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  1. DIY ZF transmission cooler and kit

    Thanks heaps Arron! I am bypassing the heat exchanger, so plan is now to use the Aeroflow right angle fitting out of the box, then 8 AN to 3/8" barb adaptor, then hose to the cooler, with my switch plumbed on along the way somewhere. In reality, there's probably no reason why I can't leave the coolant hoses hooked up to the heat exchanger temporarily if the front one won't reach up to the t-piece - but at least sorting that isn't dependent on having the transmission open or the bumper off, so won't be time critical on the day. For anyone else looking for it, the Gulf Western Syntrans is now called Syn-TS. Product code for 20L is 32058. Rang GW direct and they have sent me a drum for $153 shipping included. Just getting parts sorted so I can do this as soon as my warranty is done. I'll put up pics etc when I do. Edit: Checked last night when doing the fuel filter and coolant - has a steel pan so will just grab gasket, filter and mech sock.
  2. DIY ZF transmission cooler and kit

    Thanks, I'll have a read.
  3. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    After the last Kluger service I left the drain pan sitting next to the bench while I found a container. When I came back I knocked my impact driver straight into the oil - fully submerged. Smells like uses engine oil whenever I use it, but runs super quiet! So yeah, hose into a container will be nice!
  4. Hey guys. Anyone able to point me in the right direction for sizing, etc. for a few parts? I'm looking to do a trans cooler for my ZF. I had already bought a PWR cooler to go in the BA. Fitting that up was going to be easy enough, as the transmission lines run all the way to the radiator. I'd bought the generic kit as I was planning to install behind the bumper on the driver's side and most of the kits suited non-turbo installations in front of the radiator. So I'm in the position now of having to build my own kit for the ZF. The cooler has 3/8" barbed connections. So far I've grabbed some 3/8" transmission fluid hose, some bar to make brackets, a 3/8" Derale thermo switch to drive the fan, a Davies Craig fan plus wiring and relay, and a regular switch. Plan is to wire the thermo switch and regular switch in parallel, so I can use the regular switch as a manual override to test the fan, etc. Also thinking I'll run an LED to the dash to show when the thermo switch has kicked in. Ideally I'd have the parts all ready to go when I pull the front bumper off but I can't find too much about hose sizes etc. Does anyone who has done this before know: 1. For the coolant hoses in/out of the existing heat exchanger, will the one that comes from near the oil filter reach to the t-piece in the heater hose that the second hose comes from? iei to eliminate one hose from the circuit. Or do I just need to join the two ends together that were on the heat exchanger? If so, does anyone know what size male to male fitting is needed? 2. Do people tend to use the existing fluid hoses from the transmission and extend them to the cooler? Or is it better to fit all new hose with a fitting from the transmission? If the second option, what are the fittings into the transmission? I've got to fit the thermo switch somewhere anyway, so the break in the hose is no big deal. 3. If I am just extending the existing transmission lines, are the factory lines 3/8" Thanks heaps - will be a much faster job if I have all of the parts ready to go. I'll add to this thread a parts list and details of what I did so that it might be useful for someone else later. Was going to top up with Lifeguard, but given the car has done 110,000 km, I might take the opportunity to do a flush and filter change with Gulf Western Syntrans. If guys like Ralph and Jet are using it, that's good enough for me.
  5. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    No worries! I had bought for my BA but hadn't fitted. On the FG it looks like it will squirt at a cross member, so just ordered the 90 degree elbow and a hose so I can direct into drain pan, or even directly into a container!
  6. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Oil and filter change on the new girl. Fitted an EZ drain valve in place of the sump plug for easier 5k oil change lyf. Was late in the day after a weekend in Sydney, so will do fuel filter and coolant later in the week. Brake fluid looks good, so will leave it until the statutory warranty is over and I swap in the 328mm rear rotors and Terry calipers that were going to go in the BA. While I was under there, noticed the dump was big. Turns out it has X-Force dump and cat. Fired up PCMTEC and licensed the car and the car has had a pretty mild tune in it. Looks pretty well on the money too. A little extra boost, some timing and fuel adjustments at high load and RPM. Injectors are stock based on looking at the tune. I'll pull the fuel pump before ordering anything just in case I don't need to. Judging by how spotless the car is, I'm taking the tune as a bonus rather than a drawback. Still, I should get the wideband in there stat. Might ring a couple of the big places in Sydney to see if they know the car.
  7. Is my icc working properly.

    Seems to be able to recirculate quotes
  8. Newly Purchased 2003 BA XR6T Manual

    Cat, fuel pump and injectors will do that on 98 no worries if the engine is healthy. You should get some advice first on what the 5 speed manual can handle though. If you go E85 you will need to go dedicated E85, or flash a 98 tune when you needed. Flex will only work with an aftermarket ECU like Haltech.
  9. Newly Purchased 2003 BA XR6T Manual

    These cars run full electronic boost control managed by the PCM. I think the overboost limit is about 1.5 psi over target before it all shuts down, so a boost tee isn't much good. Editing the boost, fuel and timing maps is the correct way to raise the boost. But yeah, worry about that once your base problems are sorted.
  10. Newly Purchased 2003 BA XR6T Manual

    I think Skid was joking mate. If you have an early BA with a questionable past, you want to confirm the major components are healthy and what your issue is before throwing big money at it. There is a limit to how much power the 5 speed will take too so look at the basics rather than power mods.
  11. Newly Purchased 2003 BA XR6T Manual

    How do you know it's not throwing codes of you don't have a scanner? Not all codes trigger a check engine light. Nothing looks two strange I'm those videos. Bit hard to tell though without the bum dyno.
  12. Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    I never liked the idea of a red Ford, but was otherwise the right car and I really like the Vixen shade of red. Everyone who has seen my Snowys pics reckons Gaz's car looks the goods!
  13. Newly Purchased 2003 BA XR6T Manual

    Have you got an OBDII scan tool? Worth scanning for codes to see if there's anything obvious.

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