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  1. That's awesome both times.
  2. Full weight bf? Good times
  3. How fast have you gone at the track standard 3582?
  4. How did it end up going with the t04z?
  5. How much boost we talking?
  6. Awesome. What size rear housing you using mate. The one that came with mine is a .96 I think by memory. Only that because it's a t3 to use on my low mount fg manifold.
  7. Thanks mate you've helped me a lot now. Cheers
  8. Yes I agree and appreciate your input mate. I was originally after a gtx 3582 and grant from proboost steered me towards the t04z. I'm honestly little concerned about it hence the questions. Now until I'm certain it will be a good turbo without to much lag I don't want to fabricate dump pipe ect to change it down the track. Car will be around 3200lb 3 speed 3.08 rear with prob maybe 3500 convertor. Bf2 motor e85.
  9. Yeah ok fair enough. Do you think it's a worthwhile choice of turbo good enough for 500 rwhp. Will be behind 3 speed with a built convertor? Cheers Proboost have a good rep with there turbos there on a lot of big cars these days.
  10. Proboost have a good rep with there turbos there on a lot of big cars these days. Just would like to hear options how they perform.
  11. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has used a t04z and how do they rate them on a 4 ltr? I have a proboost t04z with billet front wheel still wondering whether it's worth using on stock bottom end with 20 psi. I've heard they don't really shine till 30 psi.
  12. Hi guys anyone no the part numbers for cams in bf2? Power is falling over at 4950 rpm and trying to work out why.Has new pac springs 320 kw. Where can I find part number's on the cams? Cheers
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