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  1. Hi all few questions regarding Assembling please I’ve tried to gather this information but can’t seem to see it any where whats the best Silicon to use to seal FG sump? What torque do I need to tension the pan and side bolts to Head studs torque setting for nuts? is it normal to see slight wear to side on oil pump gears (atomic) what torque setting for timing chain guides and timing cover bolts?
  2. Hi all im thinking of doing a shot motor build nothing to wild but to hold around 500-550kw, I’ve been looking at the atomic streetorquer kit it’s around 5k mark is any one here running there kit ? any feed back on it would be great, do I have better options for around that price? Cheers
  3. Hi all Just wondering if I’m able to use a FG na long motor with low KMs and put the FG turbo head on I’m aware they run different compression and I’ll have to use the turbo sump for the oil return if this is possible is there anything else required, and will it cope with 500rwk thanks
  4. Hi all im thinking about buying pro drag wheels for fg sedan in 20, does anyone have them on and any feedback back about them cheers
  5. Yeah makes sense now I couldn’t see anything either, thanks for the detailed info,
  6. Thanks mate but it’s the other end does it hook up anywhere or does it just stay in atmosphere
  7. Hi all can anyone tell me where the breather line to the ZF Goes in at the engine bay I had it pulled out from the transmission but it’s now fallen off to where it hooks up too, can’t seem to find anywhere thanks
  8. If I drain the E85 and put in the 98 tune will I still have the ETC issue, will the car drive with 98?
  9. Thanks wilko16 was concerned in case transmissions died
  10. Thanks for the advice, can’t see any vac leak I’ll call the tuner on Monday, one more question why even with the car off and in drive car rolls like it’s in neutral
  11. Thanks JETURBO it’s an FG, I’ll first check for any Vac leaks, any thoughts on anything else if no vac leaks
  12. Hi all has anyone experience this before, when I start the car it idles at about 1500rpm and then when I select gear I get ETC fault come up still in idles at 1500 but although in gear it doesn’t engage it’s like it’s still in neutral, does it stand for engine temp control or engine throttle control thanks

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