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  1. What Made You Feel Good Today

    The 044 and the intank 460 are on there own relays in the tray so they are getting the full 14.7 volts ish. The surge is fed by the 460 so a bit of back pressure in the surge will help the 044 along. I will be upgrading the pump eventually with something better and quieter but it'll do the job for now
  2. What Made You Feel Good Today

    Stock 3582. Stock motor apart from valve springs. Full fuel system with turboside, Plaz plenum and cooler. 400+ on e85 and im happy. He said it'll go 430ish before it runs out of surge pump (044). He was happy to take it to 450+ if I had an extra pump. My normal tyres are 275 nt05's so they are fine on the street. They just have trouble on the dyno hence the skid rims on.
  3. What Made You Feel Good Today

    I rekon so. Put my 235 wide ling long skid rims on for the dyno and the drive up. Night and day traction difference between those and the nt05's[emoji23]
  4. What Made You Feel Good Today

    Drove up to Mackay and dropped the F6 off to Dave @CPV new e85 and 98 tune. Keen to pickup next week!
  5. The Off Topic Thread.

  6. Fg Offsets And Tyre Questions

    Yea I don't think those pics you posted are 9.5+20. I'd be going the 9.5+20 all round. They'll fit fine and might need a slight guard roll depending on how low you go and how wide the rubber you fit is
  7. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Yea most of the ones I've seen on Fb look pretty rough. Expensive as well. The housing was $57, filler neck $9 and cap $25 plus $40 to get it welded up. So $130 all up I'm pretty sure they sell them for like $250
  8. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    I see what your getting at. I suppose the vapour cools in the hose then runs into the can as opposed to back into the head. I think it will collect more oil but surely more e85 and water than a can mounted above. Making it more efficient. And like ozy said it's completely out of site. I couldn't even get a pic of it from above to post on here. Can't see it at all which is good as its vented to atmo
  9. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Busy arvo in the shed today and a busy last few weeks as well. Got the catch can I made last week mounted and -12 lines run to it. AN fittings welded to the rocker cover and gave it a respray while it was off. The can sits above the kframe just below the manifold. It's baffled with a few segregated chambers containing stainless scourers. And vented to atmo. Cooalnt expansion tank delete finalised and coolant flushed and burped. New upper thermostat housing welded to a filler neck. New thermostat and a coolant overflow mounted in the airbox. Plaz plenum installed with a ported stock lower half. Had to modify the Plaz coldside to fit the new plenum and move the Bov. Fitted the new fuel rail/reg (thanks Jet) and got the injectors cleaned. Surprisingly no tiny fuel leaks from any of the new fittings/hoses/rail. Then gave her a service. Few tiny things remaining and waiting for the front bar to get back from the paint shop. It's getting resprayed and a few cracks fixed then its retune on E85 time. Going with Dave @CPV in Mackay this time. Hoping to get that done in the coming months before Xmas.
  10. Battery issue with ute security system

    Are you leaving the ignition on as you disconnect the battery? Mine makes the same dying cat noise you just disconnect the battery without leaving the ignition on. My alarm still functions correctly despite that noise if you don't follow the battery disconnect procedure
  11. Camshaft lob damage

    Intake cam. Without going out to the shed to check I think it's Cylinder 4
  12. Camshaft lob damage

    Thought I'd post here rather than a new thread. Had the rocker cover off tonight and noticed a slight mark on one of the intake cam lobes. This is the only one affected the rest are perfect. Is this something to be worried about?? You can just feel it with your finger nail
  13. Plazmaman twin fuel pumps

    No you don't need to upgrade the stock intank pump. It makes a great lift pump to feed a surge tank and will flow alot as its basically under no pressure. There are many options for surge tanks and set ups. You can spend as much or as little as you like. Are you going to be running e85 and what sort of power are you chasing? Best to go overboard on the fuel system as you always end up going for more power later down the track. Cheaper to do right once than re do it 2 or 3 times down the track. I attached a pic of the setup in my tornado. Iv got a Herrod e85 intank module feeding a tray mounted surge with Teflon lines, 1x044 and a aftermarket stainless cleanable filter. Running to a plazmaman rail and turbosmart 1200hp regulator. More than enough for the current 400kw on e85 with the ability to add another 044 or a better pump if I ever build the motor. Jet Turbo is a great bloke to talk to regarding fuel systems and he can source aftermarket parts for a great price.
  14. T56 Gearbox Oil

    Or you can remove the shifter n go from the top. Just need a big funnel so you dont spill gear oil inside your car
  15. FG XR6 turbo sounds like a cop siren

    Faulty cop chip

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