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Weight Training For Beginners

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Fella's and I think Stifler will agree, IT'S NOT HOW MUCH YOU LIFT....ITS HOW YOU LIFT IT! Ask Staino, never got him to lift super heavy, but still gained size.

Yeh they all asked when are you going to fix your car 

^^ Angina from too many kebabs.

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Haha cheers. I moved the weights to the back verandah a while ago so it's outdoors. The shed is taken over by car sh*t for the time being.


We go out after the kids are in bed, about 8:15pm, workout, hit the shower and back to the couch for Netflix by 9:45pm or so.

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Out here for the second workout of the third week.


I'm tryna have a beer after work but I'm also tryna make some gains...so... I'm drinking a beer between sets.


Winning :drinks:

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Yeah lots of workouts. The missus is only working 3 days a week now so she works out during the day, Sat, Mon, Wed, while I work out nearly straight after work, before I cook dinner.


You might say it "works out" for us :badabing:

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oh, I've got a tough enough two different workouts for the 3 I do per week... good enough for maintenance... was enough for the months and months of lockdown last year.

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