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  1. Happy Birthday Adamski!

  2. Happy Birthday Adamski!

  3. A mate and I competed in a Push-Pull Comp at a local powerlifting gym in April and managed 2nd and 3rd out of 18 lifters. This is my 2nd deadlift at 235kg, I PB'd on my 3rd lift with 245kg. I managed 130kg full pause bench press.
  4. Got my second hand fuse panel and new bonnet cable and now installed. Phuk me dead, don't want to be doing that again any time soon. Big hands make it harder!
  5. I never drive it anymore and we've got a 3rd ratbag on the way so getting rid of the fuel bill that comes with it. Still got my patrol to mod and take the tools too when I get the urge
  6. Thanks MiKa, I got mine to a mechanic and it looks like 4 of the coil packs were farked and the spark plugs needed replacing too. Getting a roadworthy while it's there. Time to move her on.
  7. What if I take spark leads off one at a time and start it to see if it makes it worse or no difference would it help me locate if it's a coil?
  8. No mate. There's no engine light or anything on
  9. Mine's pretty much undrivable at the moment.
  10. My fuse bits busted too. The whole show is cactus
  11. RACQ have been and he says could have dropped a coilpack? It does smell very fuelly while running, so could be right.
  12. Hey guys, Took off from an intersection today trying to get out into traffic and while under almost WOT I hit a wet patch of road and the traction control kicked in (pretty violently) and the car immediately began to misfire. Limped it home (only half a km) and sounds like pile of shyt. Starts fine but runs like crap. Got RACQ on the way around to see what they can see. It still has the original valve springs in it and has 124,000k, could one of these be busted??
  13. Yeah mine just gets more and more fcked every time I try and open it.
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