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  1. Yellow links will only line up with the cam marks at tdc once in every 36 crank rotations
  2. That's the main depot in SA. I don't have a contact there unfortunately as I'm in qld but worth a visit. Mention your unhappy with BOC due to service and want to swap. They'll match whatever price you tell them provided you don't get carried away haha
  3. For at home light gauge steel I much prefer 5%co2 2%oxy. Welds super super nice but isn't really suited to the think stuff. Regular industrial grade Helium is fine to weld with which is the 1 step up from balloon grade(20% nitro). Yea can either get It premixed in a bottle with argon I various %'s or use a bottle of each with 2 flow meters. Where do you live Puff?
  4. I work for a gas company(Supagas). There is a current massive shortage of heluim worldwide and its starting to effect Australia. I'm guessing you went to BOC with that 8m3 Helium and they are taking you for a ride with that price hahah. $600 is a fair price with some party shops paying half that. Adding Helium to your argon mix definitely makes for a nicer alloy weld but isn't really necessary until your over 6mm or you little machine is running out of amps. Even a 25% Helium mix makes a huge difference. Expect the bottle to be twice the price but. Shop around for your argon! $220 for a G is taking the piss. Tell whoever your getting it from now the opposition offered it to you for $50 and they'll match it no questions asked
  5. First day of holidays I thought I'd get around to fixing my fuel sender problem as it's been sitting on dead empty for a few months. Easy fix once I removed all the fuel system and battery from the tray. Found the fuel sender arm in the bottom of the tank. Turns out the little brass retaining plug in my herrod fuel module was machined a little small so the arm just wiggles out. Put the brass piece in the vice and squished it. Made it about 0.1mm bigger and now it secures properly. Being Good Friday it was an extensive 10 beer job haha
  6. The Ute trays arnt fully steel lined. Take the plastic tub liner out and you can access anything you could possibly need to measure from inside the empty tub
  7. Not really no. I've got a spare sender unit that I'll replace the one on my herrod intank module with. Hopefully that fixes it [emoji1696]
  8. I opened my mouth to soon. Took the car for a quick spin this arvo and I didn't even make it out the driveway before it dropped back to empty. Think I'll be removing the fuel system and tub liner after all [emoji107]
  9. Fixed my faulty fuel gauge. It just stopped reading a while back and always sat on empty. I had my mind set for a surge tank out, tub liner out, sender unit out 3hr/10beer job #utelife. I already tried disconcting the battery to no avail. Pulled fuse 27 and 29 she's good as new! I read it online somewhere and I had no hope of it actually doing anything. Beer time now[emoji481]
  10. Yes. The spline count only changes with m78 or m86 diff centres. Unsure if they changed from b to f series. It'll fit fine if it's the same as yours just auto
  11. That 3mm clearance will be to the brake calliper not the chassis/suspension. You could run the rears with a lower offset but you would start to loose room for wide rubber. Mine are a 10.5+22 rear with a 275 and the guards have been modified slightly to gain more room. Still scrubs a bit. 275 is as wide as I can go. You'd be able to run a 295 even a 305 with the +38 offset
  12. You wouldn't need any camber work with those sizes quoted by koya. Very conservative fitment with zero poke. Prefect offset for fat fat rubber. Not flush fitment and will sit inside the guards a little bit In those offsets your front will sit 12mm further in than mine and 22mm further in on the rear
  13. Found some in mine the other week. Noticed a raised section between the spot welds and got poking with the screwdriver. This is what I was left with. Drivers side door. Havnt fixed it yet
  14. Drive past there everyday. Never even knew there was a engine builder near there
  15. Is that the engine guy out in Wandal? I'd be keen for a run up and dyno print out if he's got it up and going. Might crack the magical 400 on a hub dyno [emoji23]

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