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  1. New Build - Home Renovations - Gardens - Garages & Sheds.

    I've bought some bedding from them before and have been surprised by the quality.
  2. Diy Tuning

    https://www.tiperformance.com.au/products/tactrix-openport-2-0-pcmtec-ecuflash/ Have used these guys for a couple of things and have been happy. Was very slightly more expensive that getting from Tactrix direct (from USA), but worth it for simplicity.
  3. Diy Tuning

    Haha - just rolled her eyes. She was complaining the 200kW Toyota was "way too slow" so she knows where it's at.
  4. Diy Tuning

    Well, I've bought a J2534 cable and told the wife to hit me up with the software for my birthday in a few weeks!
  5. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Funny you should say that - intended up chucking in some cable ties on the exhaust side which made the water line a bit less loopy. Will look at the coil cover idea too. Had a look around for other P-clips but most with big screw holes are for like 1 inch hose (1 inch diameter hose always needs a big screw hole...). There's heaps of give in the water line, not so much my oil line. Stainless cable ties would be an improvement too. Biggest plus is the heat shield is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier to remove and refit.
  6. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Pic of braided [email protected] P clips didn't have big enough holes for the bolts (and were thin enough that they got munched when I tried to drill them out), so had to stick with cable ties for now. Still looks better than one hard line and one braided line I reckon.
  7. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Yeah I reckon you might be right - the oil has travelled far and wide so could well be squirting from the hose fitting. Cleaned up and installed new hose so will monitor from there. No more time today, so will finish the turbo water line tomorrow.
  8. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Thanks - yeah giving it a scrub now. Will chuck the line in anyway as it's much better quality than the stop gap one I used last time. And it does look suspicious...
  9. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Any quick thoughts on this? I thought my power steering high pressure line was shagged, but the amount and location of the message has me a bit suspicious of the pump or pump seals.
  10. What Made You Feel Good Today

    Looks nice mate! I love it when you kind of get forced into getting something better than you would have usually justified!
  11. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    That bit of rubber hose connecting the water line didn't like being pulled off!
  12. What Made You Feel Good Today

    Haha nah - I like my Nespresso or proper espresso. Or Aeropress... Sweet, sweet Aeropress. Actually this morning I ordered a coffee and then noticed the barista basically had snot dripping out his nose while constantly trying to sniff it away. Having just had the whole family down with a bad cold, including having to cancel a trip to the coast, I wasn't going to risk it! Just quietly slipped away and bought another one somewhere else.
  13. What Made You Feel Good Today

  14. The Off Topic Thread.

    Yeah ridiculous. At the other end of the spectrum, Canberra Exhaust and Towbars sorted out my exhaust smacking the diff cradle today. Removed and refitted the rear section, installed stiffer rubbers, shortened and repositioned the rear hanger (exhaust, not chassis!). How much do I owe you for that mate? Nah you've been here before - it's all good. Top bloke and got the job done.
  15. The Off Topic Thread.

    True. I'll take pics when it's all done. Place here advertising entry level perfoamce upgrade: valve springs, injectors, minor service and a tune for... $3800...

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