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  1. What oil pressure psi reading should you roughly be seeing fg xr6 t at idle cruising and full throttle cheers
  2. What should it be reading when on E85 idle ? cruising ? on the throttle?
  3. Hi all ive just purchased a gen2 supercore for my FG whats the best way to go about the rear housing do I just use the original with the flapper mod should I external gate it and mount it to the original manifold or do I put it on a 6 boost also what size housing works best with these, want to do it once properly cheers
  4. Thanks for Replying k31th not using coolant or oil, why isn’t my wife’s car doing it tuned on 350kw 98
  5. Hi all Apologies if this topic has been covered before but can’t seem to find it Fg xr6 turbo When I open the oil cap after a drive is it normal for a bit of smoke/steam to come out, also I’m running a catch can and it can be seen coming out of the filter, it’s very Minimal and only Occurs when the car is warm or after a drive not a cold start thanks
  6. Hi all my precision 6235 has let go disappointed as it did little work 2000km at the most tuned at 450RWK and out of warranty I’m now thinking a high mount set up 6 boost manifold with external gate any suggestions on what turbo to buy looking at about 550-600 RWK something that will spool fast also what gate to use and size cheers
  7. Could I of not installed the convertor properly? Checked to make sure and all was good and bolted up perfect to the flex plate and the block, could it be that there is only oil in the pan as car hasn’t been started yet to pump in the amount required
  8. I’ve just also tuned the engine from the harmonic balancer bolt and positioned the selector in all of the previous positions P R N D and the tail shaft is not turning long like in netutal but when I do the same and rotate the wheels the tail shaft turns
  9. Hi all ive just had my ZF rebuilt and I’ve just fitted it back to the car When moving the selector lever from the transmission under the car the back wheels turn when I rotate them in all the positions P R N D and when the lever is in the DRIVE position it turns like it in neutral smoothly should it take a bit of forse when turning the back wheels in drive for them to turn is this normal will it adjust once it’s ready to be started, also even with the cable fitted to the transmission selector and I do the same from inside the car does the same thing I’m concerned should I be
  10. Hi all since I have the engine out and on a stand to fit head studs, valve springs, and oil pump though it would be an idea to also change the water pump to save any hassle later on, there is quite a difference in price in genuine pump is it worth it or not and if not any suggestions on what pump to use thanks in advance
  11. Thanks for the info jet all the timing marks on the chain line up where they should make sense now that the timing assembly may swat to the right or left slightly
  12. Just wondering if the bottom end is close enough to TDC it can go slightly to the left but it I do that then the cam sprockets will be out and the chain won’t go on
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