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Weight Training For Beginners

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Fella's and I think Stifler will agree, IT'S NOT HOW MUCH YOU LIFT....ITS HOW YOU LIFT IT! Ask Staino, never got him to lift super heavy, but still gained size.

^^ Angina from too many kebabs.

Yeh they all asked when are you going to fix your car 

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Haha cheers. I moved the weights to the back verandah a while ago so it's outdoors. The shed is taken over by car sh*t for the time being.


We go out after the kids are in bed, about 8:15pm, workout, hit the shower and back to the couch for Netflix by 9:45pm or so.

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Out here for the second workout of the third week.


I'm tryna have a beer after work but I'm also tryna make some gains...so... I'm drinking a beer between sets.


Winning :drinks:

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