed
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    Crab, cray and prawns (and rice) Would have got a doggy bag, but not coming home from Thailand with crabs. Interesting way they do the prawns - they're so big and cheap they just lop the head and ends off them rather than peeling them - sort of like getting a banana, chopping both ends so it's a symmetrical cylinder and presenting it that way. The crab was the definite highlight of the meal - not knocking the other two plates, but mmmmmmmmmm
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    I recently got a quote to swap my entire house from the septic tank to the street. The guy wanted 6k but I talked him down to half of that. There was nearly 50 metres of pipe laid over a metre underground. Make sure you don't spend too much on a bunch of poly pipe and fittings man.
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